Let’s See Facts and Rumor of EXO’s Kai and BLACKPINK’s Jennie Relationship!


Look at the Adorable Love Signs of Kai EXO and Jennie BLACKPINK’s Relationship through Instagram

BLACKPINK’s Jennie, whose first solo single was called “SOLO”, is member of the popular girl-group from YG Entertainment. She and Lisa are the group’s rappers. Kai is a member of EXO, a boy-group under SM Entertainment that has been called the most popular boy-group in South Korea along with BTS. The two idols were confirmed to be dating at the beginning of this year. This news of the romance has been shaking the world, especially each group’s fan bases.

Most fans sent their love, but there have also been haters who are jealous regarding the news. Jennie and Kai have been detected sending relationship signals through Instagram by some fans. Let’s see some of “lovestagrams” between Jennie BLACKPINK and Kai EXO that have been spotted by fans, below, stay tuned!

Evidence of Kai and Jennie’s Relationship on Their Instagram Accounts


A source from Dispatch camera spotted Kai and Jennie together and some sources said there were dating rumors about them. On January 1, 2019, SM Entertainment, which is EXO’s agency, admitted that they were fond each other and had started a relationship. Here’s some evidence caught by Dispatch camera when these two idols were together.


In their chapter of happiness, their old posts on Instagram started gaining attention. Some fans determined that they showed a relationship code in their Instagram accounts for a long time before the relationship went public. Let’s check it out, below!

  1. Doing photoshoots with the same style and background

In these posts, both of them were using a similar style and background in the photoshoots they did. Fans smelled something intriguing from these photos, do you think so, too?

2. Uploading images of the same place on the same day


On October 3, they both uploaded pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. On her account, @jennierubbbyjane, she wrote, “Had most romantic dinner admiring the Eiffel Tower.” On the other hand, Kai didn’t say much, but the post he uploading showed he was standing in front of that romantic, popular tower. This may not just have been a coincidence, posting about the same place on the same day.

3. Jennie wearing a necklace with J & K signs


This photo showed that Jennie was wearing pendants with the letters J and K.

4. Again, poses of a similar style for the same magazines publisher


5. Similar clothing and filters


Some fans were noticing the idols were both using similar clothing and filters in these pictures. Jennie was using the same white shirt that Kai wore in Jennie Solo’s Diary. More than that, fans also found out that Jennie had a pet named Kai.

6. Not following each other accounts, but posting almost the same time


If you are checking their Instagram accounts, neither of them were following the other’s account. Surprisingly, they still often managed to upload photos/videos at almost the same time. Some fans believe that’s significant.

7. Kai uploaded something like Jennie’s bag and hat 


On this post of Kai’s, you can see the same bag and hat that show up in Jennie’s posts. Fans found this interesting after the couple’s romance was confirmed.

8. Spotted Hawaiian magnet in Jennie’s refrigerator 


Fans also somehow became aware that there is a magnet from Hawaii in the background of this photo. Fans have speculated that it was a gift to Jennie from Kai when he came back from a trip to Hawaii.

You can find this cute Hawaii magnet below,


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