Funny Compilation of EXO’s Chanyeol’s Memes That Will Make You Laugh!


Let’s Check Chanyeol, The ‘Happy Virus’ Member in the Boy-Band EXO

Park Chan-yeol, who was born November 27,1992, known as Chanyeol, is member of the boy-band EXO. He’s a rapper, singer, song-writer, and actor. He also debuted as part of the sub-unit EXO-K, and his newest collaboration is as part of EXO-SC, which stands for EXO Sehun Chanyeol.  This boy-band have been considered the Kings of K-Pop by the media.

Chanyeol Being a Meme: an Appreciation Post

Since Chanyeol has shown a lot of his character in the course of his work as part of EXO, some people have used his photos to make memes which can make you laugh and  also relate to daily life.

For example, The meme above went viral on social media, making a joke about the differences between a profile picture and a photo you’re tagged in.

That awkward moment when you are using the car window as a mirror, but someone is there.

Quote from Chanyeol about smiles: Some people like it when I smile and some people don’t. So, I shut them out by smiling again.

The picture below shows if  Chanyeol working in a barbershop.

From Twitter virals:

When I stay in my hotel room I get lonely, so I carry it (small teddy bear). I put the cover on.

In this meme, Chanyeol was coming into Girls’ Generation dancing practice,

Yuri of Girls’ Generation: “What do you want to do, Chanyeol?”

Chanyeol: ~posing the way SNSD did.

Below, this meme showed when you are get asked how is much 12 x 2 ?

When someone tries to take food from my plate without asking, how dare you!

Chanyeol: Oooh, it’s a hand!!

Luhan’s hand coming through, he said, Must Eat!

The expression: Guess I will die (still charming and smiley)

This meme below, too, got so much attention,

When you want to sneeze, but it can’t come out.

The expression: Stop attacking me!

This is me trying to figure out…

When you are trying to give directions to your friends.

When you’re trying to decide if it really you to do that.

Your face when you feel shook.

When you smell something bad, but you still want to look professional.

Meme that when you feel dumped.

When you are finished with your homework, or when you find a notification that your salary’s already in your bank account.

I will shoot you <3

When you are trying a new lipstick.

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