Complete Compilation of EXO’s Chanyeol’s Fashion Style Since Pre-Debut Until Now!


Power (2017)

chanyeol power

After changing his hair color to pink, this time, during the “Power” era, Chanyeol came back with a soft-blue hair, with red contact lens. In this music video, EXO members sported a soldier-gamer style. Since the concept is more playful than some other album concepts, Chanyeol had to wear more casual, sporty, colorful clothes which showed his charm more.

Tempo (2018)

chanyeol tempo
chanyeol tempo

During the “Tempo” era, EXO members transformed into motorcycle gangsters. Chanyeol wore a black outfit that was matched with the music video concept. For on-stage performances, most of the time he wore a leather jacket as outer with the combination of dark colored pants and shirt, along with a necklace, or a synchronized color uniform between EXO members.

Love Shot – 2018

chanyeol love shot
chanyeol love shot

During the “Love Shot” era, there are several outfit themes EXO members used. For the elite theme outfit, Chanyeol wore a light brown or nude suit with an inner light sweater, and also he wore a denim outer with a red inner shirt for the casual one. He looked even sexier when he dyed his hair back to black.

That’s all about Chanyeol’s different styles throughout the different eras. So, which era do you like the most? Kindly share your opinion in the comment section below.