Complete Compilation of EXO’s Chanyeol’s Fashion Style Since Pre-Debut Until Now!


Love Me Right – 2015

park chanyeol love me right
park chanyeol love me right

During the “Love Me Right” era, the theme for the group’s outfits is about Western college days. Their outfits resemble those from the “Growl” era on several performances. Chanyeol’s hair is silver-grey in this era.

Lightsaber – 2015

park chanyeol lightsaber

In the “Lightsaber” era, Chanyeol’s hair is black. But in the music video, there is no Chanyeol. There is only Baekhyun, Kai, and Sehun. But they all performed it at the Mnet Music Asian Awards and at their concert while carrying lightsabers.

Monster – 2016

park chanyeol monster
park chanyeol monster

During the “Monster” era, EXO members sported a rocker style with a lot of piercings as their accessories. The dominant colors in all their outfits are black and red. Chanyeol colored his hair red, suitable for the concept.

Lotto (2016)

chanyeol lotto

During the “Lotto” era, EXO members were sporting an “elite player” style. Chanyeol had a red hair again, same as before. And he wears contact lens which are well-matched with his hair color.

Ko Ko Bop – 2017

chanyeol kokobop
chanyeol kokobop

During the “Ko Ko Bop” era, Chanyeol changed his hair color to pink. With a casual outfit for the music video and his contact lens though, he makes his appearance became better.

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