Complete Compilation of EXO’s Chanyeol’s Fashion Style Since Pre-Debut Until Now!


Debut with MAMA – 2012

Chanyeol became the last EXO member to be officially introduced to the public on February 23rd, 2012. According to their concept which is a mysterious concept, Chanyeol has a long hairstyle, which doesn’t differ much from his pre-debut photos.

park chanyeol predebut exo

During his debut in the EXO subunit, EXO-K, he was overflowing with charisma and cool appearance captivating EXO-L’s hearts. He has his hair colored and a little bit curly and has a volume on the top of his hair, different from his trailer and his pre-debut.

In MAMA’s era, the concept is mysterious and most of his outfit has a dark color like black, grey, dark blue and a little bit of white.

Wolf – 2013

park chanyeol wolf era
park chanyeol wolf era

In EXO’s “Wolf” era, the concept for the song is a bad-boy. In this era, all the group members wear the same wardrobe color like before which is a dark color, and most of the accessories which they wear are headbands and scarves. Chanyeol liked to wear a scarf on his neck or as a headband.

But in the performance, they were dressed in white and another color. And mostly in this era, Chanyeol liked to wear various hats.

Growl – 2013

park chanyeol growl era

During the “Growl” era, the look for the group’s outfits was modeled on school days. Most of the performances were done wearing a school uniform outfit which was mostly gray. EXO outfits and style became more colorful than before, but Chanyeol’s hair color was still brown and he sometimes wore accessories.

Overdose – 2014

park chanyeol overdose
park chanyeol overdose

Dark colors were still dominant in EXO’s color schemes. During the “Overdose” era, members wore colorful outfits and dark colored semi-formal apparel. Chanyeol’s hair color became changed to a brown-reddish color, and he also has a bold make-up, especially on his eyes.

Call Me Baby – 2015

park chanyeol call me baby era
park chanyeol call me baby era

In the “Call Me Baby” era, members wore sporty and trendy outfits with a boyfriend style. Always dominated by the black color, although they also used other primary colors. Chanyeol’s hair color is a brown-greyish, and it is a little bit curly and messy.

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