Proof That EXO’s Chanyeol’s Fanboying Over Sandara Park, Is That True?


EXO’s Chanyeol and Ex 2NE1’s Dara – The Best Idols from SM Entertainment & YG Entertainment

All EXO fans know that Chanyeol really likes Dara. The two idols who come from these famous agencies are sometimes put in awkward situations when they meet at an show or awards. Especially Chanyeol, who often looks nervous when side by side with Dara. EXO’s fans who saw the awkward moment just laughed because Chanyeol’s expression was very funny. So, let’s find out about EXO’s Chanyeol as a fanboy!

Chanyeol – The real fanboy!

Who is Chanyeol’s “Heart” for, EXO-L or Dara? His gave love emoticon.

Chanyeol really respects Dara. He really respected his sunbae (senior)

Chanyeol’s happiness for being able to meet Dara on the Sugarman show is clearly visible on his face.

A time ago EXO was a guest star at K-Stage which was an show for fans to be able to perform a dance cover using the songs of the idols. In there was also Dara became a star but at that time Chanyeol could not come.

Chanyeol and Dara Moments in real life

Fans’s reaction to Chanyeol’s fanboying over Dara

Well, the fans really like them! Even fans have made up a name for these idols. Don’t be worried because this is just for fun by fans.

Latest News of Chanyeol and Sandara

– EXO’s Chanyeol will soon debut as a member of an EXO subunit together with Sehun

SM Entertainment has already announced the debut of an EXO subunit. EXO-SC is the name of the subunit. Their mini-album is titled What a Life. This album has three versions and contains photo booklets, folded posters, photo cards, name tags, stickers, postcards, and posters. What a Life was released on July 22nd, 2019. Give them support for the first time debut!

Let’s check out the album details!

– Dara Park became a Youtuber

Even though she is currently not busy in the entertainment industry but she has a way of enjoying her relaxing time; she made an account on a YouTube channel. The channel created contains her daily and about music & makeup. Now, she is busy making content but she is still active in the entertainment world; recently she became Park Bom’s duet partner.

So, please keep supporting EXO’s Chanyeol and Dara Park! Wherever their careers might take them, we as fans, have to support them and give them love.