All About Relationship and Moments Between EXO’s Chanyeol and Red Velvet’s Wendy!


EXO’s Chanyeol and Red Velvet’s Wendy’s Cute Moments

Recently, members of both EXO and Red Velvet became a hot topic of public conversation, especially among their fans. They are Chanyeol and Wendy, their names have been discussed after collaborating in SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL. In the concert, they sang the song “Stay With Me.” Their collaboration became a hot topic because Chanyeol and Wendy had a very sweet voice when combined into one.

Starting from the collaboration, many fans wanted a project involving Chanyeol and Wendy. In fact, many fans want them to come, but that is quite impossible. In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a rundown of everything about Chanyeol and Wendy’s moments. Want to know more about their cute moments? Are you guys WenYeol shippers? Check this out!

Meet WenYeol, the Fans’ Favorite #EXOVELVET Ship

Many EXO and Red Velvet fans like Chanyeol and Wendy collaboration, even many fans imagine that Chanyeol and Wendy are lovers and they named their group WenYeol ship. In addition, many edited photos from EXO and Red Velvet combining photos of Chanyeol and Wendy in one frame.

This photo is an original photo and was taken when SM artists performed at the SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in SEOUL. Chanyeol and Wendy collaborated and sung together one of the famous OSTs from the famous drama, Goblin titled “Stay With Me.” Chanyeol and Wendy look very handsome and beautiful, with Chanyeol wearing a white shirt and Wendy wearing a red dress.

The photo shows Chanyeol and Wendy posing in the same style. They both look very adorable posing like that. Many fans think the photo is a real photo, Chanyeol and Wendy really look like an actual couple.

The photo is an edited photo from one of the EXO fans. In the photo, Chanyeol and Wendy are walking side by side with Chanyeol covering Wendy and Wendy smiling very wide. They look so cute in this photo, right?

This photo is one of the most adorable photos made by fans of Chanyeol and Wendy, or often called WenYeol. Chanyeol and Wendy look harmonious with the pink pastel outfit. Chanyeol wears a suit and Wendy wears a dress; they look like they are doing a photo shoot for couples.

Chanyeol and Wendy look funny with a surprised face like in the photo above. Chanyeol and Wendy show the same style of dress, hats, glasses, and wear long sleeves. They both look very harmonious and adorable.

The photo above also looks adorable. Chanyeol and Wendy dance on the same stage wearing a black-themed costume. Chanyeol and Wendy smile very broadly and both of them look very adorable as well.

Chanyeol and Wendy were seen walking side by side at the airport. Chanyeol and Wendy have the same taste, even from this photo, many rumors say that proof that Chanyeol and Wendy are dating is the fact that they have the same color and model of hats. However, the news is not true, Chanyeol and Wendy only have a good relationship as friends.

This photo looks original by showing Chanyeol and Wendy taking a selfie by doing the same pose. Chanyeol and Wendy look very adorable, right? Who is a WenYeol shipper?

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