All You Need to Know About Hilarious EXO’s Chanyeol’s Acting in ‘Missing Nine’

Friendships with His Co-stars

Missing 9

Playing a murder scene together in the drama could be one of the reasons that Chanyeol and Cho Tae-joon became close even outside of filming.

Chanyeol once sent a snack cart to Choi Tae Joon’s drama, So I Married an Anti-Fan (where Choi Tae Joon plays the same character Chanyeol played in the 2016 Chinese film of the same name), and the two of them were spotted cheering for Zico at his first solo concert.

Not only with Cho Tae-joon, his friendships with his other co-stars also still continued after the drama was over. Chanyeol and Lee Su-bin met at the E-Daily Culture Awards on February 16, 2017. Lee Sun Bin shared a selca with Chanyeol on Instagram with the caption, “I found Lee Yeol who was hiding at the award ceremony lol” She jokingly added, ” I thought he was Toben.. (Chanyeol’s puppy)”

Chanyeol left a friendly reply and joked about the awkwardness of meeting her off drama sets by saying, “Hahahaha I don’t think we should meet with full makeup… Next time, let’s attend as presenters with (‘Missing 9’) makeup.

Lee Sun Bin then replied, “Yeah, I think that’ll be more comfortable lol Let’s just say hi and walk away when we have full makeup done because it’s awkward ^^ lol“.

Netizens’ Reactions About EXO Chanyeol’s Acting

chanyeol in missing 9

The premature death of Lee Yeol disappointed some of the fans. Chanyeol didn’t play the main role in the drama, but many fans still wanted to see him performing in more episodes.

There were some fans that complained about his character’s death in the drama, such as “Ahhhhh Missing 9 still infuriates me on how they killed off Yeol. The puppy deserved better things in life.

Why’d they name chanyeol yeol in missing 9. it feels weirddd.”

But, were also some people who appreciated and loved his character in the drama, saying “I first wanted to watch this drama just because of Chanyeol. But, the story is making me to watch more

This kind and purest heart yeol shouldn’t be died too soon. You need to live longer, yeoll!”

Even Zico, the rapper from boy group Block B, commented on Cho Tae-joon’s (who played  Tae-hoo, Yeol’s killer), Instagram  “Stop trying to revive your image through Instagram“, and also demanded he bring back Chanyeol’s life, saying, “Give me back Yeol-ie.”

Hahahaaaa… I think Zico was following the drama and got carried away by the situation. What do you think about it?

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