All You Need to Know About Hilarious EXO’s Chanyeol’s Acting in ‘Missing Nine’

chanyeol in missing 9

Lee Yeol, a Succesful Solo Singer, was Stranded on an Island

In the drama Missing Nine, Chanyeol played the character of Lee Yeol. Not only are the names similar, his character’s role is also similar to his real-life role as a singer. In the drama, Lee Yeol used to be the maknae of a group which had already disbanded. After the group broke up, Lee Yeol continued his career as a solo singer.

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Chanyeol Appearance in Missing Nine

chanyeol in missing 9

Missing Nine is a Korean television series (drama) starring Jung Kyung-ho and Baek Jin-hee. The drama was broadcast on MBC every Wednesday and Thursday at 22:00 (Korean Time). Its first episode aired on January 18, 2017.

Missing Nine tells a story about nine people from Legend Entertainment who fly on a private plane to a concert. The nine people were the entertainers, Seo Joon-O (Jung Kyoung-Ho), Choi Tae-Ho (Choi Tae-Joon), Ha Ji-A (Lee Sun-Bin), Lee Yeol (Park Chanyeol), Yoon So-Hee (Ryu Won) and the staff members Ra Bong-Hee (Baek Jin-Hee), Jung Ki-Joon (Oh Jung-Se), Hwang Jae-Kook (Kim Sang-Ho), Tae Ho-Hang (Tae Hang-Ho).

Unfortunately, the plane was involved in a mysterious crash. After the crash, the nine people survive but are stranded on a deserted island. Four months later, Ra Bong-Hee returns to South Korea as the only survivor & witness from the plane crash.

chanyeol in missing 9

As mentioned before, Chanyeol played the role of Lee Yeol in this drama. Lee Yeol was the maknae from a disbanded group called Dreamers. After the disbandment, Lee Yeol went solo and became a successful superstar. In spite of the group disbanding, Lee Yeol is still close to all of his hyungs and would blindly follow them anywhere.

chanyeol in missing 9

Lee Yeol is positive and joyful. Despite the terrible fate of being in the plane accident, he likes to be positive in all situations. He believes in the former leader Hyung, even though nobody else does.

Chanyeol has said that his character resembles his real-life personality by 80 – 90%. He also said that 80% of his dialogue in the drama had the word ‘Hyung’, as he loved to follow them around.

SPOILER! Chanyeol’s Death Scene

This article has already mentioned that Ra Bong-Hee is the only character who survives to leave the island. So, for Chanyeol’s fans, you should get ready for the bitter ending.

Here is a fun fact about Chanyeol’s death scene in the drama: Cho Tae-joon, who played Cho Tae-ho, is the person who murdered Chanyeol’s character in the drama. Cho Tae-joon confessed that Chanyeol’s murder scene was the hardest of all the murders scenes in the drama.

It was difficult because Chanyeol is so tall. After killing Lee Yeol, Cho Tae-ho had to drag his body, but Chanyeol is such a well-built young man that he was too heavy to drag. On top of that, he even had a cracked rib at the time. Fortunately, the scene ended well.

Both Cho Tae-joon and Chanyeol played their characters very well. Tae-joon really showed his anger and fought with Chanyeol, making the situation very tense. Some viewers mayb hope that Chanyeol was still alive, but unfortunately, he wasn’t.

Behind the Scenes

chanyeol in missing 9

There was a lot of excitement when filming Missing Nine. The actors confessed that they felt like they were actually stranded on an island. In one particular clip, Baek Jin Hee candidly revealed that they mainly ate canned tuna with rice while filming on the island, and that “food was precious.”

When they would shout “I’m hungry” as part of the dialogue, it wasn’t necessarily just acting sometimes, and when there was food — such as packaged kimchi or chips — available on set as a prop, many of the actors would snack on it, instead.

Lee Sun Bin mentioned at the press conference that filming was so hard at times, that filming for Missing 9 was more difficult than filming for the survival show, Law of the Jungle.

The cast also revealed that they wore the same exact clothes multiple times and couldn’t change them due to how they were made. However, the cast hilariously added that they didn’t smell because around the time it might start to get smelly, they would have to film a scene in the water or it would rain.

The many scenes involving water or strenuous physical activity, like running in the woods, were the hardest, according to the cast. Baek Jin Hee, for example, had an exceptionally difficult time, since she first had to overcome a past trauma with water.

Because both the accident and rescue scenes take place mainly in the water, I remember having to film underwater scenes for over 12 hours the first time,” she stated.

Even though he only appeared briefly, Chanyeol claimed that he was happy to star in Missing Nine. When asked about his feelings about playing Lee Yeol, he said, “Filming under difficult conditions on a desert island was filled with worry and burden, but thanks to the seniors and directors and the great crew, I was able to undergo filming comfortably. I was satisfied and very grateful that I could feel life as Lee Yeol.

You can see a behind the scenes video below.

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