Complete Information and Facts About EXID’s Solji’s Daughter! Is That True?

EXID’s Solji, a South Korean Singer

Heo Sol-ji (허솔지), or known as Solji, is a South Korean singer who debuted in 2006 with 2NB but later on became the leader and main vocalist of EXID. Solji was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and went on hiatus from the group activities of EXID until July 2018. She also enrolled in Kyung Hee Cyber University to study the practical music program during her hiatus time (2017). Lately, the groups just finished their Japanese tour titled “2019 EXID Summer Live Tour” which began in August.

EXID’s Solji Has Daughters and Is a Single Mom?


Solji hasn’t married yet but she is definitely the mother in her group. As the leader and oldest member, she is called “Heo Mommy” by the members. Solji is always pampering the members which is why she got the nickname. She does just about everything for the other members including feeding them. Although she may seem to nag too much at times, it’s really because of how much she cares. She makes sure they help out with chores and always be supportive. Even during her time on hiatus, Solji still managed to take care of her girls by bringing them food at shoots. She has a strong bond with the maknae line, Hyelin and Junghwa!

Solji being a mother is also the inside joke of the fandom. Let’s take a look at EXID’s fans tweeting about Solji being a mom!


If you want to see how Solji handles her kids, check out the video below!

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