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Get Inspired and Getting Slimmer, All About EXID’s Member’s Diet Plan and Workout!

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Complete Information About Diet From EXID Members

EXID is a South Korean girl group that debuted in February 2012. The group consists of five members: Solji, LE, Hani, Hyerin, and Jeonghwa. EXID debuted with the release of the single “Whoz That Girl” and performed on M! Countdown, Music Core, and Inkigayo. EXID’s popularity increased when the singles “Up and Down” and “Ah Yeah” were released. The song “Up and Down” stayed at the number one position on the Gaon Singles Chart for four months after a fan recording of a live performance went viral.

In this article, Byeol Korea will provide you with a detailed account of one of the members of EXID, Hyerin, sharing her tips on dieting and how to enjoy your meals. Stay tuned!

Goddess of Eating, EXID’s Hyerin

In April 2017, EXID’s member, Hyerin, was invited to be one of the guests of tvN’s variety show Empty the Convenience Store. Hyerin has recently revealed the food that takes away the pressures of the show business.

The panelists and guests alike named some of their own comfort foods in the episode. Hyerin said, “We tend to get really stressed out when we have to lose weight in the midst of our hectic schedules. At times like this, we like to eat a super high-calorie food called the ‘gut destructive burger.'”

After sharing her “tasty little secret,” Hyerin also illustrated her own method of devouring the sinful looking gigantic burger. She stated, “I eat this all by myself, except for the buns. And wash it down with zero-calorie soda,” hovering over a monstrous burger stacked with meat on top of vegetables and loaded with oozing cheese.

Eating Compilation

Here’s the eating compilation of EXID’s Hyeri! Check this out.

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