Complete List of Ex-YG Trainees Who’ve Become More Successful After Leaving the Company!

CIX’s Seunghun

CIX’s Seunghun was known by his real name Kim Seung-hun. Same with his teammate in CIX, BX, he’s also an ex-trainee of YG Entertainment and was called the ‘Silver Boy’ with BX because they were the oldest during his trainee era.

CIX’s Seunghun also joined YG Treasure Box and was trained for 10 years before he decided to leave YG Entertainment and debut as a member of CIX. He used to be a former trainee in CUBE Entertainment for 9 years and spent 1 year being a trainee of YG Entertainment.

When CIX held their debut showcase in July 2019, Seunghun expressed his feelings when he joined the trainee survival show. “The competition program gives us the opportunity to grow further. I think this is what makes me able to meet with CIX members,” said Seunghun. In addition, he also provided support to friends he knew from the previous agency. “I hope we can soon meet on stage with friends who used to compete with us,” Seunghun said.

(G)-IDLE’s Miyeon

(G)-IDLE’s Miyeon was known by her real name Cho Mi-yeon. She is one of the ex-trainees of YG Entertainment that prepared her debut as the 5th member of BLACKPINK but she decided to leave the company and debuted with (G)-IDLE under Cube Entertainment. Known for her golden voice, (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon is positioned as the main vocalist of the group.

(G)-IDLE’s Miyeon was a trainee under YG Entertainment for a period of 5 years; starting from 2010 to 2015. She auditioned and started to be a trainee since middle school, precisely when Miyeon was 12 years old. Because she chose to quit YG Entertainment in 2015, 2 years later, Miyeon joined Cube Entertainment and took education at a music school. She also briefly became Urban Zakapa’s co-singer in one of their tours.

The news of (G)-IDLE’s Miyeon who was an ex-trainee of YG Entertainment and about to make her debut with the group who is now popular with their hit song “Kill This Love,” become a huge topic among K-Pop fans since the picture of her and the 4 members of BLACKPINK had surfaced on the internet.

But now, Miyeon has become the strongest vocalist in (G)-IDLE and succeeded with her debut alongside Soyeon, Soo-jin, Yuqi, Minnie, and Shuhua. They are also known as a girl group called ‘rookie monster’ because of their great songs as well!

Kang Seok-hwa

Kang Seok-hwa was also one of the ex-trainees of YG Entertainment who participated in the Produce X 101 survival show broadcast by Mnet. While attending the event, Kang Seok-hwa had become an individual trainee and at the event finally joined a new agency. On August 20th, 2019, OUI Entertainment announced that Seokhwa officially signed a contract and joined their agency.

Beside joining Produce X 101, Kang Seok-hwa had previously participated in a survival show specifically for YG Entertainment trainees, YG Treasure Box, which was broadcast on JTBC. Through the survival show, you can see a lot of talent that has been shown by Kang Seok-hwa during his trainee era and also his interaction with the other trainees.

OUI Entertainment itself is an agency that was a company that has artists, such as X1’s Kim Yo-han, as well as singer Kim Dong-han and actress Seol In-ah. Kang Seok Hwa, who was previously a trainee at JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment, is predicted to debut soon under the auspices of the OUI Entertainment agency.

Lee Mi-dam

Lee Mi-dam who was born on October 27th, 1997, was an ex-trainee under YG Entertainment who joined Produce X 101. He is also a talented trainee who can play an instrument and said that he wanted to be a successful singer just like Justin Bieber.

Lee Midam has already made his appearance through YG Treasure Box, just like other trainees who decided to leave the company and chase their dream to debut somewhere else. In the early episodes of YG Treasure Box, he had to quit the show because he was diagnosed with depression.

After leaving YG Entertainment, Lee Midam signed under AAP.Y Entertainment as a trainee and ended his journey in Produce X 101 on Episode 8 while he got his final rank as the 37th.

Who anticipates Lee Midam’s debut in the future?

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