Complete List of Ex-YG Trainees Who’ve Become More Successful After Leaving the Company!

Find Out More About The K-Idols Who Made Their Debut In a Different Agency!

YG Entertainment is known as one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea that have influenced Hallyu Wave to spread all around the world with their own style in music, especially in RnB and Hip-Hop.

Along with the other agencies, such as SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment, this company also made a huge impact on the K-Pop industry by debuting some of the legendary idol groups, such as BIGBANG, 2NE1, IKON, Winner, BLACKPINK, and many other artists.

As the biggest company, there are many people who wanted to debut under YG Entertainment and joined the audition. But some of the trainees who didn’t get a chance to debut in this company have made their decision to leave and debut in another agency.

Want to know who are the ex-trainees of YG Entertainment that debuted in other companies? Let’s scroll down and check out in this article below!

Pentagon’s Hongseok

Pentagon’s Hong-seok is known by his real name Yang Hong-seok. He was a trainee under YG Entertainment who appeared in the survival show, Mix and Match, with the other trainees in 2014.

In the 3rd episode of the program, Yang Hong-seok introduced himself to the other eight members, “I was born in April 1994. All these things just came into my life for two weeks, so I felt nervous. I didn’t imagine that I would do this with you guys.” Without having to wait long, Mix and Match members found that Hong Seok’s musical style did not match the other members’ music styles.

Yang Hong-seok went through a lot of things when he trained with the other members in the episodes of Mix and Match. Although they were supportive of each other, we could see that Yang Hong-seok put a lot of effort and had a lot of hardships during his trainee days in YG Entertainment.

At the end of Mix and Match, Yang Hong-seok was eliminated and didn’t get a chance to debut with the trainees who became members of an idol group named iKON

He also stated the reason why he left YG Entertainment by saying, “I was a candidate for iKON, but I got eliminated. So I was abandoned, and I felt I was too old to debut as an idol. WINNER and iKON debuted and I was very afraid to wait for my turn under the agency. So, I went out to look for my team and music. The rookie coaching director at Cube Entertainment explained to me about a team called the Pentagon and it was perfect, so I told him immediately that I want to stay at Cube Entertainment,” said Hong-seok who finally decided to join Cube Entertainment and become a trainee there.

Now, Pentagon’s Hongseok has debuted under Cube Entertainment and the group that consists of 9 members known for one of their hit albums Shine (빛나리). Pentagon has been very active making comebacks and releasing new singles that are becoming their greatest hits at the time.

AB6IX’s Jeon Woong

Jeong Woong is also another ex-trainee from YG Entertainment who has successfully made his debut in another agency and promotes as a member of AB6IX. Before making his official debut, Jeon Woong was a trainee of various entertainment agencies, such as YG Entertainment, AB Entertainment, Wollim Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and finally got his debut under Brand New Music.

He passed the audition at YG Entertainment in mid-2016. Jeon Woong was a teenager born in 1997 so he automatically became the oldest YG trainee at that time. He also earned the nickname Silver Boy which means that he was the oldest trainee of YG Entertainment.

Before debuting, Jeon Woong appeared in the survival show with Stray Kids as a trainee representative from YG Entertainment who competed in showing talent against prospective members of Stray Kids. In the survival show, he showed his singing ability. In addition, he is also a dancer who makes choreography for the performances of YG trainees. Not only good at singing and dancing, but he can also rap and is good at playing instruments such as the piano.

On April 5th, 2019, Jeon Woong became the 5th member that was announced to debut with AB6IX. The teaser picture of Jeon Woong was uploaded on AB6IX‘s official Twitter account and made his fans very happy after a long waiting for him to debut. AB6IX is now a rookie band that has great songs such as “Breathe,” “Shining Stars,” “Hollywood,” and the recent comeback in October 2019 with their single “Blind For Love.”

Let’s support AB6IX‘s comeback with “Blind For Love!”


CIX’s BX was known by his real name Lee Byoung-gon, who was born on March 5th, 1998. He was a trainee under YG Entertainment for 3 years and joined the survival show MIXNINE and YG Treasure Box as part of the final line-up but ultimately failed. He finally decided to leave YG Entertainment at the end of January 2019 and positioned as the rapper and the oldest member of CIX and debuted on July 23rd, 2019.

On the debut showcase of CIX, BX explained his feelings while joining the survival show and competing with other contestants to debut under YG Entertainment. BX revealed, “I was first known through a survival program. Even though the results were not good, I thought it was a good experience. Because of that experience, I think I can meet with CIX members and debut through good opportunities. I do not regret.”

After his debut with CIX, BX has promoted with the group in the comebacks and performed in music shows. CIX are known for their songs such as “What You Wanted” and their latest comeback song “Movie Star.”

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