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Everything You Need To Know About EvoL Profile, Discography, Debut, Performances Until Their Latest News


Get To Know More About the Hitmaker of “We Are a Bit Different” EvoL!

The number of groups in the K-pop industry certainly makes many people amazed and at the same time wonder, there must be a lot of competition to maintain a career in the music industry, right? Yes, of course, the fierce competition made some groups not last long in their careers, and each member had to restart their career from scratch.

The same thing happened to one of the girl groups that debuted in 2012 and released their debut single titled “We Are a Bit Different” (Hangul: 우린 좀 달라), which is EvoL. At that time, EvoL debuted with a very different concept by appearing as a group with a fierce image. However, their careers did not continue after making their first comeback. Why is that?

Let’s get to know more about one of the underrated K-pop girl groups, EvoL, including the group’s profile, career journey, debut era, music videos, performances, and more in the article below!

EvoL Profile


EvoL (Hangul: 이블) is a girl group that debuted on August 10, 2012, under Hunus Entertainment. EvoL has 5 members, J-da, Yull, Jucy, Hayana, and Say, and released its debut song titled “We Are a Bit Different” (Hangul: 좀 우린 좀 달라).

To know more about EvoL members, let’s see more detailed information about EvoL members with their full profiles in the session below!

EvoL Say Profile

Real Name: Kwon So-hee (Hangul: 권소희)

Stage Name: Say (Hangul: 세이)

Birth: Busan, April 13, 1993

Star Sign: Aries

Height: 170cm (5’7″)

Position in the Group: Leader, Main Dancer, Vocalist, Face of the Group

Active Period: 2012-2015

Official Sites:

  • Twitter ( SAAYworld )
  • Instagram ( saayworld )

EvoL Yull Profile

Real Name: Im Yu-ri (Hangul: 임유리)

Stage Name: Yull (Hangul: 율)

Birth: March 16, 1992

Star Sign: Pisces

Height: 171cm (5’7″)

Blood Type: B

Position in the Group: Main Vocalist

Active Period: 2012-2015

Official Sites:

  • Twitter ( llluri )
  • Instagram ( yuriiiii316 )

EvoL Jucy Profile

Real Name: Kim Joon-hee (Hangul: 김준희)

Stage Name: Jucy (Hangul: 쥬시)

Birth: Incheon, April 24, 1992

Star Sign: Taurus

Height: 167cm

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Main Rapper

Active Period: 2012-2016

Official Sites:

  • Twitter ( jucy_kim )
  • Instagram ( jucysofresh )

EvoL Hayana Profile

Real Name: Kristine Yoon

Stage Name: Hayana (Hangul: 하야나)

Birth: October 11, 1993

Star Sign: Libra

Height: 169cm (5’6.5″)

Blood Type: A

Position in the Group: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Visual

Active Period: 2012-2015

Official Sites:

  • Twitter ( krisssyoon )
  • Instagram ( hayanamusic )

EvoL J-Da Profile

Real Name: Kim Yeon-joo (Hangul: 김연주)

Stage Name: J-Da (Hangul: 제이다)

Birth: January 11, 1994

Star Sign: Capricorn

Height: 167cm (5’5″)

Blood Type: O

Position in the Group: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Maknae

Active Period: 2012-2015

Official Sites:

  • Twitter ( NiceYJ_)
  • Instagram ( kkkkkimyeonjoo )

EvoL Career Journey


The group debuted in 2012 with the mini album Bomb Up. The title song is “We’re a Little Different.” From the time of debut, the group came out with a different concept for a female hip-hop group unlike other girl groups.

EvoL’s second mini album Second Evolution contains 6 songs including the title songs “Get Up” and “Love.” EvoL, which released the second mini album Second Evolution, introduced themselves as “EvoL boys” and said, “I want to be like an oasis in the desert.”

Meanwhile, the new producers Rhythm King, Deli Boy, Daniel Kim, and Heuktae participated in the album, and Jucy was in charge of the lyrics. Say created the choreography for their comeback with “Get Up.”

The comeback song “Get Up” that was released in 2013 is a hip-hop dance song in which a floating acoustic guitar riff dominates the song, and it is different from the typical “idol dance song” with electronic sounds. Even on stage, they focus on expressing the feeling of the song rather than boasting splendid technique.

“It’s a song I’ve been preparing since last June. It’s music that can better express us, and it’s a song we can feel proud of,” Jucy said. “Get Up” is basically a song that can express the colors of each member well.

The members of EvoL said it was a pity that they couldn’t do many activities with their debut song, and they said they were doing album activities with a determination to make a debut again, not a comeback.

However, they did not get much attention or recognition, so they did not achieve as much success as their debut activities. After that, there was a hiatus until the second half of 2015. However, the members J-Da, Hayana, and Yul requested the termination of their contracts, so the group was effectively disbanded.

Although the team disbanded, the members seem to continue to do music. Say became a soloist and is still actively making music under her own name. She released a mixtape and is keeping up with the recent music industry as well. J-Da continued her career to be a new member of Oh!Bliss. Yul continued as a singer, debuted as a DJ, and is currently active. Hayana is a singer-songwriter releasing music. Juicy participated in Show Me the Money 6 and continued her rapper activities by releasing a mixtape.

EvoL Debut Era

The five-member female group EvoL including Say, Jucy, Hayana, J-Da, and Yull was discovered by hip-hop star PD Cho and has many different aspects from existing girl groups. They also had an interview with Donga and shared their feelings after their debut.

Debuting in August 2012, EvoL, which advocated for a “new type of K-pop girl group that has evolved one step further,” showed the ability of its members in singing and songwriting by having Say and Jucy participate in the lyrics and composition of the debut album, Bomb Up.

In addition, they differentiated themselves from existing girl groups with their intensity and boldness in various aspects such as choreography, vocals, and concept. A female hip-hop group is also rare in the domestic music industry.

The title song of their debut album, “We Are a Bit Different,” was a declaration of EvoL’s motto, “evolved girl group.” Their debut song is described as a song that shows how they are different, like a self-introduction song.

“I want to be a free-spirited bad boy who can do whatever music they want without being stereotyped. So, I want to become an oasis-like existence that provides the water of life to the vast desert in the ‘music world,’ an essential existence in the music industry.”

Most of the five members of EvoL were hip-hop girls who had been into hip-hop since middle school. Those who have been writing songs and writing lyrics since they were young have the ability to compose their own songs. The trainee period was also long so the attitude of respect and consideration for each other musically naturally developed.

In particular, the members ages ranged from 20-22 years old, and they had easygoing personalities. They naturally built friendships while sleeping in one room at the dormitory.

“EvoL is the reverse of Love. It means wanting to be loved a lot. With this album, we want to make sure we know what kind of music we do. So, I want to be recognized as the ‘best rookie’ this year,” they explained.

The lyrics of the song “We Are a Bit Different” were written by EvoL members, namely Jucy and J-Da. It is also reported that this song was performed with a powerful dance mix.

“We Are a Bit Different” also has a music video concept that is very powerful and different from other girl groups that usually appear with a cute or sexy concept. EvoL came with a new breakthrough with the image of rebel girls who make trouble everywhere.

EvoL Debut Stage

EvoL held its debut stage on several music programs, one of which was Show Champion that was aired on MBC. During their debut performance, the members looked very cool and full of charisma while performing their debut song, “We Are a Bit Different.”

You might have noticed that the members don’t really change outfits too much in the debut era, but what’s amazing is that EvoL can perform with a mic in their hands and sing steadily while performing on stage, of course with energetic choreography, too!

EvoL Stage Performance

K-pop groups in South Korea have their own promotional schedules to appear in front of fans and attract people’s attention with performances. Each performance can be held at certain events, music programs, at a busking, on radio, concerts, fan meetings, etc.

In this session, let’s see more about EvoL’s stage performances so you can watch how cool they are while performing on stage!

EvoL, which debuted in 2012, is certainly one of the girl groups that has a very different concept from the others. At that time, there were many girl groups promoting and debuting with cute or sexy concepts, but you can watch EvoL’s debut with “We Are a Bit Different” with very iconic costumes and energetic choreography.

On April 18, 2013, EvoL held their comeback stage by performing their comeback single titled “Get Up.” In this performance, EvoL is still consistent with their previous concept, which looks bold and fierce. However, the “Get Up” era also shows its own color from each member who appears wearing street outfits that show more of their strong personalities as well.

EvoL enlivened the episodes that aired on M-net by performing one of the tracks from their EP titled “Magnet.” In this performance, EvoL seemed to bring a more boyish concept and wore all-black outfits from head to toe. The members also look more fierce and match the hip-hop concept which at that time looked very cool, right?

Well, that is all of the information about EvoL profile including the members profile, EvoL career journey, debut era, and stage performances. EvoL was indeed a breakthrough for K-pop girl group concepts in South Korea! Even though EvoL is no longer active, they were able to make it into K-pop history thanks to their hard work.

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