All Detail Information About Eric Nam’s Song ‘Miss You’ Which Make Him Comeback!


Miss You Music Video

Eric Nam Miss You

The music video was taken in London. In the video, Eric Nam is wandering around the street in London with a sad and lonely look as he is trying to portray the loneliness and empty feelings. It makes the viewers will be able to sympathize that atmosphere that Eric Nam wanted to show.

While watching the video, it feels like every time I go, I always remember the memories with our ex-lover. A feeling that I miss that moment when we still together but trying to deny it. This song and music video really representative the feeling of loneliness and emptiness after break up. It really touches emotionally. How’s your opinion about it?

Well, well, well, for entertain you who might be being emotional after watching Miss You music video, I suggest you to watch the behind the scenes video. So, you’re not continuing to involve in loneliness and emptiness feelings. Check this out!


Miss You Live Performance

Eric Nam Miss You

The live performance of songs always looks forward to being watched as we can hear the real voice of the singer. Especially when it comes to Eric Nam who has a sweet voice. Let’s watch his live performance video below.

Australia, Asia, and European Tour in 2019

Eric Nam Miss You

Eric Nam surprised the fans by announcing his world tour in 2019. He will visit Australia, Asia, and Europe this time. Here the list of his tour.

eric nam tour 2019

Many fans are excited about this annnouncement. Especially, for those who will be visited by Eric Nam. Also there are some fans who ask for their country to being visited by Eric.

fans' respond

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