All Information About Eric Mun’s New Agency and Relationship Between Others Shinhwa Members


Get Closer With Shinhwa’s Mun Eric

Mun Jung Hyuk, also known as Eric Mun, was born in 1979 and is the leader of Shinhwa. Eric and his family moved to the U.S when he was young, and lived there while he was in middle school through high school. Eric and his family returned to Korea in 1996, then he decided to join SM Entertainment as a trainee. In 1998 he debuted as the leader of Shinhwa, with a stage name Eric, and their song tittle track was called The Solver (해결사).

Not just a singer, Eric is an actor who’s appeared in many dramas, He started acting in 2002, as a cameo along with his bandmates, in Emergency 19 Act. After that, he appeared in Phoenix (2004), Super Rookie (2005), and one of the most famous dramas in Korea, Another Oh Hae Young (2016).

This year, Eric decided to sign with a new company, but what company did he choose and did he sign a contract with them? Let’s find the news, below!

Eric From Shinhwa Signing a Contract With Other Agency, Who Is It?

Good news has come from Shinhwa’s leader, Eric! He has officially signed an exclusive contract with a new agency, TOP Media!

On January 2, the agency announced the news through a statement, saying “We spoke in depth with Eric and have come to decision to support Eric in his solo activity. We will not hold back on our support to Eric so that he can he can promote actively as an artist.”

They added, “We plan to tell him so that he can greet the public again with good productions and broadcasted activities that help his unique charms and talents shine. We will also prepare various events and methods that allow fans to connect with Eric more.”

Eric is now labelmates with his fellow member of Shinhwa, Andy, as an individual artist since joining Top Media this year. Top Media was also the home of groups like Teen Top, 100%, and UP10TION. Shinhwa’s group activity will be managed by their own agency, Shinhwa Company, where he has become the CEO, but the members’ individual activity will be handled by separate agencies.

We hope all the best for Eric working under his new agency, and we can’t wait to see what kind of activity Eric and Andy will do in the future!

Shinhwa’s Mun Eric’s Instagram Update

Shinhwa opened their official group account on Instagram back in 2016, and they have uploaded some daily pictures, videos and other content. Here are some of the Top 5 IG posts from Shinhwa:

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