Epex MU Profile, Facts, Pre-Debut, Etc

Epex MU
Epex MU

Let’s Get to Know EPEX MU!

EPEX is a K-pop boy group under C9 Entertainment that has 8 talented and gorgeous members. They are Wish, Keum, MU, A-min, Ayden, Baekseung, Yewang, and Jeff. EPEX released its debut song Lock Down on June 8, 2021. In this article, we’re not going to talk about EPEX the labelmate of CIX in general. We will discuss one of the members, MU!

MU (pronounced as Myu) was born with the name Seo Kyung-min. In EPEX, his position is the lead vocal. He is also known as a member who has a 4D personality, just like some idols in their groups (BTS’ V’s 4D personality, Blackpink’s Jisoo, etc.)

Check out more details about EPEX’s MU in the session below. We will explore his profile, facts, and more!

EPEX MU Profile

Epex MU

Let’s check out EPEX’s MU’s profile to find out more about him!

Stage Name: MU

Real Name: Seo Kyung-min

Position: Lead vocalist

Birthday: September 14, 2003

Nationality: South Korea

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 63 kg

Blood Type: A

Shoe Size: 280 mm


Family: Parents and younger brother


  • Poongseong Middle School
  • Hanlim Multi Arts High School

Debut: 2021

Agency: C9 Entertainment

Instagram: @epex.official


There are more interesting facts of EPEX’s MU that you probably didn’t know before. Let’s take a look at the list of EPEX’s MU’s facts below!

  • EPEX’s MU has nice proportions. His height is 184 cm and he is the second tallest of the group.
  • EPEX’s members said that MU has 4D personality.
  • EPEX’s MU is an iPhone user.
  • During lunchtime, EPEX’s MU said that he enjoys playing basketball.
  • EPEX’s MU’s stage name is based on the Pokémon Mew.
  • EPEX’s MU is a classmate of EPEX’s Geum.
  • EPEX’s MU is really slow when it comes to eating.

EPEX MU Discography

  • Bipolar Pt. 1 Prelude of Anxiety (June 8, 2021)
    • Go Big
    • Lock Down (Single)
    • Cyanide
    • No Questions
    • Sling Shot
  • Bipolar Pt. 2 Prelude of Love (October 26, 2021)
    • Love Virus
    • Do 4 Me (Single)
    • Breathtaking
    • Traveler

EPEX MU Pre Debut

Let’s see more charms of EPEX’s MU by seeing his pre-debut era!

EPEX’s MU was born on September 14, 2003. He is the oldest son of his family. He lives with his parent and his younger brother. Before his debut, he is known as his real name Seo Kyung-min.

Before debuting with EPEX and entering the company C9 Entertainment, MU was cast because of Keum. MU and Keum were classmates in school. Keum took a picture with MU in it, then the company saw him and asked Keum to bring MU to their company. That’s how he finally got into C9 Entertainment and became one of the C9 rookies.

Later on, C9 Entertainment then revealed each member that will debut as a new boy group, EPEX. MU was revealed as the second member.

That’s all the information about EPEX’s talented lead vocalist, MU. If you are new to EPEX, you can also check out other EPEX’s information from Byeol Korea and don’t forget to share with your fellow K-pop fans so more people will love EPEX and MU. Make sure to keep updated about Korean entertainment with other articles from Byeol Korea. Cheers!