Enhypen Plastic Surgery Analysis and Before and After Pictures


Facts About Enhypen and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Enhypen is a new idol group under the management of Belift Lab, a joint venture of two big entertainment agencies, CJ ENM and Big Hit Entertainment. Its members were selected from the most talented participants in the idol competition program I-LAND. After its debut in 2020, Enhypen has amassed a huge global fanbase and also several awards. Recently, they won the Best New Male Artist at MAMA 2021.

Despite their obvious talent, some people criticize their appearance. It seems that some of Enhypen’s members have slight differences in facial features based on their pre-debut photos. Rumors circulated that Enhypen members had plastic surgery to enhance their appearances.

Find out about the differences, opinions from fans, and plastic surgeon analysis in this article!

Heeseung Plastic Surgery Rumors

Heeseung looked much different in his teenage days than when he debuted with Enhypen. The most obvious difference is the shape of his nose. His nose bridge is slightly higher while the tip of his nose is more pointed than before. Another noticeable difference is the size of his eyes. Back in his middle school days, his eyes were smaller while starting from his high school days, his eyes were much bigger. According to an opinion from a plastic surgeon, Heeseung is one of the Enhypen members that received rhinoplasty surgery. Whether he has gone through any plastic surgery or it is just the effect of makeup, Heeseung is still handsome.

Jay Plastic Surgery Rumors

Enhypen’s Jay has one of the most envied faces. His double eyelids are so thick and obvious since his teenage days. From school graduation pictures, we can see that he was already a handsome kid. However, his jawline is slightly different compared to his teenage pictures. It is probably due to weight loss or natural growth. But, according to a plastic surgeon, Jay seemed to have his nose done.

Jake Plastic Surgery Rumors

According to a plastic surgeon and fans, Jake’s nose seems to be a bit different. Jake used to have a bigger and wider nose, but after his debut, his nose appears smaller and narrower. Other facial features didn’t change much. He still looks as manly and gorgeous as an idol can be.

Sunghoon Plastic Surgery Rumors

One noticeable difference from Sunghoon’s appearance is his nose. The plastic surgeon analyzed that Sunghoon has gone through rhinoplasty surgery. The middle part of his nose used to be higher because of a bump, but the bump disappeared after he debuted. Other than a nose job, Sunghoon’s facial features don’t seem to have been changed at all.

Sunoo Plastic Surgery Rumors

Sunoo looks almost exactly like when he was a student. With his sharp eyes, Sunoo’s face slightly resembles a young Ahn Jae-hyun. However, his nose looks slightly more pointed than his childhood pictures. Another noticeable difference is the shape of his nose bridge. Sunoo’s nose bridge used to curve upward, but nowadays, it is straight.

Jungwon Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jungwon’s facial appearance changed a lot after his teenage days. His chubby cheeks disappeared completely and turned his appearance from baby-face Jungwon to mature-cute Jungwon. According to an opinion from a plastic surgeon, Jungwon’s facial features, especially his nose, are natural.

Niki Plastic Surgery Rumors

Enhypen’s Niki is only 16 years old, but we can see how he grew up from his appearance in I-Land to his debut with Enhypen. Fans often forget that he is just a teenager. Niki’s facial features didn’t change much from his days in I-Land. On the stage, he looks more mature, but off the stage, he looks and acts just like a kid of his age.

Enhypen is still a newly formed group, and they still need to overcome bad rumors such as about plastic surgery. The boys only need to prove that their talents are more important than their visuals.

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