ENHYPEN Quotes Inspirational, Funny, and Iconic Quotes From Each Member


Let’s Take a Look at Quotes From ENHYPEN Members

Ever since the members’ appearance in I-LAND and their debut as ENHYPEN together in 2020, ENHYPEN have been one of the spotlights among K-Pop groups in the music industry. All of the members successfully debuted at a young age which somehow made people impressed with them even more.

Moreover, their career journey wasn’t as smooth as it seems because they have faced obstacles, too. But still, their positive mind somehow cheered up everyone’s day, especially ENGENE (ENHYPEN’s fandom). So, that was one of the reasons why Byeol Korea has collected several ENHYPEN members’ iconic lines, and here you go:

ENHYPEN Inspirational Quotes

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If you’re somehow experiencing a bad day today or there is something that makes you feel like the whole world is against you, just remember that everything happens for a reason. You can get slightly motivated or inspired by these inspirational quotes from ENHYPEN members:

“You have to dream big so that you can achieve at least half of it.” – Jay

“Don’t lose yourself all the while and never forget your gratitude. I want you to never think that you’re alone or think anything like that.” – Heeseung

“Failure is the mother of success.” – Jungwon

“Life won’t be fun, right? If you turn back time like that because you already know everything.” – Niki

“Be aware of what you say. Don’t forget respect, consideration, and modesty.” Sunoo

“Continue to reach what your heart desires and always remember that your dreams are excited to meet you too.” – Sunghoon

“We are not perfect, always remember that. We are young, we will be wrong but we will learn from it.” – Jake

ENHYPEN Members Funny and Iconic Quotes

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“I’m not married.” – Jay
“Sawrry.” – Jake
“Meeeeh~” – Jungwon
“You can choose singing parts from a different member. In that case, I’ll do Sunoo’s part.” – Sunghoon
“See you in your dreams.” – Sunoo
“AAYING.” – Heeseung
“I’m fragile. Be gentle with my corpse.” – Niki
“I love it when you almost respect me.” – Jay

Heeseung Quotes

“Always together.”
“I’m so tired of love songs~ I just want to go home~”
“Don’t forget we have to pick up the kids from school today.”
“I’m an expert.”
“Whenever I go regardless of whether I debut, I will always stay humble.”
“A long way down to the future.”
Noona, I’ve got this feeling. A feeling that you are mine.”
“I’m here, so be careful.”

Jay Quotes

“Live your life the day you were born.”
“Moving forward is much more important than keeping a feeling of regret in your mind.”
“Dreams do become reality one day if you don’t give up.”
“Leave no regrets behind.”
“Don’t worry too much and don’t let it get to you.”
“It’s about proving myself over and over again. Endlessly proving myself and getting recognized by people through that. I think that’s the goal.”

Jake Quotes

“If I didn’t make it to ENHYPEN, I would be an ENGENE.”
“If you meet me in a dream, I’ll spoil the next album a bit.”
“Why am I still friends with you?”
“Hey bro.”
“You should date a man who’s willing to put in the effort for you.”

Sunghoon Quotes

Noona is mine.”
“I’ll try to do whatever it is I want to.”
“I think my desire to improve naturally keeps me motivated. I want to be better, look cooler, and have something new to show off.”
“Hawaii you? I’m fine, thank you.”
“I can just fall in a cool manner.”
“It’s nothing so I should do it with confidence.”
“Always believe in yourself and it’s okay to fall.”

Sunoo Quotes

“And although we became very close, I would never give up and run because I want to be more close, okay?”
“I was too pretty.”
“I’m cuter than him.”
“Ooh, very exciting. Thank you, thank you.”
“Thank you and you.”
“I do what I want, if I want to rest, I just rest and do nothing.”
“It’s good to listen to songs or watch funny videos and eat delicious food.”
“And I’m hoping that my earnestness comes through.”

Jungwon Quotes

“Yeah, I’m scared.”
“Jay Hyung~”
“Hard work doesn’t betray.”
“Our goal is not to go fast, but to finish.”
“Great job together so far and let’s continue to work hard in the future. I love you all, fighting!”

Ni-ki Quotes

“I want to debut and give people joy.”
“I don’t think age matters at all too much for a leader.”
“I want to be able to help out the team too while focusing on myself.”
“I hope everything goes well.”
“Noona I love you more than a bunggeopang.”
“ENHYPEN is a group that brought us together so that we can grow together and stay together forever.”


“I won’t forget the thankful and happy emotions I had and for those who supported my every moment. I will always work with passion.” – Jay
“And I wish we live up to ENGENE’s expectations.” – Jake
“I want to make our debut beyond expectations and to become closer to our fans.” – Niki
“ENGENE, you have worked hard too, today.” – Sunoo
“We’re only here because of ENGENE, so I always want to tell them how much I appreciate them.” – Sunghoon

ENHYPEN Best Quotes From Lyrics

“Wanting to live without any fear, my heart is racing like the main character.” – Blockbuster
“Victory inherited, secret hiding behind the stage lights.” – Blessed-Cursed
“It’s like a polaroid love, love that old-fashioned feeling.” – Polaroid Love
“We can’t wind back our time, yet we struggle to, even so, an answer set in stone – something like that is worthless.” – Forget Me Not
“You’re putting me in danger with such a harmless face.” – Just A Little Bit
“This rage that lasts a thousand years.” – A Kind of Magic

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