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Get To Know The Female Duo KEEMBO Profile, Re-debut From Girl Group SPICA, And More


Find Out The Renew Girl Group In 2020 KEEMBO!

This duo girl group come back to break out the South Korea entertainment industry. Boa and Bohyung are coming again with the new concept after they were debuted as a member of SPICA some years ago.

For the record, Bohyung is a former YG Entertainment trainee and becomes a candidate of 2NE1 member, yet she wasn’t chosen back then. Yet she got a response from Yang Hyun-suk that she wasn’t get selected because of a lack of talent. She gets convinced to continue her music to other entertainment.

Bohyung and Boa are one of determined and full of effort to actualize their dream. They have been through ups and downs, and they never give up. Let’s get to know KEEMBO and their new album, which offers something new here in Byeol Korea!

KEEMBO Group Profile


KEEMBO (킴보) is a South Korean girl group that debut on April 10, 2020. They debuted with the lead title “Thank You Anyway” under Ara-Line.

Here’s below KEEMBO Official account:

Korean Instagram:
Japanese Instagram:
Korean Twitter: @keembo_k
Japanese Twitter: @keembo_j
Youtube: 킴보 KEEMBO [김보아 김보형 KIMBOA KIMBOHYUNG]
Cafe Daum: @OfficialKeembo
TikTok: @keembobo

Member Profile and Facts


Stage Name: BoA (보아)
Birth Name: Kim Bo-Ah (김보아)
Position: Leader, Main Vocalist
Birthday: January 14, 1987
Zodiac Sign: Capricorn
Nationality: Korean
Height: 171 cm (5’7″)
Weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @tomboaaa

Interesting Facts of Boa:
– She was born in Seoul, South Korea.
– Boa was graduated from Yeoju University.
– Boa has a younger brother.
– Boa was a former trainee of LOEN.
– Boa has ever being a vocal trainer for INFINITE, Kara, and Rainbow.
– Boa also ever appeared on the reality show King of Mask Singer.
– She has hobbies eating baked potatoes and walking around.
– Fried rice cakes are her favorite food.
– Home is her favorite place.
– Boa has experience working with Lee Hyori, T-ARA, 4minute, and SNSD.
– Boa experienced hard to attempt to be debut as a girl group
– Boa and IU are friends.
– Boa can’t dance when she was a trainee as IU revealed
– Boa also one of the contestants on Tribe of Hip-hop.


Stage Name: Bohyung (보형)
Birth Name: Kim Bo Hyung (김보형)
Position: Main Vocalist, Visual, Fotg, Maknae
Birthday: March 31, 1989
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Nationality: Korean
Height:167 cm (5’6″)
Weight: 51 kg (112 lbs)
Blood Type: B
Instagram: @bohyungkim

Interesting facts of Bohyung:

– Bohyung was born in South Korea.
– She was graduated from Dongguk Women’s University.
– Bohyung has an older brother.
– Bohyung is a former YG trainee and 2NE1 member’s candidate.
– She has interesting hobbies which are studying machines and exercising.
– Reading is her favorite activity.
– Bohyung is quiet and shy.
– Bohyung’s favorite food is all sweet tooth like chocolate.
– Bohyung also is a solo artist.
– She has ever debuted as a solo artist with the song “Crazy Girl”.
– She ever auditioned to JYP Entertainment but failed.
– Bohyung has an achievement to be winner CMB Chin Chin Singing Competition by singing “Such a Thing” from Hwayobi.
– She was ever collaboration with Ailee in Baechigi’s music video.

Debut Performance

Boa and Bohyung were finally getting their debut again in new brand KEEMBO on April 10, 2020. Their first-ever debut as girls group was when being in girl group SPICA, which is disbanded in 2017. Their new song “Thank You, Anyway” is a pop ballad song and has shown their excellent vocal skill.

Originally, KEEMBO stands for their name, which is the last name of Boa, “Kim” and the first syllable of Bohyung, “Bo.” This combination is making their group name KEEMBO. Interesting!

Besides, “Thank You, Anyway,” the song “Scandalous” also given good pop-rock, which showing their singing ability more colorful. This song is about a relationship that might go nowhere but want to know how it will be going. Like the song lyrics has said,

I don’t want your touch
As it has become too comfortable
When you spread a rumor of us
Please make it as shocking as possible, baby
Oh, so scandalous
She’s a beauty, but scandalous
Do it however you like, I’ll look forward to it

Their debut as KEEMBO showing the harmonize vocalizing that soothing your ear. It “Thank You, Anyway” really could be suitable for enjoying the day since it is beautiful and sweet nuance.

KEEMBO Album Detail

KEEMBO has launched digital singles “Thank You, Anyway” on this April 2020 and also recently their single album titled “Scandalous” in 2020.

The album itself is simple but packed with all the important things. The album has a CD format and provides their explanation album on the front. Some photos of them looking swag and cute is laying on the book. The lyrics of
“Thank You, Anyway,” also available there. Moreover, “Scandalous” and “Thank You, Anyway” song also complete with lyrics and instrumental versions. It is making fans could do karaoke or voice over with their version.

We are looking forward to their more showcase!

On this album, they are also showing their credit and notes from them to saying a message for all support they receive. So sweet!

This song has been making their comeback and showing their real vocal talent. Could you go check them out?

Re-debut After SPICA Disbandment

The history of their music entertainment may rough, but finally, they fulfill their promise to show their songs. In the beginning, Boa and Bohyung were former members of SPICA in 2012, but their group, which contains five girl members getting disband in 2017.

Boa and Bohyung have plans about that and go launched their new group KEEMBO, which is their combination name. Their strong vocal could be a strong point for people to get attached to their songs.

Latest News

In February 2020, they were promoting their new brand group KEEMBO.

Boa and Bohyung announced their official Instagram account and wrote to fans, “Please, love us a lot!”

Their official Instagram account has shared their photos wich caption, “ Guys, it’s okay to cry. Yell as much you want!!!!!!”

They have a positive attitude and deserve love for their new music.

Talking about their single “Scandalous” also has a new vibe. This song has a pop-rock genre with a combination of acoustic guitar, electronic hook. This song is also showing Boa as a rapper in a charismatic way.

That’s all about KEEMBO and their new album. What do you think? Keeping support them and showing love for them. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and give your comments below!