Learn More About BIGBANG Taeyang Brother Dong Hyun-bae Full Profile, Family, Dramas, And A Lot More!

Dong Hyunbae
Dong Hyun-bae

The Charismatic Dong Hyun Bae Is Actually The Older Brother Of Taeyang Of Big Bang

Depending on the person, people have various types of sibling relationships; some always find reasons to fight with each other, others consider their siblings to be their best friends, and it’s different for everyone. Dong Hyun Bae is an aspiring actor who is also the older brother of the phenomenal and incredibly popular Taeyang from Big Bang. Taeyang has the real name Dong Young-bae which is quite similar to Dong Hyun Bae, which is a major proof that they are siblings.

In this Byeol Korea article, we are going to introduce you to all the information you’ve been yearning to know about his relationship with his younger brother, Taeyang from Big Bang, the entertainment projects he is involved in, and many other things. We can learn so much from his perspective here, so stay tuned!

Full Profile

Dong Hyun-bae
  • Name: Dong Hyun-Bae
  • Hangul: 동현배
  • Date of Birth: May 4th, 1983
  • Birthplace: South Korea
  • Family: Taeyang (younger brother)
  • Instagram: ___hyunbae___


Movies And Drama Series

Memories of a Dead End | Makdareun Kolmokui Chueok (2019) – Jin-Sung

  • Money | Don (2019) – Dongmyung stock company 1 team rookie employee
  • Park Hwa-Young (2018) – Jae-Pil
  • Deja Vu (2018) – Kim Dong-Woo
  • New Old Story | Shin Jeonraedonghwa (2018) – Seol Kka-Chi
  • My Last Love | Naege Nameun Sarangeul (2017) – Executive Director Jo
  • The Prison | Peurizeun (2017) – Hong-Pyo’s group member
  • Part-Time Spy | Bijeongkyujik Teuksuyowon (2017) – Jae-Yong
  • Han Gong-Ju (2014) – swimming instructor 1
  • Commitment | Dongchangsaeng (2013) – troubled kid’s friend
  • Mai Ratima (2013) – Company President Jang’s party 2
  • Miss Staff Sergeant | Daehan Mingook 1% (2010) – Second Platoon Team 3


As not all people might know, Dong Hyun Bae is the older brother of Taeyang from Big Bang. Dong Hyun Bae stated that he feels sorry for his brother Taeyang because sometimes he is doing something that must be done by an older brother.

During his interview on Radio Star, Dong Hyun Bae admitted that his younger brother has been doing things that make him very touched. When he had a music show, he asked his younger brother to promote the event on social media. Then Taeyang answered weirdly saying that he only called when he needs something, but in the end, Taeyang was doing the same.

On another occasion, Taeyang called Dong Hyun Bae to ask him if he is ready for an event which was supposed to be a surprise appearance that was not in the schedule.

The older brother takes care of the younger in his own way by doing some small gestures that are really meaningful, such as getting some new clothes for the baby brother after seeing his messy wardrobe.

However, the older brother admitted feeling lonely now that his younger brother has gotten married. Taeyang married actress Min Hyo Rin whom he was dating for a while, since 2013 and in 2018 the couple decided to get married. He admitted that he often talked on television about feeling lonely living alone. Dong Hyun Bae has been asking his brother to pick someone to match him.


Dong Hyun Bae was recently involved in a new movie Part-Time Spy where he starred as Lee Jae Young. He has been aspiring to be a star ever since Taeyang became the sun in the family. Unlike his other movies, where he usually plays outgoing characters, this time, in this movie, he plays a calm and quiet character. He explained that most actors and actresses like trying different roles that are unique, and so he also wants to act as someone who is an antagonist and a devilish person. He jokingly said that he wants to be Iron Man, he wants to try many things.

Moreover, he also wants to show his attractive qualities to the viewers, though he is still learning about it. Confidence and self-esteem are things he wants to dig deeper into to increase his attractive quality.

When asked about the future plans, he said he only wants to be better than last year, since he doesn’t want to be greedy. He wants more people to get to know him and recognize him a bit more.

He also shared a meaningful story about his brother Taeyang from Big Bang. For Taeyang’s birthday, every year Dong Hyun Bae sends him a message to congratulate him, to which Taeyang would only reply with a short and abrupt message, such as: “Thank you.” However, recently, on his 30th birthday, Dong Hyun Bae send Taeyang a long meaningful message encouraging him to continue well in his thirties, telling him to do even better, not get hurt and be responsible for his actions. Surprisingly, this time, the younger brother responded with an uncommon for him a message, he said, “I love you a lot.”

This is something touching between him and Taeyang. He admitted that expressing love is something he often does among siblings.

During the interview, he said that he wants to be a star since they already have a Sun in the house, referring to Taeyang (who has meaning “Sun” in the Korean language).


Hyun Bae stated on his Instagram that he helped the fundraising for a rare disease, the money of which will be used for building a nursing home hospital.

He also even uploaded a photo of his work as an actor to promote his OCN drama Rugal.

Latest News

Dong Hyun Bae joined the drama based on the webtoon titled Rugal in March 2020. This drama is about secret operatives that include terrorists and biotechnology group. He plays the character Lee Jae Han, the leader of a popular jazz team.

The drama Rugal was released on OCN on March 28th with stars Park Sun Ho, Jo Dong Hyuk, Choi Jin Hyuk. The story begins with Lee Jae Han getting into an incident and leaving the stage, going on wondering to the next story.

He has been active in several genres, such as the romantic comedy Issue Makers, and the suspense thriller Trap. It would seem that he is quite devoted to making his dream come true, playing various different roles in his acting career.

Keep moving and actualize your dream like Dong Hyun Bae, let’s keep supporting him! Family is something you don’t take for granted, let’s love and be kind to each other. And if you have any thoughts, please share them by leaving a comment in the comment section below!