Learn More About DIA Disbandment In 2022 And Their Last Comeback, Here!

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Learn More About DIA Disbandment, Their Contract Until Future Plans Here!

DIA (hangul: 다이아) is a South Korean girl group that debuted on September 14, 2015, under MBK Entertainment. DIA is now active with 6 members line-up with Eunice, HuiHyeon, Yebin, Chaeyeon, Eunchae, Jooeun. They are known for several hits, such as “Will You Go Out With Me”, “Mannequin”, “You Are My Flower” and more.

This article contains detailed information about DIA’s career, especially regarding disbandment rumors. Will they quit the entertainment industry or not? Without waiting any longer, let’s find out more about it in the article below!

DIA Will Disband In 2022 And Not Renew Their Contract


In August 2022, DIA is rumored to be making a comeback. But unfortunately, along with the news was followed by the disbandment of the group. After their last promotion, DIA’s contract with the agency PocketDol Studios will expire in September 2022.

DIA members have decided to part ways amicably with the group in September 2022. They are preparing to say goodbye to fans and each other as they prepare to begin solo promotions.

After 7 years under MBK Entertainment and promoting as a group or individually, DIA will be disbanded at the end of 2022 and not renew their contract.

DIA Comeback In 2022

According to one exclusive media outlet report on May 11, 2022, DIA will be making a final comeback later this year before their disbandment. The report claims that DIA’s last comeback is scheduled for August 2022 and the group will be promoted with 6 members, including Eunice, HuiHyeon, Jung Chae-yeon, Yebin, Eunchae, and Jooeun.

“It’s true that DIA will be making a comeback sometime in August with a new album. The comeback will include all 6 members, including Jung Chae-yeon,” said a representative from PocketDol Studios has now stepped in to confirm.

This will be DIA’s first album release in approximately 2 years and 2 months since “Flower 4 Seasons” was released in June 2020.

DIA And 7-Year Curse

DIA’s decision to disband and pursue their respective careers is for the best, and fans will support them in the future. With the career journey experienced by DIA, they cannot avoid the 7-year curse, or you could say their contract with the agency must end.

As is known, DIA is a group formed by MBK Entertainment with 7 members. Then, DIA previously had 10 members, but 4 of them, including Seunghee, Eunjin, Jenny, and Somyi have now decided to leave this group.

The girl group that was formed in 2015 has released popular hit singles, such as “Do It Amazing”, “On The Road” and many more.

Meanwhile, many had expressed concern about the future of their careers, considering that this girl group had experienced a decline in album sales when Jung Chaeyeon was on hiatus.

In 2017, MBK added Jooeun and Somyi as new members. Jooeun immediately stole the attention because she had a visual similar to Red Velvet’s Joy. DIA OT9 rocked Korea with the song “Will You Go Out with Me?”.

However, DIA lost another member. Eunjin decided to leave in 2018 due to health problems. The member born in 1997 was indeed rushed to the hospital during the showcase. DIA also continued group promotions with OT8.

A year later, Jenny left the group due to an injury to her knee. They return to being OT7. However, Somyi also terminated her contract with DIA in 2020. Again, MBK explained that the DIA members left the group due to health problems.

Even so, DIA always celebrates their debut anniversary. 2021 can be said to be their last celebration as DIA. The members had time to do live broadcasts to greet fans, blow cakes, and even visit fan-made billboards.

DIA Eunice Gave Sign About Disbandment Through WooWoo

DIA released a comeback album with “WooWoo” in 2018. This summer concept album is their first comeback after Eunjin’s departure.

When holding a showcase, DIA admitted that they were desperate with this comeback. Considering their long hiatus before their comeback. Plus, the agency had time to delay its album release schedule.

“When our hiatus is getting longer, our comeback is getting longer, we are worried that we will not be able to comeback. We are also worried that our fans will leave us. We even talked about this might be our last album if this doesn’t go well,” said Eunice.

Eunice indirectly hinted that DIA could disband if this comeback didn’t go well. Knowing this, Netter accused the agency of being incompetent in taking care of DIA. But not a few also satirized Jung Chae-yeon who was called not as popular as before when she was a member of IOI.

“The agency is stupid. If they focus more on Jooeun, surely DIA’s situation will be different,”

“I even think this is their last comeback. Jung Chae-yeon is no longer popular, and Jooeun doesn’t show her potential. Eunjin is smart because she chose to leave.”

“Jung Chae-yeon should have debuted with fewer group members after IOI disbanded. Look at her popularity now.”

DIA Member Future Plan After Disband

If DIA is disbanded, the members will choose their path to get their solo activities. DIA’s members will mainly continue their careers as singers because some of the members, such as Yebin and Eunchae, are expected to participate in releasing new songs as a soloist in the future.

For other members, such as Huihyeon and Eunice, who have the potential to have a career behind the scenes. They both composed some songs for DIA. It is also possible for some members to reappear on survival shows to keep promoted in the entertainment industry.

Let’s continue to give support and lots of love to DIA; hopefully, after their group’s disbandment, the members can continue their respective careers!

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