All About DIA’s Chae-yeon’s Transformation From Pre-Debut Until Now, Plastic Surgery or Diet?


Get Closer With One of DIA’s Members, Chae-yeon

Do you know Chae-yeon, a member of one of the very popular South Korean girl groups, DIA? The girl who has the nickname Ending Fairy has a real name Jung Chae-yeon (정채연) and was born in Suncheon, South Korea, on December 1st, 1997.

The girl who lived in Anyang City, South Korea, is also known as one of the active members of DIA who also has her own solo activities apart from the group’s schedules. Chae-yeon was a contestant in a famous survival show, Produce 101 (2016), aired on Mnet. Chae-yeon ranked at the 7th position in the final episode and debuted with the other winners in a group named I.O.I.

Apart from that, her solo career went to another level as she also established a career as an actress, taking part in the romantic fantasy drama, Reunited Worlds (2017) aired on SBS, I Am… (2017) aired on Naver TV Cast, Marry Me Now (2018) aired on KBS2, and many more. Chae-yeon also became one of SBS’ Inkigayo MCs with actor Song Kang and Seventeen’s Mingyu.

DIA’s Chae-yeon known as the 2nd Bae Suzy has made her fans really concerned about her appearance, especially when it comes from Chae-yeon’s weight and her body proportions that keep changing from time to time. Well, let’s get ready to check out Chae-yeon’s transformations, starting from her looks and weight loss in the article below!

DIA’s Chae-yeon Before & After Photos

Many K-Pop fans know that Jung Chae-yeon has a beautiful face and a princess-like appearance. The actress, who was known to be one of the students of Seoul School of Performing Arts, has a natural beauty since she was born.

Some photos of Chae-yeon from before her debut have been leaked online, but she looks as beautiful then, as she does now. Let’s check out DIA’s Chae-yeon’s pre-debut photos below!

This picture was taken when DIA’s Chae-yeon was still in senior high school. Do you recognize her at this age?

This picture above was taken when DIA’s Chae-yeon was in her elementary school days. Look at how cute she is with chubby cheeks!

DIA’s Chae-yeon with her schoolmates in Seoul School of Performing Arts.

The photos below are recent ones showing the most recent appearance of DIA’s Chae-yeon. She’s still looking as adorable as ever and her beauty has improved to another level after debuting with her group, DIA.

Plastic Surgery Accusation

As reported from KpopMap, DIA’s Chae-yeon once explained that her appearance has changed as a result of her going on a harsh diet which made her lose weight and also affected her appearance.

DIA’s Chae-yeon’s pre-debut looks and her present appearance seem to be quite different. The member of DIA who has a zodiac sign as Sagittarius, herself, said that she hasn’t done any plastic surgery when she talked about her past and she only mentioned that she went on a diet until she got the perfect look that she was after.

Some of her fans respected the reason behind the beauty appearance of Chae-yeon when she only did the diet to get the perfect look of an idol, but some of her fans were also curious whether she has done plastic surgery or not. There are fans who are suspicious of how different she looks from the pre-debut era until now that she might have done plastic surgery.

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