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All About Kris Wu’s Appearance and Details on ‘xXx The Return Of Xander Cage’ Movie

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Meet the Chinese Superstar Artist, Kris Wu!

Since his departure from EXO back in 2014, Wu Yi Fan, better known as Kris Wu, continued his career as a solo artist and has become more successful than before. Not only has he been working as a singer, Kris has also spread his wings as a model and actor.

As for his acting career, Kris has appeared in many drama series, web dramas, and has even already made his debut in a Hollywood film! Curious about what international film Kris has acted in? Don’t worry, Byeol Korea is here to tell you all about it! So, without any further ado, let’s get into the topic for today!

Synopsis of ‘xXx The Return Of Xander Cage’

exo kris wu yi fan

The movie was directed by D. J. Caruso and written by F. Scott Fraizer. It was released worldwide in theaters on January 20, 2017. xXx The Return Of Xander Cage is the third installment in the ‘xXx’ film series, following xXx (in 2002) and xXx: State of the Union (in 2005).

Spoiler Alert Below!

exo kris wu yi fan

This story begins when an NSA Agent named Augustus Gibbons who attempts to recruit a soccer player, Neymar, to join the Triple-X (xXx) program. But sadly, a satellite crashes and both of them were killed. Afterwards, a skilled, four-member team, led by Xiang, infiltrates a highly guarded CIA office in New York City and obtains the ‘Pandora Box’.

Xander, as the main character of the movie, tracks down some attackers to Philippines. At an RAF outpost in Lakenheath, special forces operatives led by Paul Donovan are assigned to help Xander, but then he rejects the offer in favor of his own team, DJ Harvard ‘Nicks’ Zhou (played by Kris), composed sharpshooter Adele Wolf, and getaway driver Tennyson ‘The Torch’. They also added an introverted weapons specialist name Becky Clearidge.

exo kris wu yi fan

Xander’s team and Xiang’s team then race to reach Anderson in Detroit, tracking the unique signal from the Panodra’s Box. At first, the two teams were fighting but then later, they protect each other from Anderson’s man. Xander confronts Anderson, who admitted to causing the satellite crash that killed Gibbons. Anderson then gets killed by Wolff. During their trip back to the headquarters, Marke announced that the XXX program has been shut down and shoots Xander in order to keep it for herself.

Luckily, Xander survives due to his bulletproof vest, which Becky gave him before, and joins Xiang to fight Donovan and his men, while Marke uses the Pandora Box to send a satellite plummeting towards the warehouse where all the teams are fighting. Xander then ejects Danovan from the plane, while Xiang sends Marke to her death and parachutes out with the box on his hands. Despite Becky’s attempt to halt the signal, they can’t stop the satellite from crashing.

exo kris wu yi fan

On the very last attempt to protect the others, Xander decides to crash the plane into the approaching satellite before it reaches the warehouse, and then he jumps out without any hesitation, from the plane. Using a cargo load, he finally lands safely on the ground. Xiang gives the device to Xander, and he decides to destroy it.

All the teams attend Gibbon’s funeral, where suddenly Gibbon, himself, approached him, having faked his own death. Gibbon also has re-built the XXX program on his own, starting with Neymar as the newest recruit. At the end, Gibbon compliments his job and Xander decides to continue in the service, and await a new mission.

Here is the official trailer of xXx The Return Of Xander Cage, check it out below:

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