All Information About Boys Republic (Debut, Disband Rumor, Hiatus, and Latest News)

Boys Republic

All Information About The Boys Republic That You Need to Know

There’s a lot of biggest boy group from South Korea, but this time we’re going to talk about Boys Republic! Ever heard of it? Basically, Boys Republic was one of the boy group based in South Korea that raised under Universal Music Group, and they were already started their career since 2013. Boys Republic’s member were consisted with Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and Sunwoong.

Not only successfull as an boy group, but Boys Republic also received an endorsement from Jeju Air in 2013 with one of their single, Orange Sky. Since their first debut through the single Party Rock, Boys Republic were received a lot of attention from people, and kept on raised their name in K-Pop industry. But sadly, in 2018 Boys Republic was announced their indefinite hiatus from K-Pop industry.

Through this article, Byeol Korea has introduced you the cheerful Boys Republic and all you need to know about their indefinite hiatus!

Boys Republic’s Debut with the Song Party Rock

Boys Republic

Like we’ve been said previously, Boys Republic was started their debut in 2013 through the single Party Rock. Since its first releasing, Party Rock has been on the top charts in some countries, such as Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, and many more! Party Rock was kind of an trendy-electronic dance song, and really matched with all of the Boys Republic’s member!

Even some of media and people were thought that Boys Republic was considered as BTS’ new rival, since they were gained a lot of attention from their single debut, Party Rock, and their ‘boy next door‘ aura! Such a good way to start, right?

Boys Republic’s on Appearances The Unit

Boys Republic

Not only as an boy group, but Boys Republic also participated in some of television show, such as The Unit in 2017! The Unit basically was survival show that aired in KBS, The Unit wasn’t like the other television show. It was about an survival show that intended for the underrated idol to gave them a chance to participated and show people their re-debut and got the success they deserve.

Moreover, not only one member who joined the show, but five of their member were participated in The Unit! Since Boys Republic was participated in The Unit in 2017, previously they were comeback in 2016 through BR: Revolution and also had an promotion in Japan.

Boys Republic was participated in The Unit to proven all of those people who said that they didn’t make it in the K-Pop industry were wrong, since their name weren’t as big as the other boy group. One of the Boys Republic’s member, Boys Republic’s Suwoong was received a lot more attention from public since The Unit, even though he didn’t make it for re-debut. And unfortunately, all of their member didn’t make it for the re-debut, or to joined the Unit B.

Watch one of their performance in The Unit here:

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