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David Chung

Get To Know More About South Korea Veteran Actor David Chung

As an actor, of course there will be many roles played in several dramas or movies. The popularity of entertainers is also believed because they managed to play a good role and character in dramas or movies. With this, they have also managed to get appreciation from the public and will be appear in upcoming film as their career journey.

In this article, Byeol Korea will give more detail information and complete profile of an actor who comes from South Korea, which is David Chung. The actor who was born in 1946 is one of the actors who was came from South Korea to America. He used to move in Japan with his family as an infant and later relocated in the US after high school. Before debut as an actor in America, David Chung worked as a teacher for several years before going into movies. David Chung has appeared in several movies, such as Repo Man (1984), Ninja III: The Domination(1984), Missing in Action 2: The Beginning(1985), Out of Bounds(1986), Walker (1987), Criminal Act (1989) and many more.

Let’s check out more information about David Chung full profile and several appearances on movies in this article below!

David Chung Full Profile

Real Name : David Chung

Birth : September 6, 1946, Seoul, Korea

Star Sign : Virgo

Occupation : Actor

Relationship Status : Married

David Chung Filmography

Entertainers such as actor or actresses have many opportunities to become as supporting roles and lead roles in movies or dramas. In this profession, anyone who has good acting skills and comes from any background can get the opportunity to play a character if he has basic skills such as acting.

Even though it is not easy to be an actor or actress, this job is very promising because it will have a very good career path if the drama or movie that is released gets a good appreciation or rating after being broadcast. There will be many people who easily recognize actors and actresses in a drama or movie who have impressive acting skills to portray a character.

In the next session, we will take a look at what more roles actor David Chung has successfully played in movies!

David Chung In Repo Man

Repo Man is a film produced in 1984, this film takes the story of a punk boy named Otto (played by Emilio Estavez) who is involved in a repo man syndicate. So in short, in the future, the government hired the services of people who were willing to steal cars that were never paid taxes. The owners of the stolen car inevitably have to pay a certain amount of money so that the car can be back in their hands. These “car thieves” are what are called repo men (“repo” stands for “repossession”).

In the middle of the film, the plot threads become a little tangled with the presence of Leila, a wanted CIA agent. And other strange things. Miller, the Chevrolet Malibu, J Frank Mallard, other odd things. Movies continue to show their own madness, from comedy scenes that appear suddenly, car chase scenes that appear suddenly, even gunfights that appear suddenly. All present as an unexpected sequence of scenes, which it seems that Repo Man realizes that it will sacrifice a bit of story coherence.

In Repo Man, David Chung plays one of the sheriffs who have the task of chasing Repo Man, who has a pretty brutal character in this film. This film is also David Chung’s acting debut and immediately gets a role as a supporting role in the film.

David Chung In Ninja III: The Domination

The next successful film starring David Chung was titled Ninja III: The Domination which was released on September 14, 1984. It was produced by Yoram Globus, Menahem Golan, David Womark and directed by Sam Firstenberg. Beside that, this film also stars several famous Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Sho Kosugi, Lucinda Dickey, Jordan Bennett, James Hong, Dale Ishimoto, John LaMotta and many more.

The plot of Ninja III: The Domination is when Christie Ryder (played by Lucinda Dickey) who is an aerobics instructor and also works as a telephone linewoman who turns out to be suddenly possesed by an evil spirit and suddenly a ninja warrior named Black Ninja Hanjuro ( played by David Chung) helped him through the tragedy.

The evil spirit who possessed Christie Ryder had a mission to kill the police who had previously killed the spirit and deliberately used her body to take revenge. Due to the difficulty in getting the evil spirit out of the woman’s body, they finally tried Japanese exorcism led by Miyashima (played by James Hong) who could summon the evil spirit of ninja who was with her.

David Chung In Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning is an action / adventure film set in 1985, and its second prequel stars Chuck Norris. The film was directed by Lance Hool and written by Steve Bing, Larry Levinson, and Arthur Silver. Missing in Action 2: The Beginning was filmed back to back with the original Missing in Action and was originally intended to be the first film of the two. In this film, David Chung plays Dou Chou.

But according to Joe Zito, director of Missing in Action (1984), it was decided that the sequel was a much better film and would be a more successful opening for the franchise. As a result, Cannon simply switched titles and release dates so the first planned sequel was released and the first film planned to be released as a prequel. This was followed by another sequel, Braddock: Missing in Action III, featuring the same characters, but in a stand-alone scenario.

Ten years before releasing US prisoners of war from a brutal general, Colonel James Braddock (played by Chuck Norris) was held in a North Vietnamese POW camp run by Sadistic Colonel Yin (played by Soon-Teck Oh), forcing prisoners of war to plant opium for a French drug runner named François (played by Pierre Issot), and tries to get Braddock to confess and sign a long list of war crimes.

During his team’s time in captivity, they endured various forms of humiliating torture, and Braddock was told that his wife had left him and remarried. Frankie, another US POW, starts to suffer from malaria, and Braddock is swapping a guilty plea to Yin war crimes charges over a drug for an infected soldier.

David Chung In Out of Bounds

Out of Bounds has the lead role of Anthony Michael Hall, a fine young actor. At the beginning of the film, he still looks like an uncertain teenager, but at the end of Out of Bounds, he will transform into one of the Hollywood action heroes assembly line, able to outsmart the police and shoot down drug dealers and survive the chase on the side of a tall building. This film is actually almost a story of his metamorphosis, from a beloved young actor to a faceless action hero. In this film, David Chung plays the role of the detective.

Out of Bounds tells the story of how a simple farmer boy from Iowa moves to Los Angeles and is immediately caught in the crossfire between the police and a bad drug dealer. She falls in love with a punk waitress from Barney’s Beanery after she passes him on a plane.

The film starts with a series of earnest and unnecessary scenes where his father sells the farm, his parents separate and he leaves to live with his brother in Los Angeles. Considering how much of a highly improbable thing would have happened in this film, it’s kind of funny how careful they were to explain why he lost track of her parents. Dad went fishing and mom gave him the wrong phone numbers for his friends in Missouri. That’s why we understand why he didn’t call them for advice after he picked up a flight bag with several million dollars in heroin in it.

If that kind of plot twist sounds like even trivial work, this whole film will be a long experience of frustration. There’s almost nothing to lie to – certainly not the scene where the kid is alone and without friends in L.A. so he went to a restaurant to find the girl he met on the plane. She is a servant named Dizz. He tells her his life is in danger and he needs her help right now. He put down the burger plate and walked out of work to help him. No sane person wants help from that madman.

This film develops into a thriller with a triangle formed by sadistic children, police, and drug dealers. It was one of those thrillers with Idiot Plot – the kind of plot where even an idiot should be able to figure out everything instantly. Much depends on the police who think the child is a murderer, but anyone in the audience can tell in seconds how the child can clean himself up. Only the child couldn’t. Neither can the police, which take days or even weeks to run a simple fingerprint test. The climax of the film is a chase and gunfight high above the crumbling old Art Deco high-rise on the Sunset Strip.

David Chung In Walker

Walker is played within the film by that fine performing artist, Ed Harris who played as the lead role named William Walker, who is really absorbed the character and script very well, the course and certainly by the operator who arranged his nearness in this tragedy.

Another on-screen character who needs a unused operator is Marlee Matlin who played as Ellen Martin, a final year’s Foundation Grant champ for best performing artist with a part that’s a disparaging tragedy that was revelead in this movie. Playing Walker’s hard of hearing spouse (deaf), she utilizes sign dialect to create such articulations some time recently she passes on, fantastically, at the conclusion of the primary reel.

The story takes location in Nicaragua within the age of the thief aristocrats and freely concerns the endeavors of Cornelius Vanderbilt and his partners to create Central America secure for plundering. Their plans incorporate the bolster of William Walker, an American officer of fortune who is expended with ideas of his own significance and who accepts himself impenetrable indeed within the center of fight. He does in fact survive a few horrendous gunfights, in spite of the fact that the motion picture makes him such a reptilian character that we would shoot him ourselves, in case we may.

Beside that, David Chung also takes part for being a role named Lui in this movie. Other supporting casts are also came from many popular actor and actress in Hollywood, such as Richard Masur as EG Squier, René Auberjonois as Major Siegfried Henningson, Keith Szarabajka as Timothy Crocker, Sy Richardson as Captain Hornsby, Xander Berkeley as Byron Cole, John Diehl as Stebbins, Peter Boyle as Cornelius Vanderbilt, Alfonso Arau as Gaston de Raousset-Boulbon, Pedro Armendáriz, Jr. as Muñoz, Gerrit Graham as Norvell Walker, William O’Leary as James Walker, Blanca Guerra as Doña Yrena, Miguel Sandoval as Parker French, Rick Barker as Breckenridge and many more.

David Chung In Criminal Act

Another film starring David Chung is a horror, thriller and crime film that is very thick with scenes from the 80s era. The film is also a fictional film that tells of several fictional characters such as giants or monsters who live in a city sewer system. There, detectives will investigate the case which is believed to be very disturbing by the local residents and find out what creatures actually live in the tunnel.

David Chung in this film acts as a sailor who is a supporting cast. Beside that, several famous Hollywood actors and actors also appeared as the lead roles in Criminal Act, such as Catherine Bach, Charlene Dallas, Nicholas Guest, John Saxon, Vic Tayback, Cork Hubbert, Victor Brandt, Luis Avalos, Ray Tillotson, Rick Zumwalt, Syd Beard, Barbara Lusch, Scott McKay, Ron Merkin, Volker and many more.

David Chung In The Ballad of Little Jo

The Ballad of Little Jo is a film released in 1993 based on many true stories. The story begins with a woman who can drive and run a farm, she is accepted as a man even in the face of other evidence. At one point in the film, Jo, played by actress Suzy Amis, is sharply referred to as a ‘dude’, which in context seems to suggest he is considered a homosexual.

There is even the slightest hint that Frank Badger, played by actor Bo Hopkins, might think Tinman Wong, played by actor David Chung, suits him, but in a way that Badger could not have imagined.

After passing through the harsh way of life in The Old West, Little Jo one day when he finds the bait of a Chinese man, Tinman Wong, played by David Chung and employed by Badger as a cook and laborer.

The Ballad of Little Jo is based on the background of The Old West which has the characteristics of a bad place because it is synonymous with violence, dirty, malnourished, full of disease, cursed with alcoholism and venereal disease, and full of human varmits and vice versa. It was not a place for a woman who would end up as a prostitute in that place.

The main character of The Ballad of Little Jo is Suzy Amis who plays an easy woman who is kicked out by her angry family after giving birth outside of marriage, Little Jo has fled to the West like many before her. But her dress, hat and parasol were like red flags to cowboys along the way, no one could guess that her profession was a police officer. Little Jo is abused and takes a ride from a stranger and finds himself sold into slavery. While running away, he realized there was only one way for him. He walked into the shop and bought some men’s clothes, and from then on, Josephine was a man named Jo.

David Chung In Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day

Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day is a film released in 1996 directed by Christopher Münch and produced by Andrea Sperling. The film tells the story of a Chinese-American during World War II in California. The film also won an award from the 1996 Sundance Film Festival and one of the lead actors who appeared in the film, Rob Sweeney won the Cinematography Awards and also the director of the film who was nominated for several other awards.

Color of a Brisk and Leaping Day stars several famous Hollywood actors and actresses, such as Jeri Arredondo, Henry Gibson, Michael Stipe, Diana Larkin, Alexandra Bokyun Chun, John Diehl, Peter Alexander, Joan Newmark and David Chung.

David Chung plays a character who is quite crucial in this film as Mr. Lee, who has 23-year-old Chinese-American descent and was in Los Angeles at the end of World War II and was tasked with repairing trolley cars, broke up with his girlfriend and family because of his unwavering determination to revive service at YVR and work to improve railroad tracks. very much had a big share during World War II as transportation and other means.

David Chung In Paradise Road

Paradise Road is a film released in 1997 with stories from American, Dutch and English which brought in female prisoners from Japan and was hidden in Sumatra Island, Indonesia, during World War II. This film has a fairly heavy genre because it is still related to history and wars in the past. Paradise Road tells the story of a group of women who were held in a Japanese internment camp during most of World War II and tells of one person who survived and managed to escape from there.

The film begins at the Raffles Hotel in Singapore in 1942, with an elegant dinner dance. A warning arrives that Japanese troops will take the city. The woman and several children were rushed to a transport ship, which was attacked a few days later by a Japanese plane. Float rafts float ashore in Sumatra, where survivors are taken to prisoner of war camps, there to spend the rest of the war.

It is possible that in this material the story contains more drama. The women are offered an alternative to prison camps: If they volunteer to become prostitutes and please Japanese officials, they can stay in hotels with clean sheets, hot food and evening dancing.

On Paradise Road, David Chung acted as an interpreter who translated Japanese into several women who were detained there. Due to the language barrier, they naturally needed a third person to translate if they needed anything and David Chung took the supporting role on Paradise Road.

David Chung In Cold Night Into Dawn

In 1997, David Chung again appeared as one of the actors in a film called Cold Night Into Dawn. The film directed by Serge Rodnunsky tells the story of an FBI agent named Frank Parr (played by Michael Ironside) experiencing the worst times of his career because his friend at the FBI agent recently retired and his personal life that was recently divorced by his wife. One day, Parr investigates a robbery at a gun shop by a paramilitary gang.

With the coordination of Parr and his new colleague named Molly Sinclair (played by Kawena Charlot), they managed to find clues to create a riot in Chicago. The main suspect in the case turned out to be a Vietnamese immigrant who had experience as a weapons researcher and had a grudge against the United States. It can be seen that one of the cast of Vietnamese immigrants in Cold Night Into Dawn is David Chung who plays the role of someone named Huang. The mission of the FBI agents in this film is to find out who is the main suspect in this horrendous case across the city of Chicago.

David Chung In Rave

Rave is a film that was directed by Ronald Krauss released in 2000 starring various Hollywood stars such as Efren Ramirez, Douglas France, Aimee Graham, Nicholle Tom, Dante Basco, Franco Vega and many more. In this film, David Chung plays a supporting actor named Sung-Un who is a South Korean citizen.

The main story plot in this film is about 6 teenagers who are looking for a new atmosphere in the middle of the city. One day, this teenager is trapped in one of the dark and wild sides of Los Angeles that they don’t know about. Each of these teenagers shows their character with their own style as well as the background of their stories who come from different cultures and races.

David Chung In Falling Like This

David Chung made his appearance in the latest movie that was released on 2001 titled Falling Like This and served as Officer at Station, Dead End. This film tells the story of a charming, vulnerable, and prevalent naughty teenager whose love almost thwarts the life of a middle-class teenage girl. The two main characters in this film are Boyd L. Lockhart (played by Brian Vaugha) and Katie Gallagher (played by Megan Wilson. Falling Like This has a story theme about youthful rebellion, adult responsibility, and the redeeming power of love elegantly woven. into this dreamlike film.

David Chung Marriage

David Chung is married to an American woman named Colleen Chung. The actor who is famous through his appearance from The Ballad of Little Jo married Colleen Chung on November 25, 2003.

David Chung Death

David Chung died of cancer. News of the death of David Chung has been known to many people, including his family and closest relatives, but this was sudden due to a congenital illness he had experienced. David Chung died in Topanga, California, USA, on April 14, 2006. David Chung died at the age of 57 and left Colleen Chung who was the wife he had married since November 2003.

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