Facts and Details About Dating Scandal of PENTAGON Members That You Need to Know!


Hui and (G)-IDLE’s Soo Jin


Third, in the same month of August 2018 is Pentagon member Hui, who was reportedly also dating a member of the girl group (G-)IDLE, Soo Jin. With the release of this news, it made the public more shocked. They were wondering how is it possible that three members of the same CUBE Entertainment boy band could be involved in dating scandals in practically the same day. A source from CUBE Entertainment said, “After checking with them we found out that the pair had already split up.”

The fans were also quick to notice the shoes and handbag Soo Jin was carrying. It’s true, at that time, Hui and Soo Jin were dating, but after being confirmed again they had already split up.

Agency Responds and Clarifications


As of August 2018, it has not been easy for CUBE Entertainment. CUBE Entertainment must provide clarification regarding the three Pentagon members who are dating female idols. E’Dawn is dating HyunA, Yuto is dating Ye Eun, and Hui is dating Soo Jin.

Reporting from Soompi, the official statement by Cube Entertainment began with, “First, we want to apologize to the many fans who have been hurt. There was a communication looking into the dating rumors between E’Dawn and HyunA that were reported on August 2nd, which led to incorrect information being published for which we sincerely apologize. We would be grateful if people would watch over the relationship between these two honest people with warmth and affection.”

They then went on to address the dating rumors between Hui and Soo Jin, as well as Ye Eun and Yuto. The agency said, “Regarding the dating rumors between Hui and Soo Jin that were reported on August 3rd, we have confirmed this report from our official statement earlier today. Also, Ye Eun and Yuto are simply close friends and colleagues who have been friends since before they debuted as both are the rappers in their respective groups.” They added, “Cube Entertainment artists maintain a friendly relationship from their time as trainees, and they always fully support each other as close colleagues.”

Finally, Cube concluded by stating, “We have made a statement about our artists. We sincerely apologize for causing concern to all the fans who love Cube Entertainment’s artists. Thank you.”

PENTAGON’s State of Popularity


Due to the scandals that befell the three Pentagon members, Pentagon’s name is increasingly sought and their popularity is increasing as quickly as the scandals. Many people have found out about Pentagon. Many netizens also commented on the scandal that befell E’Dawn, Yuto, and Hui. Some commented, “Can you guys please not hurt the other members with your dating news,” “Pentagon Mmm bye,” “They don’t prevent idols from dating even though they’re rookies,” “This makes me disappointed, your start can come when you are somewhat established you know, but if you are a fresh rookie, then,” “Caution flew out the window. Wow, so they get to date comfortably while making money,” “I was getting super into Pentagon lately but I’m so disappointed now.”

Latest News About PENTAGON


After E’Dawn decided to leave Pentagon in October 2018, the band remained with Jinho, Hui, Hongseok, Shinwon, Yeo One, Yan An, Yuto, Kino, and Wooseok. In July 2019, they released their eighth mini-album Genie:us, which consists of six songs, and marks their first album release since E’Dawn left the group last year. Cube Entertainment, the boy band’s agency, confirmed the news in a statement to the Korean media, saying, “PENTAGON is making a comeback in mid-July.”

Well, what do you think about their comeback? Please give a lot of love and support to Pentagon!