All About Hot Rumor Kim Jong-kook’s Girlfriend and His Relationship Between Song Ji-hyo


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Kim Jong-kook’s Love Live Rumor and His Relationship Between Other Celebrity

Making his debut as a singer with all the boy-group Turbo at 1995,” Kim Jong-kook (born April 25, 1976) became the very popular idol of the moment. Even the duo disbanded in 2000, providing his the chance to begin a solo career.

Kim Jong-kook’s popularity became global after he shot a job among the primary cast in SBS’s collection show Running Person. Included in this permanent cast, occasionally he has paired with a feminine guest or female cast member to get specific episodes or challenges.


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Because of this, Kim Jong-kook is obviously being said to have good chemistry with another or one of these spouses. He could be known as a’Ahjussi’. His handsome sexiness cannot be refused, therefore people like to fit him with a few stunning South Korean female stars.

Within the following article, we’ll discuss his intriguing love-live with Song Ji-hyo along with the fact of Kim Jong-kook’s true love life.

Kim Jong-kook’s Dating with Lady Song Ji-hyo?


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The principal cast of Running Man is such as family, therefore it is not surprising if relationship rumors spread one of them. A couple of months before, Running Man members were interested in if Song Ji-hyo, ” a South Korean actress, along with Kim Jong-kook needed a particular connection.

Their fascination showed when they had been talking the movie content for Running Person’s warning statement regarding the era warning. Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo appeared very concerted, protecting each other thoughts. In the preceding episode, HaHa inquired if Kim Jong-kook and Song Ji-hyo had a connection previously. Ji Suk-jin, that did not think that it, bet all his money they were not going together.

Seeing this relationship growing, Ji Suk-jin began to fear he could lose his wager. A lot of people stated this is a connection being made from the manufacturing Manager (PD) to improve Running Individual ‘s evaluations, but the PD,” Jung Chul-min, stated it had been true that they had been heading out, but also the show’s employees never requested them to earn a fake romance story.”


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When there was something questionable, we only wished to list the member’s response,” explained the PD. We could conclude their closeness is actual, but they are not supported to be a relationship and are only ordinary close pals.

About the My Ugly Duckling collection series, Song Ji-hyo stated that she loved Kim Jong-kook enjoy her own brother. She could not have a connection with someone else worked with. It was really sad, since Kim Jong-kook’s mommy already gave her blessing.

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