Details of Relationship and Dating Between Luhan with Guan Xiaotong, Will They Get Married?

Learn More About The Phenomenal Couple Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong

Luhan is Chinese singer and actor. He was debuted with the South Korean-Chinese boy-band EXO and left the group in October, 2014. Guan Xiaotong is Chinese actress, she is known as the Nation’s Daughter in China. They officially announced that they have a special relationship on October 8, 2017. It started when they were shooting a Chinese television show together, called Sweet Combat. Let’s read more about their relationship below!

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong’s Marriage Rumors

Rumors have developed that Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong would be taking the next step, which is marriage. Before that, Luhan revealed their relationship on Weibo, the Chinese social media site, he stated “Hello everyone, let me introduce my girlfriend @GuanXiaoTong.” Many fans has shared this news by uploading their loving photo.

Later on, there was a jewelry employee who shared a photo of Luhan buying a ring in the shop. Some people assumed that this ex-member of boy-band EXO intends to marry his girlfriend, Guan Xiaotong. The news become viral and the rumored event seems likely since Luhan’s parents also expected him to be married by his current age, 27.

Lu Han and Guan Xiaotong’s Rumored to Have Broken up

After Luhan announced his relationship to Guan Xiaotong, a week later there was another rumor, this time about their breakup. When Luhan posted his relationship statement in Weibo, Chinese social media crashed with more than 4.8 million likes and 2.3 million comments.

Some shocked comments came from Wang Sicong, the son of China’s wealthiest man, Wang Jianlin. He said that their relationship would end soon, within the a year. Wang reported in allkpop site saying, “Luhan has a complicated private life. He’ll most likely break up with Guan Xiaotong within half a year. Watch him.

This phenomenon of short relationships in celebrity life is common everywhere, including in China.

Guan Xiaotong’s Mother Opposed Marriage to Luhan

The media has posted that Guan Xiaotong’s mother disapproved of her daughter marrying Luhan. Her mother opposed a marriage with Luhan since she had her own requirements for any candidate to become son in law. The requirements were that he must have a sense of responsibility, be naturally handsome with no plastic surgery, and he cannot seem feminine.  She is also expecting Guan, who born on 1997, to marry an older man when she is at least 28 years old.

This rule has been strong against Luhan, since he has had plastic surgery and is part of  EXO, which has a “flower boy” image. So, many media outlets have said it may be hard to make way to marriage for Luhan.

Guan Xiaotong Rumored to be Pregnant


The marriage issue has not stopped their relationship. Still more rumors started ciruclating, this time saying Guan Xiaotong was pregnant with Luhan. This news is about their very private life, but since Lu Han uploaded the statement about his relationship to Guan, many eyes are watching them, everywhere.

That’s why the pregnancy rumor came up. However, Guan and her agency have firmly denied the pregnancy rumor. Guan Xiaotong’s agency reportedly created a new Weibo account, called the Guan Xiaotong Rumor Refutal Site, and released a short statement about this, saying, “Not pregnant! A wise man does not believe in rumors. Not giving any time of day to rumors,” this cited via Koreaboo.

Recently, Guan uploaded pictures where she was climbing a mountain, showing her on the top of the hill with her captions stating, “The world is big and innocence is beautiful.” This photo has denied the speculation about her pregnancy.

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