CROSS GENE’s Takuya Terada’s Personal Life! (Sister, Ideal Type of Girl, and Appearance on Abnormal Summit)


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Get Closer With CROSS GENE’s Takuya Terada Personal Life

Terada Takuya, or Takuya, is a celebrity, model, and also the only Japanese member of five-star boy band”CROSS GENE” beneath Amuse Korea Entertainment (Branch of Japanese Entertaiment Tag Amuse, Inc.). He hailed as an idol with all the boy band, CROSS GENE, on June 7, 2012, because of the vocalist and called the”Gorgeous Gene”. Takuya is regarded as the very first CROSS GENE pioneer, but he removed himself from becoming the chief after one of their first initial manhood, J.G, abandoned the band.

This time, Byeol Korea will explain his personal life especially his sister, ideal type, and his Appearance on Abnormal Summit.

Who is Takuya Terada’s Sister?


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About JBTC’s”Abnormal Summit” that aired on Monday 24, 2014, Takuya shared with everybody he has two younger sisters. He spoke about his initial younger sister, stating she’s 21 and resembles him if she cried.

Her title is Momoka. Along with also the youngest sister is far younger than him was born about 2003. Takuya also stated that he’s got a sister complicated, so he overprotects his own sisters.

Can You Guess Ideal Type of Girl From Terada Takuya?


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Takuya was interviewed several times because he surfaced as an idol at South Korea. He stated he does not like Korean women very much since they have a tendency to be so directly. But his answers regarding his perfect types is constantly changing year by year! Let us see the ranges of the replies under:

  • He stated about his perfect kind:”Someone that is fairly when they grin. The folks whom I’ve met have been similar to that too. ” – (Naver: Star News 2014)
  • About the chat show, he stated that his perfect kind is“A woman who seems really type but cigarettes or seems like a poor girl but enjoys dogs. I like a woman with that type of unexpected side” – (JTBC’s’Witch Hunt’, May 22, 2015)
  • a person who’s conscious of her environment “. – ((x)clusive! ) : Writer with CROSS GENE, June 2016)
  • He believes a woman with a wonderful smile is great. – (K-Pop! ) Today Radio Interview)

He also explained about his relationship fashion too. He explained that his design is quite free and non clingy since he’s the sort of man who can not date at the standard or normal manner. He doesn’t like to stay in touch frequently and if he is dating, he favors being separate. However, for him “Love is like passion. Like passion, love is hot and gives you an advantage. In the event the fire expires, then electricity expires too”.

Takuya Terada Good Appearance on Abnormal Summit


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Non-Summit (Hangul: 비정상회담; RR: Bijeongsanghoedam), known as”Abnormal Summit”, is a South Korean television program which includes a board of non-Korean guys, residing in South Korea, that disagreement on different subjects and”Korean civilization throughout the eyes of a foreigner,” at a talk show format, at the Korean language.

Takuya is popularly referred to as the former Japanese Representative with this series in 2014 since the cast that was fixed. Takuya was received by Korean crowds and got the nickname Mr. 섬섬옥수 (seomseom ogsu) because of his appealing hands. He took on sensitive issues and was not reluctant to talk about his ideas, representing the nation of Japan.

Together with the show’s unexpected prevalence, Takuya also experienced a rise in popularity. Takuya had a large role in the series, but sadly he left from the series after his appearance 52nd incident and afterward got substituted by a different Japanese agent, NCT’s Yuta (he was still an aide beneath SM Entertainment in that time).

That’s All About CROSS GENE’s Takuya Terada’s Personal Life! (Sister, Ideal Type of Girl, and Appearance on Abnormal Summit). I hope you get more information about your idol and korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.