All Controversies About Stardom Entertainment That You Don’t Know!


WINNER’s Mino Dissing Stardom Entertainment on Show Me the Money 4

Stardom Entertainment

Mino’s appearance in Show Me The Money 4 or in the rapper competition has become a byword among netizens, because of his extraordinary rap abilities and lyrics. Even before he started performing in the second round, Mino had become a jury contention.

Before the show, Jay Park was so interested and persuaded that Mino would be in his team. But, Mino wants in Block B’s Zico and Palatto team. In his rap lyrics, Mino briefly offended his ex-agency Stardom Entertainment, precisely before he entered in YG Entertainment.

The lyrics that he offends the former agency reads “But one thing pisses me off, journalists compare me with unknown rapper, Topp Dogg, EvoL, Kidoh, Candle, Yano, Shiho. It makes some hot. PD-hyung and Rhymer-hyung let me go, and now they suffer.”

Suddenly, Mino’s appearance received a lively welcome from the jury and other participants. They said that Mino brought good lyrics and had charisma as a rapper. And netizens suspect that Cho PD replied to Mino’s innuendo in his tweet. Cho PD expressed his opinion on the SMTM program by writing tweer “SMTM is so cliche, and old school is tacky.”

Founder of Stardom Entertainment, Cho PD, Found Guilty for Fraud

Stardom Entertainment

Cho PD is the founder of Stardom Entertainment. On November 23, 2016, the Seoul Central District Court sentenced him for a 2-year suspended sentenced and Cho PD’s trial for fraud. He will be sentenced 2 years for forced labor if he violates his probation.

this is started in July 2015, Cho PD sign the contract to transfer the assets and agencies, Stardom Entertainment, to a company identified as A Cho PD, and also agreed to work for ‘A’ company for 5 years and demanded that he be compensated for a total of 12 billion KRW (11 million USD), which is amount that he claims has been used in investment for the artists. Cho PD also claims that he failed to receive benefits from artists under Stardom Entertainment. However, ‘A’ company found out that Cho PD didn’t tell them about the 270 million KRW (238, 000 USD) profits he got from his Japanese concert artist in May 2014, when he was sued for fraud.

Acquired by Hunus Entertainment

Hunus Entertainment is a Korean hip-hop record label company. It was created in September 2009 when Rhymer’s Brand New Production merged with Cho PD. In September 2011, Rhymer moved to New Music Entertainment, and Cho PD become the company’s CEO.

In 2012, they changed their name from Brand New Stardom to Stardom Entertainment or STARDOM. In July 2015, Hunus Entertainment acquired the company. This happened because Cho PD had a fraud case and was given a suspended sentenced for 2 years in prison.

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