Cute Compilation List of Video BTS Taehyung Eating That You Need to Watch!


Taehyung Eating Watermelon

Watermelon is a great fresh fruit, especially when you eat it during the summer. Here is Taehyung enjoying this fresh and juicy fruit, watermelon.

Posing with a watermelon rind after he ate all the fruit:

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v

On one of their Vlives, Tarhyung was seen to eat some watermelon.

bts kim taehyung v

An iconic moment from one of the episodes of Run! BTS on Vlive, where Taehyung asked Namjoon for his watermelon to take a little bite from it. But he instead, took a super-big bite, which was about half the piece of melon. Seeing this, Namjoon froze in place, just staring at Taehyung.

Check out the funny moment here:

Taehyung Eating Cake

This is when Taehyung and Kim Minjae joined a reality show together. Both of them played at the park at night. At the time, they also ate some cake. But during that time, V shocked ARMYs with how he was able to take one bite of a big piece of cake in his mouth.

Just take a look at the short video below:

And this one is during his birthday celebration, backstage during a year-end award show back in 2017.

bts kim taehyung v

Taehyung Eating Spicy Food

For your information, Taehyung doesn’t like spicy food at all, but sometimes he still tries to eat it. Here is a brief compilation:

Taehyung eating onions

Taehyung Eating Onions

Did you ever try raw onion before? Well, our Taehyung tried a raw onion before. Let’s check out his reaction!

During American Hustle Life, the maknae line did a challange. if one of them lost, they had to eat a raw onion. Here is the clip for you guys:

One of the RUN! BTS Behind the Scene episodes, Taehyung was caught eating a raw onion.

Taehyung Eating a Banana

Here is a compilation where Taehyung enjoys his banana:

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v

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