Cute Compilation List of Video BTS Taehyung Eating That You Need to Watch!


[BTS LIVE: 김태형과 함께하는 고민상담소]

In 2017, after finishing their Love Yourself Tour, Taehyung did a solo broadcast on Vlive. He ate some hamburger deliciously, while reading the fans comments. Let’s take a look at the screenshot below!

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v

In this Vlive, Taehyung also told a sad story about himself. He once was a victim of bullying when he was in school. He also scolded one of the ARMYS, because he addressed him informally, while the fans are much younger than him.

Take a look at the short clip from his Vlive below, and for the longer version you can watch it officialy on the Vlive app or website.

In 2016, Taehyung did a Vlive solo broadcast. With a white bathing cloth and fresh, bare face, he enjoys some pudding while interacting happily with ARMYs.

bts kim taehyung v
bts kim taehyung v

Take a look at the video of him eating the pudding below:

In the same year, around November, V did a Vlive with Jimin at the first, but at the end he was alone. While playing with the Vapp filter, Taehyung enjoyed his evening snack, which was pudding. Take a look at the short video cut below:

bts kim taehyung v

Compilation of Taehyung Eating

Here are some adorable compilations of Taehyung enjoying meals and snacks on different kinds of shows. Enjoy, and try not to get hungry, dear ARMYs!

Taehyung Eating Chicken

Who likes chicken? Well i guess most people in this world love it, and here are some moments where Taehyung eats some chicken.

Taehyung and Jungkook eating their chicken, not bothering their chaotic hyung.

Eating together with Jin and Jimin on EATJIN, in the backstage waiting room. This was during WINGS era in 2016.

bts kim taehyung v

Taehyung ASMR edition for a fried chicken commercial, don’t forget to use your headphones if you want to hear the video!

A chicken party backstage during the IDOL era:

One of BTS’s chicken commercials back in 2016, where they promote ‘Olivia Mara Hot Chicken’.

bts kim taehyung v

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