Full Compilation Video of Dancing GFRIEND SinB That You Don’t Know!

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Meet SinB, GFriend’s Dancing Machine

Hwang Eun-bi (황은비), or also known as SinB (신비), is the main dancer of the group GFriend, or also called Yeoja Chingu (여자친구), which is one of the most popular girl groups in South Korea. This woman, who was born in 1998, attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul, majoring in dance, together with Umji, and graduated on February 7th, 2017.

Besides being the main dancer, she is also the vocalist and the center of the group. Her dancing abilities are undoubted, especially her expression when she starts dancing. She really can change her expression when the music starts, and she can control her emotions well when she is dancing.

So, are you curious about SinB’s dancing skills? Stay tuned and let’s get started!

Skillful Since Pre-Debut

sinb gfriend

Before she joined Source Music Label and debuted with GFriend, SinB and another GFriend member, Eunha, used to be Big Hit Entertainment trainees for 4 years, before Big Hit cut their female trainees.

According to other trainees, SinB had already been well-known for her dancing skills. Here are some compilations of her dancing before she debuted with GFriend.

The video above shows SinB’s pre-debut dancing of when she attended the Beat On Pop Dance Studio Academy. As you can see, SinB’s dancing skills had already been well-developed even before her official debut, especially her freestyle dance. She dances powerfully in any style of dance, and she achieves perfect scores additionally with her expression and her confidence.

And here is a short video of her right before she debuted as a member of GFriend. SinB and Umji do the freestyle on the song “Lil Mama” by G-Slide.

During GFRIEND’s Performance and Dance Break

Here are some fancam compilations of SinB’s performances:

From the fancam of SinB’s performances, it is quite evident that SinB is rightfully called the main dancer of GFriend. From her performance of “Navillera” to the latest one of “Fever,” she has been continually demonstrating her progress in dancing. Netizens said that SinB can make the difficult choreography look easy and pleasant to enjoy.

And here are some dance break compilations of GFriend; many people have said that GFriend has the best dance breaks ever among all the girl groups. And look how SinB is killing the dance break.


Perfect Dance Cover

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On several occasions, SinB had an opportunity to do dance cover collaborations with several dancers from other girl groups. On December 29th, 2016, SinB and another 4 members of girl groups performed at the year-end music festival at the KBS titled Gayo Daechukje 2016.

The 4 members are Seulgi from Red Velvet, Momo from TWICE, Youjung ex-IOI (now Weki-Meki) and Chungha ex-IOI (now a solo artist). They covered “Be Mine” from the boy group INFINITE. Although it’s a boy group song, their performance of the song was great.

When performing this song, the five of them showed their “girl crush” side that had never been seen by fans before. Especially SinB, because her group is mostly using cute and innocent concepts.

And the video above is proof that SinB can keep up with the main dancers from other famous girl groups from well-known agencies.

And the recent one, on June 15th, 2019, M2’s Studio CHOOM uploaded on its YouTube channel “Sweet but Psycho” by Ava Max’s dance cover delivered by SinB and 1MILLION dancer Mina Myung. With a pinkish background, they both performed powerful dance movements.

On M2’s Studio description box, it said, “One artwork was born. GFriend’s SinB X 1MILLION’s Mina “COVERS.” Really, is it not the strongest in the universe?”

Best At Freestyle Dance Performance

sinb gfriend

Not only good at GFriend’s choreography, but she is also good at freestyle dance. As you can see from the several videos below, at every variety show, once again, SinB has shown her talent.

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