All Complete Comparison Between EXO vs BTS (Vocal, Rap, Dance, Visual, Acting, and Album Sales)


EXO VS BTS: Album Sales


Well, this is one of the most important points of the whole comparison. The album sales of BTS and EXO! Since the two of them are the two biggest boy bands in the K-Pop industry, of course, they have successfully sold the entire album that has been released, and their fans have given them support for their album!

And also, both EXO’s and BTS’ songs have been on the top ranking on a lot of music charts, especially when they were performing on the live stage! So, let’s discuss their album sales and chart songs!

BTS’ Album Sales

Recently, BTS released the last of their albums. They have so far released many albums, namely Dark & Wild, Wings, Love Yourself: Tear, Wake Up, Youth, Face Yourself, Love Yourself: HerLove Yourself: Answer, and many more! Their albums so far have a lot of good appreciation from K-Pop’s music lovers, and even from the non-K-Pop fans.


And surprisingly, BTS has made the big achievement as the second highest album sales in America in 2018 with the album Love Yourself: Tear and Love Yourself: Answer! Both of their albums hit the Billboard 200. And also, Love Yourself: Answer was the best-selling album in South Korea with more than 2,3 million copies sold!

EXO’s Album Sales

Then, what about EXO? Recently, EXO released their latest album, among the many they have released so far, such as XOXO, EXODUS, EX’ACT, Mama, Overdose, The WarDon’t Mess Up My Tempo, and many more! Their recent album, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo was the world best-selling album and holds the top global chart with such a massive sales! At that time, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo had reached 1,2 million copies sold and still has a pretty good sale!


Not only that, but the album also reached the top 40 on Billboard 200! And yes, EXO became the 3rd K-Pop group who reached the Billboard 200, after BTS and BLACKPINK!

EXO VS BTS: Concept


Next, we’re going to talk about their concept during their comeback! Obviously, both EXO and BTS have differences between each other, whether it is the concept, the style, the meaning, and many more!

Since they have had a lot of comebacks, we’re going to talk about their most recent comeback! BTS with Love Yourself: Answer, and EXO with Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. So, let’s jump right into the discussion about their concept!

BTS’ Concept

Like we said in the first place, BTS recently made a comeback with the album Love Yourself: Answer. And as usual, BigHit Entertainment released a teaser for their comeback. One of the unique concepts from the teaser was the Marionette and music box concept.


Turns out, the concept was, in fact, a spoiler of BTS’ Fake Love’s dance choreography, previously! In one of the dance moves, it looked like BTS’ members were moving with a rope, and there’s also a scene where BTS members are dancing like dolls in a music box.


EXO’s Concept

Not only BTS, but EXO also has their attractiveness during their most recent comeback, Don’t Mess Up My Tempo! SM Entertainment, their agency, also released some of the teasers for EXO’s comeback.


EXO made a comeback with a concept full of mystery and puzzles. In their teaser, we could see that EXO members are wearing streetwear just like street racers! Just like the title, EXO has accentuated the bikers concept for Don’t Mess Up My Tempo. And also, in the teaser we could see the mysterious statement on their official comeback poster:


“Speed loving bikers enter the fragment of frozen time as they log into the red cube. Solving the given puzzle is the only route for all to escape. However, the bikers are unable to resist the temptation and re-enter the cube.”

EXO VS BTS: Fandom


When it comes to fandom between EXO and BTS, there’s a lot of speculation and conversations about this! Both EXO and BTS have such a big fandom, whether it is among the K-Pop fans or international fans! But unfortunately, both of their fans are often involved in a fan-war, they were defended each of their idol groups, and still compare them with each other, which really isn’t good and it has turned into something very negative.

Actually, both EXO and BTS had their unique attractiveness and style. It’s very common for people to compare them, but it is bad if the people are insulting each other. EXO and BTS have names for their respective fandoms, such as EXO with EXO-L and BTS with ARMY. Both EXO-L and ARMY are the best and biggest fans in the world since they are expanding not only in South Korea, but also throughout other countries all around the world!

Then, what about the fandom award? EXO-L and ARMY have often won an award as the biggest fandom award, and have defeated other fandoms. And in 2018, ARMYs won the Choice Fandom at the Teen Choice Awards!



So, for your information, ARMY is the name of BTS’ fandom, it was confirmed in 2013 and stands as the shortest for Adorable Representative M.C For Youth. The “M.C” word has the meaning as a rapper for the younger generation, and also as the terminology for the hip-hop’s music for a rapper. BigHit Entertainment, BTS’ agency, also revealed that the ARMY Day is celebrated on October 1st, every year.



Basically, EXO’s fandom is EXO-L. So, what’s the meaning of EXO-L? EXO-L was confirmed as the name of EXO’s fandom in 2014! The letter “L in EXO-L has the meaning of LOVE, which means that EXO’s members love their fans. And also, the letter L is in the middle, between K and M in the alphabet, just like the EXO’s other sub-units, EXO-K and EXO-M, which means that EXO-L will always be surrounded by EXO.

EXO and BTS’ Friendship


After we have compared all of the components between BTS and EXO, what about their actual relationship in real life? Well, they have had good friendships among them in real life, even though sometimes fans of EXO and BTS are involved in arguments to decide which one of them is the biggest boy band in the K-Pop industry.

On some occasions, we can see the signs of their good relationship between themselves and their good friendship. They have also shown to the public that they are fans of each other, fanboying over each other. Such is the case of EXO’s Chanyeol and EXO’s Sehun’s approval of BTS’ J-Hope and BTS’ Jin’s dancing skills at the 2014 MAMA.

Even EXO’s Kai and BTS’ Jimin were in the same squad! They had their own squad together with HOTSHOT’s Timoteo and Sungwoon, and also they had a matching jacket! What nice friendship goals, right?

That’s All Complete Comparison Between EXO vs BTS (Vocal, Rap, Dance, Visual, Acting, and Album Sales). I hope you get more information about your idol and Korean entertainment. There are a lot of more information about it in Byeol Korea. So, don’t miss it! If you have some questions or want to add additional information please put the comment below.