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Jang Do-yeon

Comedian With Many Charm Jang Do-yeon.

Jang Do-yeon is a South Korean comedian, who is also active as an MC and television personality. She also made several special appearances on television dramas. Do you want to know more about Jang Do-yeon? Let’s check it out with Byeol Korea!


Jang Do-yeon Full Profile

Jang Do-yeon

Birth Name: Jang Do Yeon (장도연)

Birthday: March 10, 1985

Origin: Younggwang County, South Jeolla Province, South Korea

Nationality: South Korean

Zodiac Sign: Pisces

Height: 174 cm (5’8”)

Blood Type: A

Education: Kyung-hee University, College of Art and Design

Year Active: 2006 – present

Agency: KOEN Group

Marital Status: Single

Genre: Observational, Sketch, Wit, Parody, Slapstick, Dramatic, Sitcom

Medium: Stand-up comedy, Television comedy


Jang Do-yeon on Running Man

Jang Do-yeon has appeared on Running Man for five times so far. It was episodes 244, 323, 347–348, 419.

In episodes 244, she appeared on the show alongside Choa (active as AOA member), Jessi (active as Lucky J member), actress Kim Yoo-ri and actress Seo-Ye-ji. Jang Do-yeon was partnered with Kim Jong-kook as a couple at the time. But unfortunately, they did not win.


In episode 323, Jang Do-yeon appeared alongside SHINee Min-ho, actress Seo Ji-hye, comedian Kim Jun-hyun and Yang Se-chan who at the time not become Running Man member. Jang Do-yeon was pairing with Kim Jong-kook again for the second time and this time they won the game.

In episode 347–348, Jang Do-yeon was the only guest who comes and for the third time she was pairing with Kim Jong-kook with additional Lee Kwang-soo joined the team. At this time, she also wins the game with another team.

Her latest appearance on episode 419, where she appeared as the host and only participated in the games when she is needed.

Jang Do-yeon was mentioned several times as fellow comedian and other Running Man member Yang Se-chan’s potential girlfriend and she was also being compared by Yang Se-chan’s fellow Running Man member and an actress, Jeon So-min.


Jang Do-yeon Blind Date with Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo

Jang Do-yeon was a MC on Wook Talk (formerly known as Lee Dong-wook Wants to Talk) with Lee Dong-wook as the host. It was broadcasted on SBS for 12 episodes. In the first and second episodes, actor Gong Yoo appeared as the guest of the show.

Lee Dong-wook and Gong Yoo had a fake date with Jang Do-yeon as their fake date. She appeared while acting to call her friend who was also supposed to join the double date, but when she saw who the dates were, she quickly told her the wrong location so she could enjoy the date alone with two men. While she was on the phone with her friend, Gong Yoo told Lee Dong-wook that he liked her.

There was a moment when Jang Do-yeon excused herself and went to the toilet. The two men started to talk about their opinion about her but then she came back with some tissues stuck on her pants. Lee Dong-wook pretended not to see that and diverted her attention while asking about her opinion about him and Gong Yoo. On the other hand, Gong Yoo tried to remove the tissues and he did. Jang Do-yeon was surprised and asked him what he did, and Gong Yoo made up that he needed to wipe his face with some tissues. Jang Do-yeon answered Lee Dong-wook’s question by telling them that both of them were not his style and she preferred to stay alone.


Jang Do-yeon Appearance on Knowing Brothers

Jang Do-yeon has appeared on Knowing Brothers for three episodes. The first one is episode 95-96, where she appeared at the Chuseok festival. Her latest appearance is in episode 132 along with SHINee members Key and Minho.

In episode 96, Jang Do-yeon revealed that comedian and Knowing Brothers cast Lee Soo-geun was the one who inspired her to be a comedian as she revealed that she was very introverted. But when she saw Lee Soo-geun on his skit at KBS program Gag Concert, she was really impressed and she thought that being a comedian was really cool. In the end, a year after she was impressed by Lee Soo-geun, she was able to do the same skit with Lee Soo-geun on Gag Concert.

In episode 132, Jang Do-yeon appeared once again with SHINee members Minho and Key. Comedian and Knowing Member cast  Kim Young-chul asked her if his look was more friendly compared to Minho, and Key jokingly said that he looked like a cactus from Mexico. Jang Do-yeon added that he looked like a sweet potato, because of his hair. But then Kang Ho-dong carefully said that Kim Young-chul might actually like her as he felt jealous of fellow Knowing Brother cast and former basketball player Seo Jang-hoon and Jang Do-yeon were paired during the Chuseok special (episode 95-96). Moreover, comedian Park Mi-sun who also appeared on the same episode commented on Kim Young-chul’s Instagram post if he liked Jang Do-yeon, because he posted a photo of himself and Jang Do-yeon. And also, before the filming began, Kim Young-chul and Jang Do-yeon were exchanging some words, according to Kim Hee-chul, fellow cast member and also Super Junior member. He saw Kim Young-chul kiss Jang Do-yeon’s hand and it shocked everyone in the studio. But what actually happened was Kim Young-chul kissed his own hand, and it was confirmed by two of them.


Jang Do-yeon Appearance on I Live Alone

Jang Do-yeon appeared on MBC program I Live Alone as Park Na-rae friend episode 327 even before joining as cast. Jang Do-yeon greets Park Na-rae and made a funny surprise to her.

Jang Do-yeon becomes cast on episode 333 and 339. Through the show, Jang Do-yeon shows her different side from another show as she shows her real-life struggle and how she manages her daily life behind the curtain.

Jang Do-yeon appeared as a special guest along with singer Son Dam-bi in episode 333. She revealed that she actually wanted to marry at age 31, so she started to practice living alone when she was 29 years old. When she was asked about the interior of her house, she said that she bought things that she needed enough to live for a good price, so it was easier for her to move out one day later. She also grew some bean sprouts in her house, where she learned from fellow comedian Lee Guk-joo that there’s a kit that could grow bean sprouts in a plastic container.


Jang Do-yeon Instagram

Jang Do-yeon often shares her activity on Jang Do-yeon Instagram for promotion or just share her daily life. If you are interested in Jang Do-yeon’s daily life, you can follow her on her Instagram account here.







Jang Do-yeon Latest News

Jang Do-yeon is currently active as an MC and comedian on several programs, such as MBC program Don’t Be Jealous, tvN’s Friday Joy Package, Comedy Big League and K-Pop Cultural Center, Channel A’s The Fishermen and the City, and Mnet’s TMI Talk. There’s no confirmed news about her appearance on variety shows. Please continue to support her in her future activities and Byeol Korea hopes all the best for her.


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