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Ciipher Tan

Let’s Get Closer to Ciipher Lead Vocalist Tan!

Ciipher is a seven-member group that debuted in March 2021 under RAIN Company. One of the members is Tan, the lead vocalist as well as the oldest member in the group. He was born on August 25, 1996.

Unlike other male K-pop idols, Tan is one of the few idols who has completed his mandatory military service before making a debut. Before his official debut with Ciipher, he has appeared in No.Mercy by Starship Entertainment.

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Ciipher Tan Profile

Ciipher Tan

Let’s get to know more about Ciipher’s Tan from his profile, here!

Stage Name: Choi Seok-won

Real Name: Tan

Representative Emoji: 🦊

Birthday: August 25, 1996

Birth Place: Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do

Nationality: South Korea

Position: Lead Vocalist

Height: 184 cm

Weight: 75 kg

Shoe Size: 280 mm

Blood Type: B

Education: Korea Arts High School

Agency: RAIN Company

Debut Date: March 15, 2021

Instagram: @ciipher_official

Ciipher Tan Facts

Let’s take a look at Ciipher’s Tan’s facts, here!

  • Ciipher’s Tan has completed his military service before Ciipher’s debut.
  • Ciipher’s Tan joined the military after he failed to debut with MONSTA X or right after the survival show NO.MERCY by Starship Entertainment.
  • Ciipher’s Tan is still close with MONSTA X’s members. They also congratulated him for his debut.
  • Although he is the oldest member of Ciipher, Ciipher’s Tan is not the leader of Ciipher.
  • Both Ciipher’s Tan and Ciipher’s Hyunbin are former trainees of Starship Entertainment, but the two of them didn’t become Starship’s trainees at the same time.
  • Ciipher’s Tan was a trainee at Cube Entertainment.
  • Ciipher’s Tan is the strongest member in Ciipher. He has won the battle of arm wrestling with each of Ciipher’s members.
  • Ciipher’s Tan is almost the same height as Rain, the solo artist and CEO of his company.
  • Ciipher’s Tan made a drama debut in 2021. He appeared in the same drama as Rain, a drama called Ghost Doctor.
  • Ciipher’s Tan’s stage name, Tan, came from Spanish which means reverberation of sound.

Ciipher Tan Discography

Here is the list of Ciipher’s Tan’s discography that you should know!

Ciipher’s Extended Plays:

  • I Like You (March 15, 2021)
    • Solo
    • I Like You (Single)
    • Give me Love
    • Fire
    • Fall in Love
  • BLIND (September 28, 2021)
    • Moon Night
    • Blind (Single)
    • Joker
    • Go Ahead
    • That’s Okay

Ciipher Tan Pre Debut Almost Debut with MONSTA X, Joined Military, Etc

Before making his debut with Ciipher, Tan was a trainee at Starship Entertainment and almost debut as a member of MONSTA X. He joined the survival show from Starship Entertainment that later on formed MONSTA X, No.Mercy, which started to air in December 2014.

However, Tan who was 19 years old back then couldn’t join the line-up of MONSTA X. He was eliminated from the show and moved out of Starship Entertainment. Tan was feeling down after that, he decided to go to the army to complete his mandatory military service.

After being discharged from the Military, Ciipher Tan decided to get back to reach his dream to be an idol

Ciipher’s Tan almost gave up after his dream to be an idol crashed, but he decided to continue to pursue his dream after completing his military service. Tan joined Cube Entertainment to be a trainee. Later on, he joined the agency of Rain, RAIN’s company which finally debuted him as an idol with Ciipher.

Ciipher Tan Made His Debut as an Actor, Check Out His Drama List Here!

Ciipher’s Tan made a debut as an actor not too long after Ciipher released their debut single. In May 2021, it was reported that Tan joins the cast of a web drama called Phantom School. In January 2022, he made his TV cable drama debut by starring in Rain’s drama, Ghost Doctor.

Check out the list of Ciipher’s Tan’s dramas!

  • Phantom School
    • Airdate: TBA
    • Role: Lee Dogyeom
  • Ghost Doctor
    • Airdate: January 3, 2022
    • Role: Hun-gil

Let’s wish that Ciipher’s Tan will get more drama appearance in the future.

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