Chungha Plastic Surgery, Check Out Her Visual Transformation!

Chungha before debut

Chungha before debut

Find Out The Truth Of Chungha’s Plastic Surgery, Here!

Let’s talk about Chungha, the famous Korean singer for her single, “Killing Me”, which was released in 2021. Her appearance has also become a hot topic since she has had such a drastic visual transformation! People accused her to underwent plastic surgery. Is that true?

Apparently, Chungha has never confirmed the rumor about her plastic surgery issue. But people still found some changes in her looks, especially if we comparing her pre-debut era to now. Some fans believe that it’s only lip filler or makeup that made her appearance changed a lot.

Let’s check out Chungha’s visual transformation and the rumors about her undergoing plastic surgery, in this article below.

Chungha Has Never Confirmed Undergoing Plastic Surgery

Until this article was published, Chungha has not given an official statement regarding the plastic surgery rumors. Her agency has also not responded to misunderstood comments about her looks and appearance.

Rumors about Chungha’s plastic surgery have been rising occasionally, especially because of her different facial appearance when promoting her new song “Killing Me”. There are negative comments about her visual because it always changes every time she makes a comeback.

Does Chungha Have Lip Filler?

Not only plastic surgery, Chungha has repeatedly been entangled in rumors of getting lip filler injections to make her lips look fuller. But, there are no confirmation about this as well.

Many netizen commented about how drastically her looks changed.

“Her face is completely different from when she was on Produce, and now she’s changed it again,” commented netizen. “Did she do lip injections? She’s a celebrity, of course, she can change her face as she likes,” said another netizen.

“Her face keeps changing,” commented netizens. “She really did a lot of plastic surgery,” said another netizen. “You can see that her face is full of surgical procedures,” said netizens. “Too many plastic surgeries… The results are not even good,” added another.

“Ah, too many unnatural things there,” said a netizen. “Honestly, this is too much… I think she shouldn’t do lip fillers,” added another netizen. “She has a unique face but I wouldn’t call her beautiful,” commented netizens. “Heol, lip filler…” said another.

What do you think about Chungha’s lips?

Chungha’s Before-and-After Transformation

Chungha produce 101 before debut

Let’s take a closer look at Chungha’s visual before-after transformation from her appearance as a contestant in Mnet’s Produce 101 in 2016 until her latest appearance in 2022, in this section below.

Chungha’s Visual Before Transformation: Pre-debut And Appearance In Mnet’s Produce 101

As you can see, the pre-debut pictures of Chungha before her transformation looked more chubby than she is right now. The picture below is Chungha’s picture before she joined Produce 101 Season 1.

Chungha has a naturally oval shaped-face and a little bit chubby cheeks.

As time went by, her visual changed slowly but surely. Chungha looked a bit slimmer when she participated in the Produce 101 Season 1.

The make-up that she wore when she appeared in this survival show also suited her the best, so her visuals didn’t look that much different when she was trying to put on make-up.

What do you think about Chungha’s visual in Mnet’s Produce 101?

Chungha’s Visual After Transformation

Chungha sparked more plastic surgery rumors with her recent facial changes in appearance. Many netizens believe that she has had plastic surgery.

On November 26th, 2021, Chungha appeared in the latest episode of JTBC’s show Grandpa Park Myung-soo. During the event, Chungha talked with Park Myung-soo about her upcoming song and revealed that part of the dance was choreographed by LACHICA.

In addition to information about Chungha’s comeback, Korean netizens paid attention to her face. Many netizens were surprised by Chungha’s facial changes, claiming that her features look stiffer, thinner, and unnatural.

However, some netizens explained that this difference was due to Chungha’s weight loss, not because she has undergone plastic surgery. In the concept photo or the latest music video teaser, Chungha’s appearance still looks the same as before.

“I think she lost a lot of weight, so her cheekbones look taller and her face looks thinner,” commented a netizen. “Looks like Chungha gets more botox,” added another netizen.

“I’m not sure if she does a lot of plastic surgery, but her lips don’t look natural at all,” said another. “Is the skin sagging? She lost a little fat on her cheeks. I like the old Chungha face,” concluded another.

In 2020, Chungha released a behind-the-scenes video of the “Stay Tonight” music video and looked different with a bolder make-up style.

Chungha’s style of make-up here had attracted attention, especially with her lip piercing. Netizens commented that she looked like Park Bom and suspected that the former I.O.I member had just had lip fillers.

A post on the online community site ‘Pann’ which was republished highlighted Chungha’s face in this behind-the-scenes video. This time, some netizens defended Chungha.

“Heol, it’s from the same video and she’s really pretty… Where did all the talk about her come from?” said netizens. “She looks like that because she wears thick makeup. If you watch her other choreography videos for the song ‘Stay Tonight’, she still looks the same,” said another.

What do you think about Chungha’s visuals and appearance?

Well, that was all the information about Chungha’s visual and the rumors about her plastic surgery. Let’s appreciate Chungha’s hard work and the natural beauty she has, also kindly extend your support by sending many positive comments for her. If you like this article, please don’t forget to kindly share it on your social media and stay tuned for more, interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!