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Choi Tae-hwan

Get To Know More About South Korean Actor Choi Tae-hwan

As an actor, of course there will be many roles played in several K-Dramas or movies. The popularity of entertainers in South Korea is also believed because they managed to play a good role and character in dramas or movies. With this, they have also managed to get appreciation from the public, such as receiving awards and also loyal fans who will always support and promote their latest drama that will air.

In this article, Byeol Korea will discuss in more detail and complete the profile of an actor who comes from South Korea, which is Choi Tae-hwan. The actor who was born in 1989 is one of the actors who is under the same agency as his colleague, Kim Young-kwang, who has also played in the same K-Drama as him entitled The Secret Life of My Secretary (2019). Beside that, Choi Tae-hwan has also had another opportunity by attending as supporting roles in several K-Dramas, such as Psychopath Diary (2019), Witch’s Love (2018), Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring (2017), Woman with a Suitcase (2016) and many more.

Let’s check out more information about Choi Tae-hwan full profile and several appearances on K-Dramas in this article below!

Full Profile Of Choi Tae-hwan

Choi Tae-hwan

Real Name : Choi Tae-hwan (hangul: 최태환)

Birth : South Korea February 28, 1989

Star Sign : Pisces

Debut : 2012

Agency : Wide S Company

Occupation : Actor/Model

Official Site : Instagram (@cchoi_tae_hwann)

Choi Tae-hwan Appearance In K-Dramas

Entertainers in South Korea have many opportunities to become as supporting roles and lead roles in K-Dramas and movies. In this profession, anyone who has good acting skills and comes from any background can get the opportunity to play a character if he has basic skills such as acting.

Even though it is not easy to be an actor or actress, this job is very promising because it will have a very good career path if the drama or movie that is released gets a good appreciation or rating after being broadcast. There will be many people who easily recognize actors and actresses in a drama or movie who have impressive acting skills to portray a character.

In the next session, we will take a look at what more roles actor Choi Tae-hwan has successfully played in K-Dramas!

Choi Tae-hwan In Psychopath Diary

Psycopath Diary (hangul: 싸이코 패스 다이어리) is a drama that airs on tvN from November 20, 2019 to January 9, 2020 with a total of 16 episodes. A crime, mystery and comedy genre, this drama is directed by Lee Jong-jae, a reliable director who has worked on popular dramas such as 100 Days My Prince, Pied Piper and also Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Psychopath Diary is a crime drama that has an exciting and fresher storyline. Even though the initial minutes of the first episode were boring, that was one of the important points for viewers to get to know the main character, Yook Dong-shik (Yoon Shi-yoon) in more detail.

Yook Dong-shik is an ordinary office worker who starts to think of himself as a psychopath after experiencing amnesia due to an accident that happened to him. From there, the Psychopath Diary drama becomes even more exciting.

Psychopath Diary starred popular actors and actresses who subscribe to K-Drama. Like the three main characters, namely Yoon Shi-yoon, Jung In-sun and also Park Sung-hoon. Yook Dong-shik is a pushover who always agrees with other people’s requests, even though he knows that it will be detrimental to himself. However, his life begins to change drastically when he is amnesic after being hit by a police officer, Shim Bo-kyung. Yook Dong-shik became bolder, thinking that he was a psychopath after reading the diary he thought belonged to him.

The character of Shim Bo-kyung, played by actress Jung In-sun, is a police officer who accidentally bumps into Yook Dong-shik. Unlike police officers in general, this Yook Dong-shik has a sharp detective instinct because he is the son of a famous detective.

The original psychopath in the drama Psychopath Diary is Seo In-woo, played by Park Sung-hoon. Seo In-woo is a serial killer who often writes about his crimes in detail in a diary. He comes from a rich family and now works as a director at the company where Yook Dong-shik works.

Apart from the three main roles above, the supporting actors of this drama are equally interesting. Like the Yook Dong-shik family, played by actors Lee Han-Wi, Hwang Hyo-Eun, Kim Kyeol, Jung Soo-bin (Victon) and Jung So-hee.


The character of the boss and office friend Yook Dong-shik also stole the attention, which was played by actors Choi Dae-Chul, Kim Ki-Doo, Jo Si-Nae, Choi Tae-Hwan and Lee Min-Ji. Not to forget, the thug character played by Heo Sung-Tae makes this drama even more complete.

Choi Tae-hwan played as Yoon Dong-sik’s co-worker named Shin Seok-hyun in the drama. He is neither greedy nor self-assertive, but he is a typical individualist who quietly goes to work with Dong-sik as a shield like a loach. However, as Dong-sik picks up the character of lead role in Psychopath Diary, Seok-hyun’s quiet corporate life is going to suddenly become noisy, so viewers expectation is slowly raised on his role in this drama.

Choi Tae-hwan said, “I am very happy to meet you soon again with an exciting work called Psychopath Diary,” he said when he was casted for the drama.

On October 8, 2020, Choi Tae-hwan  revealed his first photo shoot with a bright smile and said, “The first filming of’Psychopath Diary’ begins!! Please look forward to it~♥” with a message card that wrote the impression of the first shoot and poses with a hand heart and smiles towards the camera. In another photo, the first script is very precious, and he holds it tightly with both hands, showing his love for the work.

On October 28, 2019, actor Choi Tae-hwan has transformed into a white-collar office worker. Wide S Company, released a picture of the character in the drama of Choi Tae-hwan, who plays Shin Seok-hyun as a character in Psychopath Diary that was aired on the cable channel tvN. In the published photo, Choi Tae-hwan is wearing a white shirt, a diagonal pattern tie, and black pants with a calm hairstyle to match the character.

Here, he completed the image of the character with ordinary items such as an employee ID card, easy gold-framed glasses, and classic watches. It is a delicate styling that takes care of the minor settings of Shin Seok-hyun, who wants to go to work quietly. In another picture, he looks slightly sideways as if thinking differently with someone in front. It shows the atmosphere of a real office worker with a tie loosened as if feeling frustrated with the company’s upper and lower clothing organizational culture.

On December 4, 2019, actress Lee Min-ji posted a photo on her social with a caption, “Today is a frustrated day,”

In the released photo, Lee Min-ji was with actress Cho Sin-nae and actor Choi Tae-hwan at the set set of tvN’s Psychopath Diary. The friendly atmosphere of the three people with employee ID cards on their necks attracts attention.

Lee Min-ji is appearing as Oh Mi-ju, an employee of the 3rd asset management team at a securities company in the tvN drama Psychopath Diary. Cho Si-nae and Choi Tae-hwan also took on the roles of Han Jeong-ah and Shin Seok-hyun, who work on the same team.

Choi Tae-hwan In The Secret Life of My Secretary

The Secret Life of My Secretary (hangul: 초면 에 사랑 합니다) is a drama that airs on SBS from May 6 to June 25, 2019 with a total of 32 episodes. This romantic comedy genre drama tells the story of the romance between Do Min-ik (Kim Young-kwang) and his secretary, Jung Gal-hee (Jin Ki-joo). Do Min-ik works as managing director for the 1st mobile media team called T&T.

Do Min-ik is very intelligent and dedicated to his job, and he also has a secretary named Jung Gal-hee. Do Min-ik often does childish things to his secretary, like calling him constantly and telling his secretary to do things. Dal-hee does Do Min-ik’s orders without complaining, even though he looks gentle, Dal-hee has a tough side that he doesn’t show his boss.

However, what should be known is, it turns out that Do Min-ik has a visual impairment, that is, he cannot recognize other people’s faces. Do Min-ik and Jung Gal-hee’s relationship was quite complicated from the start. At that time, Gal-hee decided to change her appearance and pretend to be her former boss named Veronica Park (Kim Jae-kyung), on Veronica Park’s own orders to replace her to meet Do Min-ik in person.

Jung Gal-hee has indeed fallen in love with Do Min-ik, while Do Min-ik has also fallen in love at first sight with Jung Gal-hee’s version of Veronica Park. On the other hand, the real Veronica Park turns out to be enjoying a close relationship with Ki Dae-joo (Goo Ja-sung), Do Min-ik’s best friend.

SBS’ The Secret Life of My Secretary shared behind the scene from the the filming site full of reversal of Kim Young-kwang and Choi Tae-hwan was revealed. In the drama, T&T Mobile Media 1 division manager Do Min-ik, who is suffering from facial room authentication, and Eun Jung-soo, a mystery man who threatens him, are playing a great role together, and the two people who are playing a concerted role together in the work were captured, unlike the conflicting relationship in the work.

In the published photos, Kim Young-kwang and Choi Tae-hwan sit side by side, analyze the script together, and try to match the lines in advance. This is the opposite of the atmosphere of the drama that suspicious and threatens the other person, and it attracts attention.

In another photo, the two are together at night, day and night, no matter who is first, even during breaks, and smile brightly next to each other, warming the hearts of the viewers.

Accordingly, a person in the field said, “Unlike the confrontation between Kim Young-kwang and Choi Tae-hwan in the work, they are actually close friends with an older brother and a younger brother. Because of that, laughter does not end from the time of rehearsal before filming, and laughter blooms on the scene by itself. When you see that they take care of each other without hesitation, they definitely look like a siblings.”

The truth of the attack aimed at Kim Young-kwang’s life is revealed. SBS’ The Secret Life Of My Secretary, which has only 4 episodes left until the last episode, having many various stories, from the sweet romance of Do Min-ik played by Kim Young-kwang and Jung Gal-hee played by Jin Ki-joo to mysterious characters in the drama.

Do Min-ik (played by Kim Young-kwang), who was able to see her face temporarily in the last broadcast, saw the face of Eun Jung-soo (played by Choi Tae-hwan), the criminal who attacked her, but missed it. Although struggling to find him, whose whereabouts became obscure, the police, who did not know he had facial room certification, were being rebuked for not seeing his driver’s face.

On June 24, 2019, the drama is catching attention by predicting a serious atmosphere due to the confrontation between Do Min-ik and Eun Jung-soo. In the published photo, Do Min-ik is listening to Eun Jung-soo’s words with her eyes frowned. Not only that, but he doesn’t say anything as if he’s worried about what he said, forming a strange air current.

On the other hand, Eun Jung-soo felt guilty that Do Min-ik had a facial room authentication because of him, and tried to surrender. . What was the story that led him to appear in front of Do Min-ik and what he would have said.

As expected, Do Min-ik is looking forward to the meeting of the two as to what action he will take to Eun Jeong-soo, the person who caused facial room authentication. The face-to-face between Do Min-ik and Eun Jung-soo, where tension is flowing.

Choi Tae-hwan In Witch’s Love

Witch’s Love (hangul: 마녀 의 사랑) is a drama that aired on MBN from July 25 to August 30, 2018 with a total of 12 episodes. Witch’s Love has a fantasy genre written by Son Eun-hye and directed by Park Chan-yool and has lead roles, starring Yoon So-hee, Hyun Woo, Lee Hong-bin and many other casts who are supporting roles in the drama.

Witch’s Love is a story about a man who somehow gets to live together with three witches, one of whom is Kang Ho-chong (Yoon So-hee). Kang Ho-chong is a curious figure and works as a delivery man at a restaurant with two other magicians. Meanwhile, Hyun Woo will play Ma Sung-tae, a wealthy man who owns a building and meets three witches who have influenced his life.

The uniqueness of the love story between a witch who is also a food delivery person with a human will make viewers feel a new entertainment that has never been seen. The chemistry when the two main characters fight will bring fresh laughter and vibrations in the heart. So please wait for this drama,” said the producer of Witch’s Love.

In Witch’s Love’, there’s a scene where the lead actress, Yoon So-hee and actor Choi Tae-hwan gave a hand heart pose to each other. Choi Tae-hwan who played as a banker named Choi Min-soo, an ex-boyfriend visited the house of Kang Cho-hong (played by Yoon So-hee).

Kang Cho-hong, who was lying in bed that day, looked out when she heard a voice of someone she knew from the window. On the outside Choi Min-soo stood to say hello to Kang Cho-hong. Choi Min-soo told her to look at he mobile phone and then sent a text message, “I came because Cho-hong wanted to my face. I’m okay because I finally saw you.”

I will be tired, so let’s sleep and meet in a dream. I love you,” he sent a sweet message. The two showed off their affection by fluttering hand hearts towards each other.

Choi Tae-hwan In Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring

Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring (hangul: 반지 의 여왕) is a drama that aired on MBC from March 9 to March 23, 2017 with a total of 6 episodes.

Actor Choi Tae-hwan joins as the role in the drama Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring. According to drama officials, Choi Tae-hwan took over the main role in the last episode of Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring that was aired on MBC.

Producer Kwon Seong-chang, who directed K-Drama titled One More Happy Ending, made the drama with the content that the golden ring with the secret of the family guides the viewers to the magical world, draws a fantasy that encompasses all generations with author Kim A-jung.

Choi Tae-hwan also took on the role of fashion studies, the best friend of Se-Geon (played by Ahn Hyo-seop) in the drama. Although it looks stupid, the inside is a surprisingly solid character, and is expected to play an axis in the play. It is one of the expected points to see what kind of performance he will show on the runway stage in the drama.

Meanwhile, the Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring is a drama concept that connects the terrestrial MBC and portal site NAVER. It is a nine-part fantasy drama of color. Each episodes are produced based in trilogy and various actors such as Choi Tae-hwan, Kim Seul-gi, Ahn Hyo-seop, Yoon So-hee, Lee Tae-seon, and Hwang Jae-geun appear in Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring.

This drama tells the story of Nan Hee (Kim Seul-gi) who doesn’t believe in herself because she feels imperfect, not beautiful and unattractive like other people. You could say that Nan Hee excels in everything she does except finding someone who is sincere and can love her for who she is.

In various activities he does, most people don’t appreciate him because he is physically disproportionate as the friends around him. But whose name is sometimes uncontrollable, Nan Hee falls in love with the most handsome student on campus, Se Gun (played by Ahn Hyo-seop)

What became any worse, Se Gun has a cold character and only wants to be close to beautiful girls. Nan Hee is so disappointed, she is angry at the situation and her mother (Hwang Jung-min) for having an unattractive bloodline. What is surprising Nan Hee has a father (Jun Noh-min) who is so handsome. Until then the mother opens the veil of their family secrets.

From the time of the ancestors of the maternal lineage, the average person had a very ordinary appearance but had such a handsome companion. Then Mother gave Nan Hee a ring which was inherited from generation to generation from the family. Where if the man he likes puts the ring on Nan Hee’s finger, then he will see Nan Hee as the girl of his dreams.

With her trick, Nan Hee managed to persuade Se Gun to put the magic ring around his finger. Instantly in Se Gun’s sight is the girl he had met and hooked him. Until the end of the episode Nan Hee finds out that Se Gun’s dream girl is his childhood friend Mi Joo (Yoon So-hee).

Apart from Mi Joo, Nan Hee’s close childhood friend is a Law academic student, Tae Hyun (Lee Tae-sun) who secretly has feelings for Nan Hee and sees beauty from a different side.

The storyline of the drama that aired in 2017 is quite unique and light, each storyline is solid and not wordy. Besides, the main character Kim Seul-gi is able to convey his role well. Her innocent face depicts Nan Hee’s low self-esteem. Previously Kim Seul-gi had acted with Ahn Hyo-seop in the film Splash Splash love. A web drama that has a fanatical genre story that is no less unique, it’s just that in this film they are not paired as lovers.

From each episodes, this drama is so interesting to watch to its completion. Through her story, it seems to convey that the beauty of a woman is not only in a charming face, but in pure beauty, radiating to her soul, which lovingly gives the attention and love she gives and that over time that beauty will grow over time.

Choi Tae-hwan In Woman with a Suitcase

Woman with a Suitcase (hangul: 캐리어 를 끄는 여자) is a drama that aired on MBC from September 26 to November 15, 2016 with a total of 16 episodes. Actress Choi Ji -woo who plays Cha Geum-joo has dreams of becoming a great lawyer like his peers. The law firm manager is even willing to work harder than anyone else. Geum-joo’s persistence is increasingly seen through his unique habit of carrying large suitcases to the office. This suitcase contains documents of important cases being handled by his firm.

One that is being discussed is the case that happened to Gyeong Hwan, a homeless person who was accused of committing acts of rape and assault. Having sympathy for Gyeong Hwan’s plight, it didn’t take Geum-joo long to decide that he would take the case. In fact, Geum-joo’s status in the office doesn’t allow him to handle any cases. This incident will only backfire on his life and career. Sure enough, not long after the Gyeong Hwan case rolled around, Geum-joo was threatened with legal sanctions because he was caught posing as a lawyer.

Choi Tae-hwan, played at the role as the secretary of actor Joo Jin-mo, seems to be actually an NIS employee. The secret of Choi Hoon-seok (played by Choi Tae-hwan) was revealed in the 11th episode of MBC’s Woman with a Suitcase that was directed bby Kang Dae-sun, Lee Jae-jin and Kwon Eum-mi.

Choi Hoon-Seok is a secretary to Ham Bok-geo (played by Joo Jin-mo) and has worked as an employee of K-fact. Like Ham Bok-geo’s right hand, he has done what he ordered. In particular, when Ham Bok-geo was protecting a homeless girl, Choi Hoon-seok moved her residence.

At this time, when the police came to investigate and tried to investigate, Choi Hoon-seok showed the ID card of an NIS employee. It seemed to be a manipulation to overcome the situation at the time, but it was actually real.

Choi Hoon-seok met someone when Ham Bok-geo became a fugitive as the criminal. The man advised Choi Hoon-seok, “Stop returning now,” and Choi Hoon-seok explained, “It doesn’t seem like yet. I’ll have to watch the situation more. And I heard a lot.”

Afterwards, Choi Hoon-seok appeared dramatically in front of Hambok-geo, chased by the prosecution, and ran away with a car. Ham Bok-geo got into Choi Hoon-seok’s car with nice timing, but he couldn’t meet Cha Geum-joo (played by Choi Ji-woo), who tried to meet him right in front of her.

The car moved backwards again, and Ham Bok-geo opened the car door and handed a flower to Cha Geum-joo, and the two succeeded in getting into Choi Hoon-seok’s car and running away.

Who Is Choi Tae-hwan Girlfriend?

Several actors and actresses in South Korea are often rumored with their dating news and secretly having a girlfriend or boyfriend. For Choi Tae-hwan, it looks like he doesn’t have any dating rumors yet and is in a special relationship with someone. The actor who is well-known through his role as a supporting cast in several K-Dramas is still busy with his profession as an actor.

However, some of his characters in the drama used to use romantic roles as ex-lovers. One of the characters he had brought in the drama Witch’s Love which was broadcast on MBN in 2018. In the drama, Choi Tae-hwan played as one of the ex boyfriends of lead actress Yoon So-hee. Choi Tae-hwan plays a man named Choi Min-soo who works as a banker.

Well, those are articles which explain about South Korean actors, Choi Tae-hwan. For readers who often watch K-Drama, surely you will be aware of Choi Tae-hwan’s presence as a supporting actor in several famous dramas. Even though he is still a supporting role, it will be good if we give a lot of support and also love for Choi Tae-hwan so that he gets the opportunity to be present in this year’s newest drama! If you enjoyed this article, stay tuned for the next article about Choi Tae-hwan and don’t forget to share this article too!