All About Relationship and Romantic Moments Between Choi Jin-young and Lee Hyun-ji


Other Romantic Moments and Skinships

After their first meeting, Choi Jin Young helped Lee Hyun Ji to unpack her baggage. He was curiously looking through her boxes and found a cute pillow. The pillow had a love shape, with a slender hand with fingers at each side. Lee Hyun Ji told him that when she was lonely she holds the hand pillow as if someone was holding her hand. The couple held both ends of the pillow as if they were holding hand for the first time.

In another scene, Lee Hyun Ji found his piggy bank that he’d kept for seven years. She asked him to open the piggy bank and he initially refused, saying that it was his precious item and he hated to break the piggy bank. In the end, he could not refuse her, because she said that it was her marriage wish. After they opened the piggy bank they sat very close and pushed each other shoulders in excitement at seeing the money in front of them.

Latest News About Choi Jin-young and Lee Hyun-ji

On March 29th, 2010, Choi Jin Young committed suicide in his apartment. His mother and his college junior tried to contact him but there was no answer. They went to his house and found him hanging in the attic of his apartment. He was rushed to hospital, but was declared dead on arrival.

Lee Hyun Ji retired completely from the Korean music industry after her debut album. She was rumored to have changed her job and started working as a kindergarten teacher.

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