Full Compilation of EXO’s Chanyeol Playing Guitar and Piano That Will Break Your Heart!


EXO’s Chanyeol Playing Piano

Besides having the talent to play the guitar, Chanyeol also has the talent to play the piano. On various occasions, especially during EXO concerts, Chanyeol has shown his ability to play the piano and has immediately received praise from his fans. Aside from EXO’s concerts, Chanyeol also likes to record himself playing the piano and covering some popular songs. Want to know more? Check this out!

The video uploaded in 2017, shows Chanyeol playing the piano by playing a Yiruma song called “River Flows in You.” Yiruma was Chanyeol’s idol and when Yiruma saw Chanyeol playing his song on the piano, of course, it made Yiruma happy and amazed by Chanyeol’s talent.

Yiruma himself came across this video and left a thankful message for the idol. Similar to his English message, the pianist wrote in Korean, “I was surprised after seeing this video. The way he looks while playing is best described as nice and gentle. Should I say it feels like I’ve known him for a while? Thank you Chanyeol.”

During the EXO Love Concert, Chanyeol successfully made all his fans become mellow and amazed to see Chanyeol’s talent playing the piano by performing a song from famous singer John Legend titled “All of Me.” Even though he had problems with the mic, Chanyeol’s solo performance successfully won praise from fans. “Geez, he should be a vocalist, not a rapper,” commented one of the fans. “Chanyeol has to sing more often. His voice is good,” commented other fans. “When I thought I couldn’t love him more, I was wrong. He was as perfect as this,” added another.

The video uploaded on November 24th, 2017, during Elyxion in Seoul, Chanyeol showed his ability to play the piano which immediately received a lot of praise from fans who attended the concert. Aside from his talent in rapping, Chanyeol also has vocal qualities that are very soft and he looks stunning when he sings while playing the piano.

Chanyeol on SoundCloud

Chanyeol does have a love for music, he also often writes song lyrics according to the condition of his heart at that time. If you have free time, Chanyeol also often uploads videos and songs he plays to SoundCloud. You can follow his SoundCloud account real__pcy. His songs are actually really good and are a better way to hear more of his talent.

On October 21st, 2018, Chanyeol shared two new self-composed songs on his personal SoundCloud account. Despite their considerably different vibes, the two tracks, which are titled “How About It?” and “Curious,” share a positive, upbeat sound. Chanyeol also revealed on Instagram that he had written both tracks three years ago, explaining, “I wrote a lot of songs approximately three years ago when I didn’t know anything about composing. These are just two of them.”

Singer Junggigo responded to the post by writing in a comment on his Instagram, “You have a lot more songs aside from these, though, hehehe.” Well, good luck to Chanyeol!

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