Cha Jung-won Full Profile, Boyfriend Until Appearances In K-Dramas And Movie

Cha Jungwon
Cha Jung-won

Learn More About South Korean Actress From Lawless Lawyer Cha Jung-won

Cha Jung-won is a well-known Korean actress with several minor roles that have been played in K-Dramas and also a movie that made her debut as an actress. Until now, Cha Jung-won has played several roles, some of them, such as ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ and ‘Lawless Lawyer’. In this role, Cha Jung-won was able to prove that she has become a successful actress on television series appearances.

In this article, we’ll take a look at South Korean actress, Cha Jung-won full profile, appearance in K-Dramas, movie, until her personal life! What are you waiting for? Let’s find out more about Cha Jung-won in this article below!

Full Profile Of Cha Jung-won

Cha Jung-won

Real Name : Cha Mi-young (hangul: 차미영)

Stage Name : Cha Jung-won (hangul: 차정원)

Birth : Busan, South Korea, October 18,1989

Star Sign : Libra

Height : 168 cm

Weight : 47 kg

Education :

  • Jaesong Girls’ Middle School
  • Busan Girls’ Commercial High School
  • Baekje University of Arts Broadcasting & Entertainment

Cha Jung-won Appearance In K-Dramas and Movies

As an actress, Cha Jung-won had already debuted in a movie entitled ‘Horror Stories’ that was released on 2012. Even though she had not played lead roles at that time, Cha Jung-won had an increase in her acting career and started to get several more offers for played a role in K-Dramas. If you think you’ve never seen Cha Jung-won’s performance, let’s take a closer look at Cha Jung-won’s appearances in K-Dramas and movies in this articles below!

Cha Jung-won In My Absolute Boyfriend

In mid-May 2019, SBS released a comedy romantic drama series titled ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’. It could be that many are already familiar with the title of this drama. ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ is indeed a drama adaptation of the Japanese manga by Yuu Watase of the same title.

The manga story ‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ has also been adapted into Japanese and Chinese dramas. Korea is also now following to release a series that tells of this dreamy but robot boyfriend, starring Yeo Jin-goo, Bang Minah and Hong Jong-hyun.

‘My Absolute Boyfriend’ tells the story of Dada (played by Bang Minah), a makeup artist with a cold nature because she was hurt because of love. She then got a robot that became a dream man. Having a wound due to love in her past makes Uhm Dada don’t believe in love and becomes cold. She was surprised by Young Ku who immediately called her a girlfriend, although at first she could not stand Young Ku’s attitude, but after a long time she felt that this robot really loved her.

Yeo Jin-goo will play Young Ku (Zero Nine) who is a robot. He was created as the first test product as a female ideal male robot. Young Ku is a perfect male robot, handsome, fits any clothes, can do anything, just a dream girlfriend to be proud of. Whatever Dada wanted from Wang-jun, the man she liked, Young Ku did it for her. But who would have thought that Wang-jun would confess his love to him again, making this MUA involved in a love triangle story.

Hong Jong-hyun will play Ma Wang-jun, the second male lead, who is ready to steal viewers’ hearts. Because his job as an actor made the relationship with Dada not run smoothly, he had to be hidden and could not do many things freely. Seeing that his ex has a new, really handsome boyfriend, makes Ma Wang-jun jealous. Not only that, he also felt guilty when Young Ku could do a lot for Dada while he couldn’t.

Meanwhile, Cha Jung-won plays Baek Kyu-ri who is one of the team and also best friends with Uhm Dada who works as special effects make-upp artists.

Cha Jung-won In Lawless Lawyer

In 2018, actor Lee Joon-gi had a role with Seo Ye-ji in a drama titled ‘Lawless Lawyer’. This legal-themed Korean drama is the collaboration of director Kim Jin-min and scriptwriter Yoo Hyun Moo. Throughout 16 episodes, ‘Lawless Lawyer’ tells the story of a lawyer named Bong Sang-pil (played by Lee Joon-gi). When he was a child, Sang-pil lived with his mother in Gisung.

His mother is a lawyer and has handled a case involving Judge Cha Moon-sook (played by Lee Hye Young). Judge Cha is the most respected person in his town. One night, Sang-pil witnesses his mother being killed by Judge Cha’s men. After that incident, Sang-pil moved from Gisung to live with his uncle, Choi Dae Woong (played by Ahn Nae Sang), who is known as the boss of a gang.


Sang-pil is also determined to become a lawyer so he can take revenge on the people responsible for his mother’s death. Eighteen years later, Sang-pil manages to fulfill his dream of becoming a lawyer. Not only that, he has even become one of the lawyers with the highest winning rate in his country. One day, Sang-pil watches the news about the arrest of a detective who is suspected of murdering the Mayor of Gisung.

For the first time in 18 years, Sang-pil returns to Gisung. This is because the detective who has just been arrested holds the key to his mother’s murder. Sang-pil then opened a law office in his hometown. He also approached lawyer Ha Jae-yi (played by Seo Ye-ji) and asked him to work in her law office. Jae-yi is a lawyer whose legal license is being suspended for beating up the judge in court and just like Sang-pil, she also recently returned to Gisung.

In ‘Lawless Lawyer’, Cha Jung-won plays Kang Yeon-hee, a prosecutor who is also a daughter of Nam Soon-ja who also includes people around Cha Moon-sok. Kang Yeon-hee is said to be a prosecutor who is at the same time a rival of Ha Jae-yi since they were in the same school.

Kang Yeon-hee has the charisma as a woman who has high intelligence and is very passionate. After being declared defeated in Sang-Pil’s case, Kang Yeon-hee finally decided to join Cha Moon-sook and continued her desire to earn respect from others and a good career.

Cha Jung-won In While You Were Sleeping

‘While You Were Sleeping’ is a Korean drama with the genre of romance, fantasy and law. The drama, directed by Oh Choong-hwan and Park Soo-jin, first aired on SBS in 2017 ‘While You Were Sleeping’ tells about the life of Nam Hong-joo, played by Bae Suzy, who can see future events through dreams.

Nam Hong-joo’s strange abilities make her life uneasy because she always haunts with knowledge of the death process. Because of a dream about the death of many people, she finally tried to save the person who appeared in her dream from a terrible death. Until one day she dreamed about her mother’s death.

Nam Hong-joo’s life changes when she meets Jung Jae-chan, played by Lee Jong-suk, and his younger brother Jung Seun-won, played by Shin Jae-ha. Jung Jae-chan has a profession as an honest prosecutor. Jae-chan has a very loved teacher named Lee Yoon-beom, played by Lee Sang-yeob. The relationship between teachers and students became tenuous because of an incident in the past.

Yoo-beom is no longer a prosecutor because he chose to become a lawyer by choosing various cases that can make a lot of money. Once upon a time when Nam Hong-joo and Jae-chan got to know him well, Jae-chan dreamed that Yoo-beom was driving a car and caused Nam Hong-joo’s mother to die. Then Jae-chan told Hong-joo the dream.

On the other hand, Hong-joo also dreams about Jae-chan. Because of those mysterious dreams, finally the two of them work together to ward off the deaths of their loved ones, including the case Jae-chan is working on.

In ‘While You Were Sleeping’, Cha Jung-won played a cameo with a character named Yoo Soo-kyung that was appeared on the episode 13 to 16. In this drama, she played a national archery athlete who was loved by many people around her because her personality is very humble and kind to anyone. However, Yoo Soo-kyung died suddenly and left a mystery because of the attack which caused her to faint and injure her head. Yoo Soo-kyung died with a severe brain hemorrhage.

Cha Jung-won In Wednesday 3:30 PM

‘Wednesday 3:30’ started airing on June 7, 2017 yesterday. This romantic comedy genre drama is planned to be aired as many as 16 episodes with the SBS Plus broadcast station with a storyline of an adult romance who is a friend in his childhood. ‘Wednesday 3:30 PM’, which was directed by Lee Jung-hoon and script writer Lee Seo-eun, also featured several artists, including Hongbin who was a member of the boy group VIXX and previously played in ‘Moorim School’ and several other Korean dramas. In addition, there is also a beautiful actress Jin Ki-joo who will play a character named Sun Eun-woo as well as the co-star of Hongbin who plays a character named Jae-won.

‘Wednesday 3:30 PM’ tells the story of a woman who was dumped by her ex-boyfriend. Because she doesn’t accept the treatment with her ex-boyfriend, she tries to get her heart back by making her ex-boyfriend feel jealous and jealous of her.

Finally, she made a promise and collaborated with her male friend to trick her ex-boyfriend through the public media into creating a fake ‘lovestagram’ (which can be interpreted as love on Instagram). The two of them have been close since they were little, and without them knowing the reason is this promise makes them fall in love with each other. In addition, Cha Jung-won plays the lead role named Gong Na-yeon in this drama.

Cha Jung-won In Horror Stories

‘Horror Stories’ is a Korean movie that was directed by Im Dae-woong that was released on 2012 with 5 different short story plots. The story begins with ‘Beginning’, where a high school student named Ji-won (played by Kim Ji-won) is kidnapped by a murderer (played by Yoo Yeon-seok) in chains with a speech disorder. The killer can only sleep when he listens to the scary stories. Hoping to escape Ji-won is like starting to tell him the four scariest stories he knows.

Then continued with ‘Don’t Answer The Door’ which is a Korean folk tale, about a tiger that devours and also disguises itself as the mother of a boy and his sister. sisters waiting for their mother to come home. However, their mother is late and the girl begins to get caught up in her own imagination. However, their mother is too late and the girl begins to get caught up in her own imagination. A suspicious deliveryman knocked on the door, and so did the brothers try not to open it.

The third story continues to ‘Endless Flilght’, which tells the story of a flight attendant who faces a serial killer alone, where the plane itself is at an altitude of 30 thousand feet.

The fourth story is about ‘Secret Recipe’, Gong Jin (played by Jung Eun-chae) will soon get married with Min (played by Bae Soo-bin), who is a rich and handsome person. However, he begins to feel anxious because of the severe jealousy of his stepbrother Baek Ji (played by Nam Bo-ra). Wanting Min to himself, Baek Ji had plastic surgery to look like Gong-ji. What they don’t know is Min’s secret to guarding his youthful face.

The film ends with a story titled ‘Ambulance on the Death Zone’, where among the five survivors in an ambulance that runs away at full speed from a zombie horde: a doctor, a nurse, an unconscious child and his mother. The young girl was found to have an unidentified scar on her wrist, and military doctors believe she is infected with a zombie epidemic. The level of anxiety tension starts to increase when the nurse has to make a choice between following her orders and also helping a mother who is struggling with a child.

Who Is Cha Jung-won Boyfriend?

As a Korean actress, of course there are a lot of rumors circulating if they have collided acting with actors, let alone playing a couple as a romance story. Some of them also managed to become a couple in real life and was involved into a dating rumor because of their excellent chemistry when taking on the role of a lover. Then, what about Cha Jung-won?

At the moment, Chae Jung-won her agency have not confirmed anything regarding her dating rumors with anyone. The actress who was born in 1989 is still single and has no partner as well as dating rumors that are usually present among celebrities, Cha Jung-won has never been involved with dating rumors until now she remains single.

Well, that was all for the information about Cha Jung-won and also her career journey throughout the years. Getting several roles in K-Dramas and movies is a great opportunity for Cha Jung-won so that she can get more recognition as an actress and also be able to portray a new character in new dramas in the future. If you like this article, don’t forget to share on your social media and wait for another interesting upcoming articles from Byeol Korea!