Compilation of Celebration of EXO’s Chanyeol’s Birthday Throughout the Years!


Details about Handsome Idol from EXO, Chanyeol’s, Birthday

Debuted in 2012 as the main rapper for the group EXO, Chanyeol has spends a lot of his time together with EXO and EXO-L (the name for EXO’s fans), including on his birthday. Having a busy schedule with its series of events, dramas, and concerts both inside and outside the country, makes the group members almost always celebrate their birthdays with each other, and especially with EXO-L. Let’s see EXO’s Chanyeol birthday celebrations from year to year!

Chanyeol’s Birthday from Time to Time #ChanyeolVirusDay


Chanyeol is one of the top idols in Korea and has many fans, even internationally. There’s no doubt that EXO-L can be called one of the biggest fandoms of the moment. EXO’s amazing songs and work, which are able to provide power to their listeners, is one of the reasons that EXO-L often mention regarding the reason they admired EXO and became EXO-L.

To repay it all and please the idols, especially on any of the members’ birthdays, fans often made various projects to celebrate their idol’s birthday and also made hashtags and trending topics about the idol’s birthday.

The following are some fan projects and Hashtags for Chanyeol’s birthday that fans have prepared over the years.

Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2013


A year after EXO’s debut, on November 27, 2013, was EXO’s ‘Happy Virus’ ,Chanyeol’s, birthday. The name “Happy Virus” was given to Chanyeol because he was one of the most cheerful members of the group. When they debuted, in every interview EXO had, Chanyeol was always a member that made the atmosphere crowded and exciting.

No matter how difficult the situation is, I will still see from the positive side and always smile,” Chanyeol said at the time.


At the beginning of his debut, Chanyeol, himself, often introduced himself as EXO’s ‘Happy Virus’.


On MBC’s EXO’s Showtime, episode 3, which coincided with Chanyeol’s birthday, the members split up to buy presents for him. Kai and Sehun went to a convenience store, and Sehun asked Kai. “Do you have a wallet? I have only one card, but I don’t have a card.

At the convenience store, Sehun and Kai saw lens cleaning liquids, bands, cotton swabs, woolen gloves, etc. Not only Kai and Sehun, Baekhyun and Chen were finding shopping a challenge.  They were debating buying Chanyeol a jacket they thought was priced at 24,000 won then realized it was actually 240,000 won, which left them shocked. The other members split up to buy Chanyeol presents, too. The netizens watching EXO Showtime responded with “Exo Show Time, Too Funny” and “Exo Show Time, Everyone seems to have a lot of fun“.


Through the EXO-L’s official website, Chanyeol shared a message with his fans on his birthday, which contained the following:

It is EXO’s vitamin Chanyeol!

Happy Birthday~ Happy Birthday~

Everyone hello!!
I visited the official homepage after a long time! You’re glad to see me right~?

Today is my 22nd birthday!
It’s already my second birthday after debut.
I think time goes by really fast!
It seems like just yesterday that I spent my birthday with everyone last year..

This year we promoted Wolf and Beauty.. promoted Growl..
received first place! As well as receive a big award!!
I think it was a year filled with truly good things!
That is why it is an even happier birthday.

It’s been around three months since the end of Growl promotions but you guys miss us right!?
I miss you guys so much tooㅠㅠ Please wait a bit more.
We will go to meet you guys with a different side of us!

Thank you very very much for wishing me a happy birthday!! I love you all~♥

All the other EXO members posted a message for Chanyeol with their gratitude about having Chanyeol in the group and also expressing their feelings to Chanyeol as brothers.


Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2014


On Chanyeol’s 23rd birthday, fans from all over the world celebrated and participated on their social media, by congratulating and expressing their hopes for the idol, Chanyeol.


EXO-L and Chanyeol’s fansite together were tweeting #HappyChanyeolDay in the hope that it would become a trending topic on Twitter and they managed to make #HappyChanyeolDay the number one worldwide trending hashtag on Twitter!


Not only did they make it become a trending topic, one of Chanyeol’s Chinese fansites, ‘Baidu Park Chanyeol Bar’ made a fan project for Chanyeol’s birthday, ‘Chanyeol Forest’. The patch of green — more like a garden than a forest — is located inside Sangam World Cup Stadium Park in Seoul and was formed to celebrate Chanyeol’s 23rd birthday (November 27th). Instead of sending the usual presents, Chanyeol’s Chinese fans incorporated for the “Star Forest” project.

The target was 30 million won ($36,027) and fans managed to reach that target in just 3 hours. The “Chanyeol Forest” is open to the public, so that anyone can visit.  One fan who donated said that they hoped that both locals and foreigners would visit.  “When you visit Korea, it’s difficult to find spaces where you can feel close to Chanyeol. We hope his international fans will be able to go there and enjoy it,” said the fan.


Chanyeol’s Birthday Celebration in 2015


That year on his birthday, Chanyeol was busy with shooting the romantic comedy Married To An Anti-Fan and was celebrating his birthday with the crew. He also received a cake from the singer Jiang Chao. Chao also posted captions from the moment and posted on his Weibo with the message, “Chanyeol, happy birthday, Happy birthday Chanyeol! Bought you a cake today, will make up to you next time with roast duck.#Park Chanyeol 1127 Happy Birthday#”.

via his Instagram post @real__pcy, Chanyeol uploaded a video where he was given a surprise by his colleague and the staff in his chinese drama I Married an Anti-fan, following with the caption that Chanyeol wrote.

24th birthday to celebrate while shooting overseas! Thank you so much for all your congratulations !! We will continue to show a lot of humble and good looks! Happy birthday to you! ❤ # B Cam Director forgive I’m sorry # I was so cute to clap # I could not cut it”


To celebrate more on Chanyeol’s birthday, some fansites put out subway ads about Chanyeol’s birthday in several places in Korea. Chanyeol is really loved by his fans.

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