Check Out Bulldok Former Member Hyung Eun Controversy with BTS V

Bulldok Hyung Eun

Find Out The Details Of Hyung Eun Controversy With BTS V

It is not a secret that BTS have an incredibly powerful fandom around the world. As ARMYs all over the world support their beloved idol group, they also not back down in defending their favorite idols. They will not hesitate to back up BTS making their fandom solid and at the same time… scary.

In 2017, a former member of the group Bulldok (a girl group under KCONIC Entertainment consisting of former Produce 101 trainees), member Hyung Eun, made a controversial comment aimed at BTS’ V. What exactly are the details of her case? Scroll down the article below to find out!


Hyung Eun Comments About BTS V

Bulldok Hyung Eun

In May 2017 BJ Rose’s Afreeca TV broadcast with BJ Rose, former Bulldok member Hyung Eun drew criticism from BTS fans after she threw an impolite comment at a BTS member, namely V, who is also her senior in the industry.

In the broadcast, Hyung Eun mentioned that V might have an athlete’s foot, often referred to calluses on the legs. When a viewer asked about BTS, Hyung Eun answered the question with a half-hearted remark, “I totally lost interest in them.” Then she went on talking about V and said, “He was dancing but he must’ve had athlete’s foot because he was wearing slippers…”

Though she said this comment in a joking manner, BTS fans were still upset over this comment for they felt that her remarks, as well as her lack of honorifics, were disrespectful to her senior.

Shortly after this controversy blew up, BJ Rose then deleted the video, and Hyungeun drew criticism from many BTS fans and outraged netizens. Hyung Eun herself closed her Instagram account after being attacked by various netizens’ comments.

Netizens flooded Hyung Eun’s Instagram with criticism and demanded an official apology from her. “Hyungeun, let’s apologize properly before leaving Bulldok. Your apologies are not sincere at all. You need to get a reply,” commented the netizens.

Hyung Eun Apology

After this controversy blew up, the agency KCONIC Entertainment released an official apology through Bulldok’s Instagram account on May 18th, 2017. The official representative of Bulldok stated on the behalf of Hyung Eun, “We sincerely apologize to BTS and fans who were hurt by Hyung Eun’s careless words and actions.”

Below is KCONIC Entertainment’s official apology regarding Hyung Eun’s case:

Hello. This is KCONIC. First, We Would like to apologize for Yang’s recent controversy.

Yang Hyung Eun has been suspended from all activities as a Bulldok member since the end of March due to recent health problems. There was no problem in daily activity, but dancing is still required a long recovery period.

As a result, Hyung Eun did not make an official announcement after accepting the request for the withdrawal of Bulldok, but on April 20th, 2017, Hyung Eun decided to withdraw from Bulldok.

Since then, the problem occurred when the company did not know about Yang’s behavior. Although it happened after Hyung Eun’s withdrawal, she is still a member of our artists, so we sincerely apologize to BTS and the officials who were hurt by Yang’s careless words and fans of BTS.

After much consideration, Hyung Eun has decided to leave the team, but Hyung Eun, who will pursue her solo path, would like the fans to continue with warm support for her and the four Bulldok’s memberS (Kimi, Sora, Genie, and Sei). We apologize for the delayed notice of withdrawal and reorganization due to internal circumstances. Thank you.

Hyung Eun also posted a personal apology on her personal Instagram account, but she later turned into private and the post can no longer be found.


Hyung Eun Departure From The Group

On May 18th, 2020, an official statement was issued on Bulldok’s official Instagram account by KCONIC Entertainment. The official statement stated that Hyung Eun had officially left the group a month before the controversy, due to the health problems.

“Due to health problems, she had already stopped promoting with Bulldok around the end of March,” KCONIC Entertainment stated. “Her health did not impact her daily activities, but she could not dance without a long recovery period. Although we did not officially announce her leaving, we made the final decision on April 20th. Our company was not aware of what Hyung Eun would be doing following her hiatus so this controversy arose as a result. Although Hyung Eun has left the group, as her former agency, we apologize to BTS and everyone who felt hurt by her comments.”

In a follow-up post, KCONIC Entertainment stated that Hyung Eun would be continuing her own path while Bulldok would continue to promote as four members. They then posted a final apology for just announcing the news about Hyung Eun’s departure.


So, those are the details regarding Bulldok’s Hyung Eun and BTS’ V controversy. What do you think about this scandal? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below!