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All About BTS’ V’s Fashion Style From Childhood Until Become Superstar!

BTS-V Byeol Korea

Find Out More About Kim Tae-hyung’s Visual Transformation Throughout Times!

Do you know the BTS members who were born in Daegu, South Korea, on December 30, 1995? If your guess is Kim Tae-hyung or better known by his nickname as V, then your answer is correct! BTS’ V is known as one of the members who has a very handsome visual and can make women quickly melt because of his gaze.

In this article, we will look in more detail about the good looks of BTS’ V and how his aura and charisma are increasingly radiating since he was a child until now he has grown into an adult male. What are you waiting for? Let’s scroll down and find out about BTS’ V’s style throughout times below!

Kim Tae-hyung’s Pre-debut and Childhood

BTS’ V was born with the real name Kim Tae-hyung (Hangul: 김태형) and he has a family member consisting of parents, younger sisters and younger brothers. BTS’ V was born in Daegu, and also lived in Gochang for several years. Since I was in kindergarten, V was indeed a very cheerful child and was very loved by the teachers. Every time V finds something beautiful, V will bring it to them and they will compliment him, saying “Oh, good!“, Which makes him happy.

BTS’ V was born with a very small and cute face. His innocent face and the look in his eyes hasn’t changed even now. BTS’ V’s childhood photo with a big smile reminds us of the gummy smile that V often shows when laughing.

Behind his current success, BTS’ V has a lot of memories and memories from his childhood and how he was active in the village before debuting as an idol from a famous group now.

V has fond memories of a child who is close to him and is in the same group (class) with him, he will share his green candy, which was very popular at that time, with him. V also made many memories with his grandmother when V was young. His grandmother would drop off and pick him up at kindergarten, and every day V would wait for him to pick him up and he would buy him yuzu tea from a vending machine.

When V was elementary school, V was a curious child and wanted to try everything. V wants to stay overnight at his friends’ homes and anticipate the taekwondo training camp with enthusiasm. Many children from her kindergarten registered at the same elementary school, so V has many friends. Every day V plays with his friends in the park until it gets dark.

But V didn’t just play, V also took courses from the sixth grade to the last year of middle school. Although V lives in the countryside and can only imagine to be a farmer, V continues to study hard. But that changed when V started to like music. V doesn’t really remember when, but V whined to his parents by saying, “Buy me MP3 ~ I also want to listen to music!“, and start downloading and listening to music. Until the end of sixth grade, V dreamed to become a singer. That was the first time V had a dream.

Try to be a singer and learn saxophone and dance. V started trying for his dream during his first year in middle school. When his father asked “What do you want to do in the future?“, V replied “I wants to be a singer.” When he was young, his father wanted to be an actor, so he seriously said “If you want to be a singer, you have to learn to play instruments.”

That’s how V finally played saxophone for three years. It looks cool, but your lips will start to hurt and it (saxophone) is heavy, so at that time it is difficult. But V still thinks “If I want to be a singer, I have to be able to play instruments!“, So V still does it and even V wins first prize in the South Gyeongsang province competition.

When V was still a kid, he enrolled in a dance broadcasting club, a club where people who love dance can learn K-Pop choreography. At that time V was very busy because V played saxophone, danced, and also took courses.

In his free time, V likes to play basketball with his friends. V is not very good, but his friends really like basketball, and because of their influence V also started to like him and we will play every time.

V stopped playing saxophone because V wanted more focus to practice his dance skill. That is, as a singer you don’t look too cool unless you can dance well, right? V wanted to study it seriously, so when V entered high school, V started going to dance school. After more than half a year, BigHit Entertainment held an unofficial audition.

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