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All Moment When BTS Suga Crying

The seven members of the boygroup BTS definitely has gone through a lot to achieve the fame and fortune they are able to call their own today, climbing to every milestone with humble goals and a personality to match. All of them strive over long hours and rigorous training to be where they are today, which has caused some members to burst in tears when they do eventually make all their dreams come true. That is except one the group’s rapper who can be seen without a single tear any where near his eyes, Suga.

Being one of the older BTS members and also one of the longest trainees among them, fans might have expected him to be the most sentimental of the group, due to all the hardships he has faced to stand where is today. Despite it, Suga is one of the members who rarely cry and instead, calmly does his thank you speeches in times where the other members are rendered speechless. His cold as an ice facade, though, comes with a few exceptions in which he has teared up and even outright cried due to the weight that those milestones bear on his shoulders.

So what are these moments? Why do they matter so much for Suga and the other members of BTS? How did the fans respond to seeing Suga cry, something that does not happen very often? Let’s take a lot at times Suga has cried at BTS’s pivotal moments!

All of BTS Suga Crying Compilation

One of the instances in which Suga cried in is the 2016 HYYH Epilogue concert, which is BTS’s first concert series. The concert was done as a way to honor the success of their HYYH series, which garnered part of the fame they comfortably sit on today. This concert can also be called on of BTS’ first big and commercialized concert, only having done smaller concerts abroad and domestic fan meetings before. It is only normal for Suga to suddenly feel sentimental on stage during the encore of the concert. Check out the video above!

Concerts seem to be a place that holds a lot of sentiment for Suga, as in their next concert series, based on their album Wings, he once again teared up. His speech is filled with his feelings regarding the growth of their concert and how it goes by so quick. They started out having a meeting with fans in a place called AX Hall, then it moved to the Gymnastics Stadium, and now finally at Gocheok Dome. Gocheok Dome, being one of the biggest stadiums and concert venues in Korea with a total of four different floors, must be such an achievement to him as BTS has sold out all the seats.

He continued by saying that he has made sure he would not cry for the first day of the concert, then the second day of the concert, but as they are on the final day he just cannot help but be sentimental. Suga only wanted to talk about the good things they have achieved but in that, he just made himself very grateful and thankful to the fans, and that is why he could not hold back the tears.

In the speech, he also reflects upon the goal BTS has set up for themselves, a promise to the fans that they will sing and make music that fights against prejudice. It took them 5 years to finally get there, to the point where people will listen to the justice they want to communicate through their songs, but he thinks all of it would not be achieved if not for BTS’s fans, Army. Suga then took the time to thank the fans, no longer holding back his tears of gratefulness and happiness, thanking them for the supporting BTS up to that day and to anticipate what they have to offer in the future.

BTS’s ultimate goal though, came in the form of winning the daesang award, Artist of The Year to be exact in 2016. The year as been nothing but memorable for the group, with the, gaining more and more fans by the minute. Fortunately, the effort has all paid back, with an award in the form of a daesang, something most groups are working towards. BTS has mentioned in the past that it will always be one of their goals and milestones, yet they did not know that they will reach it that fast.

In this particular clip, we do not see Suga outright speaking or crying, but from the other videos we know that it is all out of gratefulness to the the fans and their efforts that lead to all these achievement. To top that, Suga has also mentioned in the previous concert ment that he would not cry until BTS wins a daesang, making his promise moot from that point and onwards.

Latest News About BTS Suga

Recently, BTS has gone to win more daesang awards and other notable ones from different institutions, even making it to the Grammys as a nominee for their album packaging. They attended the Grammys as an award presenter and keeps on pushing the envelope for what a Korea boy group can do in the global music industry. So far there are still no news of a possible comeback, most fans are predicting the summer or sometime after Bighit’s rookie group, TXT debuts.

So what do you think of Suga’s emotional side? Comment your thoughts and opinion below!