List Of BTS RM Collaborations with Other Artists


This Is A List Of Collaborations That Have Been Carried Out By BTS Leader RM With Great Musicians!

RM, or formerly better known as Rap Monster, has the real name Kim Nam-joon. Kim Nam-joon was born in Ilsan, South Korea, on September 12th, 1994. He is the leader and rapper of the international boy band BTS under Big Hit Entertainment. Before debuting as a member of BTS, RM began his career as a rapper when he was 14 years old.

RM is known to actively collaborate with several well-known musicians, both domestic and foreign musicians. Ranging from Korean musicians to American ones like Tiger JK, HONNE, Wale, Lil Nas X, and many more. Mostly collaborating with male musicians, in fact, the real name idol Kim Nam-joon has also collaborated with female singers. Starting from appearing together on stage to releasing a song. Curious to find out who are the domestic and international musicians who have been fortunate to have collaborated with the international boy group BTS’ leader RM?

In this article, Byeol Korea will share with all of you, especially ARMYs, as BTS’ fans, who are the musicians who have collaborated with the BTS’ leader RM. So, stay tuned!

Champion – Fall Out Boy feat RM

RM has collaborated with musicians from the United States, Fall Out Boy. Through the Fall Out Boy’s official Twitter account in December 2017, this Chicago rock band gave a surprise by announcing their collaboration with BTS member RM. The artists collaborated for a single titled “Champion – Remix.”

This song was a rearrangement of the song with the same title that was previously released by the singer of “Dance, Dance” in June 2017. Currently, the 3-minute 30-second song is already available on music sites, such as Spotify and iTunes. In the remix version of “Champion,” music connoisseurs can hear how the rock song arrangement was changed to be more hip-hop. Not only that, but they also added rap lyrics from the BTS leader into the song that gave the message of life’s struggle.


Timeless – Drunken Tiger feat RM

Tiger JK’s album Drunken Tiger X: The Rebirth of Tiger JK is recognized to have a deep meaning. Not only because this album has a series of collaborations with famous musicians in the Korean hip-hop world, but also because through this album, the veteran rapper left the name Drunken Tiger.

In the album Drunken Tiger X: The Rebirth of Tiger JK, Tiger JK collaborates with musicians such as Kim Jong-kook, Defconn, Ha Ha, Junoflo, Superbee, and BTS’ RM. Tiger JK said that he asked the leader and rapper of the BTS boy group to write lyrics that boast about him. But apparently, the lyrics written by BTS’ RM actually made him touched. RM wrote the lyrics using the title song “Drunken Tiger.” RM is โ€˜Rap Monster,โ€™ and he writes something like “Tiger JK’s Monster raises other monsters.”


Change – Wale feat RM

Wale worked with this BTS leader in 2017. They collaborated on a special single titled “Change.” While working together, he witnessed the amazing talent of BTS’ RM firsthand. Wale was willing to fly to Seoul to realize the collaboration with Rap Monster. The musician whose real name is Olubowale Victor Akintimehin had previously expressed his desire to make a duet with BTS.

The lyrics of the song “Change” are about life in the world that needs to be changed, like the current education system that is full of pressure. Lyrics that criticize the social life and education like this have also been echoed by BTS in N.O.


Crying Over You – HONNE feat RM and BEKA

In March 2019, Honne re-released the song “Crying Over You” in collaboration with one of the BTS members, RM. “Crying Over You” was a song contained in the album Love Me/Love Me Not which was released in 2018. Aside from RM, the song’s re-release also features their backing singer BEKA.

This is not the first collaboration between Honne and RM. Previously, Honne had helped RM in the Mono playlist for the song “Seoul,” an arrangement that NME reviewed as a theme song when walking in the middle of life while contemplating life, walking through personal thoughts when the sky began to change. “Seoul” is called the impressive musical growth of RM.

HONNE doesn’t change much, it’s still a touching melancholic ballad anthem. Even the vocals from BEKA that appeared in the original version also remained sticky. What makes the difference now, of course, is the addition of rap from RM who served as a bridge. Maybe because it follows the flow of the song that is soft, the rap from RM also tends to be more calm and subtle, so that it melts right with the song.


Old Town Road – Lil Nas feat RM

BTS boy band leader RM and US rapper Lil Nas X released a collaboration single, “Seoul Town Road” in 2019. In this remix, the title “Old Town Road” was changed to “Seoul Town Road,” which is the origin city of BTS. Draw two horses that cover the song, one of which was also changed to purple, a color that is identical to BTS and ARMY (designation for BTS fans).

The single is a remixed version of the song “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X with Billy Ray Cyrus. RM wrote his own English lyrics in the song. He added rap in it. According to information from the BTS agency, Big Hit Entertainment, the collaboration was a proposal from Lil Nas X. Lil Nas X uploaded the audio version of the single to his YouTube channel. The thumbnail shows two horses, black and purple. The purple horse represents RM and BTS.

It’s not RM if he doesn’t make lyrics full of wordplay. Using English accents praised by American ARMY because it sounds really like a South American resident, RM changed the lyrics that used to read: “I got the horses in the back” to “I got the homis in my back.”

The ‘homis’ referred to by RM is ho-mi which is a tool for gardening typical of Korea, which is used to plow the soil by hand. So, in the song “Seoul Town Road,” RM explains about ho-mi which is a plantation tool from Korea and can help people make lots of money.


Winter Flower – Youn-ha feat RM

Younha released a music video for the song “Winter Flower” which she performed with BTS’ RM in February 2020. “Winter Flower” was created by Eden, Ollounder, and Leez as the composers. In addition to being featured, according to the tracklist, the BTS’ leader also contributed to writing the lyrics with Younha and Eden.

RM himself often mentioned Younha’s name as the artist he wanted to collaborate with, and he also quite often expressed his love for the beautiful singer’s music. In addition, the owner’s real name Kim Nam-joon often recommends Younha’s songs to his fans.

“Winter Flower” is known to have topped the iTunes chart in 43 countries after it was released, which also made Younha South Korea’s first female solo singer to top the iTunes top chart in the United States.


Fantastic – RM feat Mandy Ventrice

The leader of Bangtan Boys (BTS), RM developed his wings as a filler for soundtracks for film promotion. Not for Korean films, but the most popular Hollywood film Fantastic Four. The song titled “Fantastic” was created by RM himself and made Marvel Studios as the soundtrack for the film.

The music video for this song was also released in 2015 featuring the popular Fantastic Four film cuts and also RM’s own figure. The music video features a variety of superhero movie footage, starring Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Jamie Bell, and Michael B. Jordan. RM was also seen showing off his rap ability in the video with the added effect of fire and smoke.

For this single, RM wrote the lyrics himself. He also collaborated with American musician Mandy Ventrice who also contributed his voice in the song. This single tells the story of the suffering and trauma experienced by the four superheroes in the film directed by Josh Trank.


7 Dayz – RM ft. Poppin’ Jay

In 2013, RM released a collaboration single with singer Poppin’ Yay. The single was titled “7 Dayz.”


F*ck Cockroachez – RM ft. Zico

The song “F*ck Cockroachez” was released by RM and Zico in 2013. RM used to have the stage name Runch Randa and ZICO was known under the name Nakseo and released this collaboration song.


Rollin’ – RM ft Supreme Boi, Marvel J, Kyum 2

In 2009, Supreme Boi, Kyum2, and Marvel J joined the underground scene, formed DaeNamHyup (DNH), and became a friend and collaborator of RM. They released the song with the title “Rollin” in 2013.


The Swagger – RM ft. Supreme Boi, Kyum2, Kronic flow

“The Swagger” is one of RM’s collaborative songs with Kronic Flow, Kyum2 & Supreme Boi besides “Rollin” which they released in 2013.


Ashes – JLim ft. RM, Iron

This was the first song that features BTS before their official debut. This song also features Iron, someone who, unfortunately, did not enter the final ranks for debut with BTS. This song was released back in 2010.


You can’t do that – Daenamhyup ft. RMonster, Supreme Boi, i11evn, Marvel J, Kyum2

The song “You Can’t Do That” released by Daenamhyup ft. RMonster, Supreme Boi, i11evn, Marvel J, Kyum2 is another song released before BTS made their official debut.

Because I’m a Foolish Woman – Kang Mi-youn feat BTS (RM, J-hope, Suga)

This 2011 album features RM, Iron and Supreme Boi. This is the last song that BTS performed as an old song when Iron left the company and Supreme Boi became the producer for Big Hit instead.

That was all the information that we have gathered for you all of you, especially ARMYs as BTS fans, about who the musicians who have collaborated with the BTS leader RM are. Don’t forget to kindly share your thoughts in the comment section below!