BTS Plastic Surgery Analysis Before and After Pictures


Is It True BTS Underwent Surgery?

BTS is a popular South Korean boy group that has been recognized internationally. BTS
members including Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook have enchanted
many people with their music, talent, and appearance.

In South Korea, appearance in the entertainment industry is one of the qualities that
leads to plastic surgery rumors. Let’s go over BTS members plastic surgery analysis in
this Byeol Korea article! Stay tuned!

BTS Plastic Surgery Rumors

Plastic surgery in South Korea is sophisticated and is considered perfect and unnoticeable. Double eyelids are a common surgical procedure that people usually do. For BTS, also known as Bangtan Boys, a surgeon said that they have the possibility of having surgery. Let’s check out the members one by one below!

RM Plastic Surgery Rumors

RM who has the real name Kim Nam-joon is the only member that admitted that he had plastic surgery. However, RM underwent surgery for health purposes, not cosmetic purposes. He underwent surgery to fix a deviated septum that is connected with his breathing. Their label, BigHit Entertainment, also confirmed that RM went to the hospital for medical reasons in 2018.

His face from childhood, pre-debut, and after debut looks the same and nothing is different. RM still has charming monolid eyes. The only thing that may look different is his weight loss.

Jin Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jin has a long face with sharp eyes that easily mesmerize and are easy to remember. His eyes are long horizontally with an under-eye line that is considered an attractive feature. However, from his childhood picture to pre-debut, Jin doesn’t show any differences.

Suga Plastic Surgery Rumors

Suga has a wide jawline with monolid eyes which never really changed from his childhood to debut era. The obvious point is only his weight loss that affects his cheek size.

J-Hope Plastic Surgery Rumors

J-Hope has a long face with an eye smile. Like other members, J-Hope is quite similar with his features from before debut and after debut.

Jimin Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jimin has sparkling eyes that he already had since childhood. His jawline is also still quite similar to his pre-debut and debut era. What do you think? However, Jimin opened up that he did surgery on his incisors since they often hit the mic while singing. He later had his teeth fixed by a dentist.

V Plastic Surgery Rumors

V or Taehyung has a circular face with a strong nose bridge. By looking at his childhood picture below, V looks like he hasn’t changed at all. He just grew up, and his face line is also more mature. However, it looks like V did something to his hairline. In his childhood picture, it seems like he was born with a hairline that is commonly called “the widow’s peak.”

Jungkook Plastic Surgery Rumors

Jungkook has no plastic surgery rumor yet. From his childhood picture to debut era, Jungkook looks quite the same, only his cheeks are quite chubbier in his pre-debut era. This may happen because of exercise or diet methods. What do you think?

That’s all about BTS plastic surgery analysis and before and after pictures. Do you think BTS members underwent cosmetic surgery? Put your comment below and share your thoughts on Twitter, too!