Check Out BTS Appearance on Good Morning America Here!


Take a Look of BTS Appearance on Good Morning America

As we already know, the popularity of BTS is not in doubt. Since their debut in June 2013, courtesy of Big Hit Entertainment. The name BTS, or Bangtan Boys, has quickly become widely recognized by the public and has gotten the attention of netizens. They really work hard to achieve their dream of becoming a famous boy-group that can inspire many people, and they have proven it. Because the popularity of BTS is very great, they have a lot of fans around the world, including in America. Because of this, BTS been invited to be  guests oin several television shows in America, one of which is Good Morning America.

In this article, Byeol Korea will explain all about BTS’s appereance on Good Morning America, and what they have talked about when they’ve been on the popular American morning show. Since their debut, BTS has been on Good Morning America twice, once in 2018, and agaibn 2019. Want to know more about that? Check this out!

Good Morning America 2018


In September 2018, BTS made its debut in America and they were invited to be guests on one of the most well-known television shows in America, namely, Good Morning America. They felt very honored to be on the talk show. Not only did they do an interview, the group also performed their latest song, IDOL. Of course, everyone who saw them gave a lot of praise to BTS for their performance, which amazed some of the viewers.

RM, as their leader, said that he felt a little nervous and scared because this English interview was the first time for him. As we have seen before, RM is a BTS member who has very good English language skills.

All of BTS’s achievements, to date, are thanks to the support and love of the ARMY. He said, “It’s all because of the ARMY. We just practice hard, made our music to the best of our abilities. We can’t pay them enough, but the fans send love and support and that’s how it happened. It’s all because of the ARMY.”

During the Interview

The first time they were on American TV, all the BTS fans in the studio shouted to give their support. They introduced themselves, starting from RM, Jungkook, V, Jimin, Jin, Suga, and J-hope. Their appearance on Good Morning America was watched by more than 200 million people at the time, and they were truly grateful to their supporters, especially the ARMY that made them famous today.

Like RM said, “It’s all because of the Army. We just practice hard, made our music to the best of our abilities. We can’t pay them enough, but the fans send love and support and that’s how it happened. It’s all because of the Army.” Then they talked about the United Nations and the message delivered by RM, and how they felt at the time. RM said he practiced it about a thousand times and he felt really nervous, but at least he did it and that moment was the best of his life.

“No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin color, gender identity: speak yourself.” That was the message delivered by RM during his speech representing BTS in the United Nations, and the message was very inspiring for many people. When they were asked how they felt, they were in Times Square and they say they loved Times Square.

Then they talked about the BTS tour in America, and that everything went very smoothly. They even added days because the ticket demand was very high and their shows sold out quickly. Jungkook answered, “Well, the tour has been our love and energy as part of the ARMY.” They also shared the meaning of their album, Love Yourself, RM said, “Inspired this album by the young generated needed the true loves begins with first loving ourself, first.” Robin Roberts and Michael Starahan, the MCs, really appreciated BTS and they liked the movement and fashion from BTS. Then all BTS members taught Robin Roberts a little movement, and, of course, it made all the fans scream hysterically.

GMA Summer Concert Series 2019


In May 2019, BTS again became a guest on Good Morning America, for the summer special, GMA’s Summer Concert Series 2019. According to Good Morning America, the tickets for the event, held at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park, were free. The mornings the event was planned to take place were from 15 May to 30 August. Every day there were different guest stars filling the event, such as Ellie Goulding, Adam Lambert, Pitbull, and Marshmello. In the event, BTS performed two songs, titled Boy with Luv and Fire.

During the Interview

In conducting the interview, Robert and Michael welcomed BTS for their second time appearing on Good Morning America. Then they talked about the Love Yourself BTS tour in the United States. Jungkook said, “It feels like a dream and can’t wait to see the ARMY at MetLife Stadium.” Touring in America is not easy, but ARMY are always there to support and give lots of love to BTS. BTS also highly appreciates all the support and time ARMY give the group, and the boys in the band promised to give their best.

As we have seen before, one of the BTS songs, Boy with Luv, set a new record with the number of views they received in 24 hours, and they talked about the meaning of Boy with Luv. RM said, “Its about finding little joy and love also being curious about the little things. Also its like a fan letter from BTS to Army.”

BTS Latest News

Every year, BTS always sets new records for their songs. In 2019, BTS has charted an incredible seven number one hits on the World Digital Song Sales ranking, which they have used to roll over in the past several years. According to Billboard, BTS sold 976,283 tickets and recorded an impressive $116.6 million (135.9 billion won) in earnings over the course of the tour, which took them to 10 cities and four continents in 2019.

Reporting from Soompi, BTS also ranked number two on Billboard’s latest Hot Tours list, their official round-up of the month’s highest-grossing concert tours. The group’s final four Love Yourself: Speak Yourself concerts were in Riyadh and Seoul, which brought in a combined total of $16,490,586 (19.2 billion won), counted towards the list dated November 16. BTS came in second only to Elton John, who earned just over $21 million from 12 shows in eight cities during the same period of time.

Well, good luck for BTS and keep sending them lots of support and love!