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BTS Profile


BTS Profile

Group Name BTS
Debut June 13, 2013
Debut Song No More Dream
Debut Mini-album 2 COOL 4 SKOOL
Members RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, Jungkook
Leader RM
Fandom Name ARMY
Label Big Hit Music (HYBE LABELS)

BTS Leader RM

BTS leader is RM, who is also the main rapper of BTS. Bighit Entertainment chose RM as the leader because he is the only member who remains in the line-ups of BTS members prior to their debut. In other words, RM is the only member in BTS current line-up that stayed from the beginning until now.

BTS Facts

  • Before BTS made a debut, instead of a K-pop group, their agency was intended to create a hip-hop group with some rappers, including RM, Basick, Iron, Beenzino, etc.
  • The order of joining BTS is RM, Suga, J-Hope, Jin, Jungkook, V, and Jimin.
  • There is no member in BTS who is an only child.
  • Among BTS members, there is no member who has a blood type B.
  • In BTS, there is no member who is originally from Seoul. Although RM was born in Seoul, he was raised in Ilsan.
  • Most BTS members are BIGBANG fans.
  • BTS’ popularity has gone worldwide to the point that American singers and rappers such as Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Pharrell Williams, Shawn Mendes, etc. followed their official Instagram.
  • BTS was mentioned in The Eternals, meaning that they exist in the MCU.

BTS Social Media Accounts

Instagram BTS Official Instagram
  • BTS Twitter Official
  • BTS Twitter Member Official
Tiktok BTS Official TikTok
DAUM BTS Official Fan Cafe
Facebook BTS Official Facebook Page
VLive BTS Official VLive
YouTube BTS Official YouTube
Label Big Hit Music

BTS RM Profile

Full Name Kim Nam-joon (김남준)
Birthday September 12, 1994
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 74 kg
Height 181 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 275 mm
Hobby Taking a walk, biking, going to exhibitions or museums, looking at arts, reading books, watching movies
Nicknames Joonie, Moni, Kim Daily, Kim~ Monster~, Kim Leader, etc.
Position Leader, main rapper

The caring leader of BTS, Namjoon or RM is also the main rapper and one of the composers of BTS. RM is also known as the English speaker of the group, especially when BTS is promoting or attending events overseas. In 2018, he succeeded to make a beautiful speech about self-love at the UN General Assembly.

BTS Jin Profile

Full Name Kim Seokjin (김석진)
Birthday December 4, 1992
Birth Place Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 61 kg
Height 178 cm
Blood Type O
Shoe Size 265 mm
Hobby Collecting Super Mario Series figures, cooking, playing games and piano, fishing, etc.
Nicknames World Wide Handsome, Hamjjin, UNGA Guy, Third Guy From The Left, Pink Princess, etc.
Position Sub vocalist

The eldest member of BTS, Jin, is also known as World Wide Handsome. His face has a golden ratio and he also has a broad shoulder. Jin successfully collected the locals when he attended events such as UNGA events or Billboard, making them question, “Who is this UNGA Guy?” or “Who is this Third Guy From The Left?”

BTS Suga Profile

Full Name Min Yoon-gi (민윤기)
Birthday March 3, 1993
Birth Place Daegu, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 61 kg
Height 174 cm
Blood Type O
Shoe Size 270 mm
Hobby Basketball, photography, composing, fishing, etc.
Nicknames August D, Min Suga, Min PD, Syub Syubie, Metamong (Ditto), etc.
Position Lead rapper

Suga is one of the rapper-line as well as the composer of BTS. Although he looks cold on the outside, he is such a sweet guy, especially to ARMYs. Suga has collaborated with various artists such as Suran, IU, PSY, Juice WRLD, Halsey, etc.

BTS J-Hope Profile

Full Name Jung Ho-seok (정호석)
Birthday February 18, 1994
Birth Place Gwangju, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 62 kg
Height 177 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 265 mm
Hobby Street dance, freestyle dance, beatbox, playing tennis, etc.
Nicknames Hobi, Squirrel, Choreography Team Leader, Angel, Sunshine, etc.
Position Main dancer, sub rapper

Your personal sunshine, J-Hope, is one of the rappers of BTS who is also involved in BTS choreography. He is the main dancer of BTS who can also do beatboxing. J-Hope is full of positivity. His bright smile will make your day brighter!

BTS Jimin Profile

Full Name Park Ji-min (박지민)
Birthday October 13, 1995
Birth Place Busan, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 58 kg
Height 174 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 265 mm
Hobby Dancing, singing, freestyle or popping dance, martial arts, etc.
Nicknames Chim Chim, Popcorn Chicken, Mochi, Manggae Tteok, etc.
Position Main dancer, lead vocalist

You can’t ever resist the charm of BTS Jimin. He is also known as Mochi named by the ARMYs. Jimin has an incredible talent for dancing and singing. Even though his official position is the main dancer, his vocal is really powerful.

BTS V Profile

Full Name Kim Tae-hyung (김태형)
Birthday December 30, 1995
Birth Place Daegu, South Korea
Nationality Korean
Weight 64 kg
Height 179 cm
Blood Type AB
Shoe Size 275 mm
Hobby Taking pictures, jazz appreciation, art appreciation, etc.
Nicknames Tae Tae, Tiger, V-sual, etc.
Position Lead dancer, sub vocalist

V or Kim Taehyung is known for his gorgeous visuals. You can never resist falling in love with V’s charms. He has starred in the famous K-drama Hwarang along with Park Hyung-sik, Park Seo-joon, Go Ara, etc. In GRAMMY 2022, he did a skit with Olivia Rodrigo while flirting with her.

BTS Jungkook Profile

Full Name Jeon Jung-kook (전정국)
Birthday Busan, South Korea
Birth Place September 1, 1997
Nationality Korean
Weight 71 kg
Height 176 cm
Blood Type A
Shoe Size 270 mm
Hobby Playing guitar, boxing, drawing, etc.
Nicknames Golden Maknae, Kookie, JK, Kook Rabbit, Jungcook, etc.
Position Main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper

Jeon Jungkook is known as the golden maknae of BTS. The nickname was given to him because he excels in singing, dancing, and even rapping. No wonder his official positions are main vocalist, lead dancer, and sub rapper.

BTS Members Age Order (Oldest to Youngest)


What are the ages of BTS members? Check out the age order of BTS members from oldest to youngest!

Name Birthday
1. Jin December 4, 1992
2. Suga March 3, 1993
3. J-Hope February 18, 1994
4. RM September 12, 1994
5. Jimin October 13, 1995
6. V December 30, 1995
7. Jungkook September 1, 1997

BTS Members Visual and Popularity Rank

Who held the position of the most popular member of BTS? Check the popularity and visual rank of BTS members below!

Visual Rank (Based on Korean Beauty Standard) Popularity Rank in Korea
1. Jin 1. Jungkook
2. V 2. V
3. Jungkook 3. Jimin
4. Suga 4. Suga
5. Jimin 5. Jin
6. J-Hope 6. RM
7. RM 7. J-Hope

BTS Members Positions and Roles

Check out the roles and positions of BTS members, here!

BTS Members Roles and Positions
RM Leader, main rapper
Jin Sub vocalist
Suga Lead rapper
J-Hope Main dancer, sub rapper
Jimin Main dancer, lead vocalist
V Lead dancer, sub vocalist
Jungkook Main vocalist, lead dancer, sub rapper

BTS Member Height Order (Tallest to Shortest)

Who is the tallest and shortest member of BTS? Check out the height order of BTS members, here!

BTS Members Height
1. RM 181 cm
2. V 179 cm
3. Jin 178 cm
4. J-Hope 177 cm
5. Jungkook 176 cm
6. Suga 174 cm
7. Jimin 174 cm

BTS Member Net Worth

How rich are BTS members? Check out the net worth of BTS members, here!

BTS Members Net Worth
1. J-Hope $ 26 million
2. Suga $ 25 million
3. RM $ 20 million
4. Jimin $ 20 million
5. Jungkook $ 19 million
6. V $ 19 million
7. Jin $ 18 million